I washed my face with Honey for a Month

This is What Happened when I washed my face with Honey for a Month

I am so happy that I have already completed 4 ways of cleansing your face without soap or face washes. As I have already mentioned in my 7 alternatives to wash your face without soap, I will be showing you How to use Honey as a cleanser and What has happened to my skin after I washed my face with Raw Honey for a Month.

So far it was very fun to wash my face with different types of single ingredients that are natural, organic and cause zero waste. As a part of the no-soap cleansing series that I have started long back, this is my 5th one in the series. If you are interested to know about what the whole series about and why I started it, you can read the below Posts.

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For centuries people have been using Honey as a medical treatment to treat many skin problems, dandruff, burns and fungal infections. Honey contains proteins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes that can kill the bacteria which contributes to the inflated pores. Some of the benefits which honey gives to the skin are,

  • Honey creates an acidic environment where in which the bacteria cannot grow and thus less breakouts.
  • Honey contains many anti bacterial and anti microbial properties from a compound called Propolis that bees use to seal their hive.
  • A high concentration of sugar, which puts pressure on bacterial cells, making them less likely to multiply.

While using Honey it is very important to consider using only raw organic honey to avoid any synthetic colors or preservatives that may contain.

How I washed my face with Honey…

Before I start, I would like you to know that I do not use any makeup other than some natural dusting powder that contain arrow root flours or clays if my face looks oily any day. Other than that, I occasionally wear this natural Khol by plum. I use it both as a Liner and Khol. In those days, I use a little bit of either Almond oil or Grape seed oil to remove it before washing my face with these natural alternatives.

Coming to how I washed my face with Honey,

I Take a tablespoon of Organic Raw honey in a small cup and dilute it enough with either Rose water or normal water. I wash my face with warm water to open up my skin pores and then Apply the mixture to my face and massage for 3 minutes. After that I wash it off with normal water.

I then apply 99% Pure Aloe Vera gel to moisturize my skin.

These were the two simple steps that I followed for 30 days and the results were so amazing.

What happened to my skin..

Washing my face with just honey was one of the best decision that I have took to my skin. Each time I wash, My face felt so smooth like silk. In fact there was no need of any other moisturizer after you wash your face with Honey. My skin was naturally glowy and shiny. Pores were less visible and the dark spots caused my the occasion period acne were faded and the acne was completely at bay.

Thank god to the incredible antibacterial properties of raw honey that kills the harmful bacteria on your skin and combats acne naturally. I usually get pimples near the chin and jaw line area occasionally when I am stressed out or before that time of the month. I did not breakout for even one single day during this whole month. I was so happy that I tried this experiment of washing my face with honey for a month. Trust me, you will never go back to any other method of cleansing once you start reaping the benefits of washing your face with honey.

I still continue washing my face with honey especially when my skin is super dry. I also use honey and a drop of Tea Tree essential oil as a spot treatment to my dark spots and acne at night. Honey helped to clear my skin much faster than any other ingredient that I washed my face with.

Top Highlights of washing my face with honey would sum up to.

> No Acne
> Faded dark spots
> Glowy face
> No open pores

Before Honey, Oats was my favorite cleanser and you would know why if you have already read the above First in the series- How to wash with oats and Why.


Did you try washing your face without Conventional Soap ad Face washes Yet?

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