Why your Scalp is always Oily

This is Why your Scalp is always Oily | Oily Scalp Reasons & How to deal with it

Oily scalp is a common problem to many of us. It has been to me as well. I have been there, struggling with every hair style to cover up my scalp oiliness even thought that was a second day of my hair. Most of us just wash our hair to get rid of oiliness, but ever wondered why your scalp is always oily in the first place? What it the reason? Today, I will share the most common reason behind your scalp oiliness and how to deal with it.

This is gonna be a short and sweet just to the point article without much of a depth and details unlike my other articles on the blog. I Just had some random thought about Oily scalp and wanted to share it view you all.

After completing reading, if you like this style of article more.. do let me know, I will come with short and sweet articles more for you. 🙂

Right..! Now coming to the main topic, Oily scalp. Fore most common reason of Scalp oiliness is over washing your hair. Just note it down. All others are next.

Why your Scalp is always Oily

I guess 70% of the people who end up searching an answer for “How many times should you wash your hair in a week” are the ones who have oily scalp. You are the one who end up over washing your hair than required. Though you get a squeaky clean feeling each time you wash your hair with shampoos that contains sulphates and silicones, your scalp feels dehydrated and asks  sebaceous glands for help. The sebaceous glands will produce more natural oils than required to protect the hair follicle from drying out and falling out.

So this decodes, the more you wash your hair the more oily it gets. This is the reason why your scalp becomes more Oily even though its second day of your hair.


If you are using a chemical based shampoo, change it immediately to a mild and organic shampoo. Change your washing cycles slowly to get adapted to the new routine slowly. For example, if you are washing your hair daily, then cut it to washing once every two days and finally once every three days. You can use natural dry shampoos in between if you feel the process is more difficult to do in the initial days.

Mild Shampoo Suggestion: 

I use BON Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo to cleanse my scalp once every 3-4 days. You can use any other Mild shampoo of your choice. Just make sure it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals like sulphates, silicones, parabens, alcohols, artificial fragrances and colorants. These are of no use to your hair, but only cause more ham day by day.

Conventional shampoos will strip away the natural oils from your scalp and it more oily. This in turn causes dandruff and other scalp infections.

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Dry shampoo Suggestion:

I know it is very hard to switch to a mild shampoo once and for all. Change takes time. So for your scalp too. As said, first start slowly by increasing the time of you hair wash cycles. If you are washing your hair daily, then cut it to washing once every two days and finally once every three days or four days.

In the meantime, your scalp will too understand what is happening and control the sebum production without going overwhelmed. 🙂

I use BON Organics Dry shampoo whenever I feel my scalp is a little oily. But honestly speaking, I dont even use any dry shampoo as often I used it in my initial scalp detox days. I thought I am born with an oily scalp and I can do nothing but over wash my hair. But I was proved wrong by my own natural hair care routine.


Make this small change to your hair care routine. Start today. Invest in a good Mild shampoo and a dry shampoo. Control the urge to over wash your hair more often. Just tell yourself that everything’s gonna be OK in a while. 🙂

Many Many Happy Hair days to you all. :*

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