VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review and Ingredients

Today i am gonna review ” VLCC Skin defense sandal cleansing milk”.

I generally don’t use/never used any cleansing milk until i have tried the new “VLCC sandal cleansing milk“. It was actually suggested by one of my friend as my skin appeared to be so dry and flaky from a couple of days. Specially after i apply my compact powder, the cheek area and the nose area would become so flaky. As i have not-too-oily skin, within 2-3 hours the oiliness on my face would cover up the flakiness on my face (sometimes, having an oily skin has its own advantages 😛 ) . But i would really get irritated by that flakiness, that would spoil my mood at the start of every work day. 🙁

And then my friend has suggested me to use “VLCC skin defense sandal cleansing milk” when i discussed with her about this problem. I also read few good reviews about this product and started using this. I’ll review this product in how different way it has helped me. Read on to know more 🙂

What the product claims? 

This refreshing non-foaming cleansing milk is enriched with the goodness of sandalwood, Almond & Indian Berberry extracts. It deep cleanses skin impurities, nourishes and helps heals the skin.

VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review

Method of use: 

Take appropriate amount of the cleansing milk and massage gently in circular motion over face and neck. Remove with damp cotton. Ideal for all skin types.


Berberis Aristata (Indian Berberry extract) 3%
Symplocos Racemosa (Lodhra Bark Extract) 2%
Santalum Album (White Sandalwood) 0.35%
Trigonella Foenum Gracecum (Fenugreek) 2%
Prunus Amygdalus (Almond Oil) 2.5%
Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) 2%
Withania Somnifera (Wintercherry) 1%
Lotion Base Q.S

Price : 135 INR for 100ml


Why to use a Cleansing milk?

Well, Cleansing is the vital part of your skin care regime (Cleanse, tone and moisturize). If the initial step is not done properly, there’s no point of carrying on to toning and moisturizing. The everyday dirt and grime clogs your skin pores and dosent allow your skin to breathe and your normal cleanser/face wash cannot help you to do such a tough task. This ultimately leads to skin problems like acne, pimples & imperfections, which makes your skin dry and dull (and sometimes flaky as mine 🙁 ). So to keep your skin nourished and healthy, it is important that you keep your skin well cleansed, especially before going to bed.

So, here is the review of “VLCC skin defense sandal cleansing milk”. Read on to know whether the product is worth a try.


VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review

VLCC Skin Defense sandal Cleansing milk review:

Packaging and fragrance

The product packaging is done in a travel friendly sturdy pack. The consistency of the product is quite runny and is white in color as you can see the swatch below. The fragrance of this cleansing milk is so heavenly that I can see myself enjoying smelling the product that i have just used on my hand. It still lingers ^_^. It smells absolutely like the sandal.

Travel friendly?? Yes dear. 🙂

How good is the product?

Coming to the performance of the product, it stands for what it claims. This is the first cleanser that i have tried and completely loved it.A must have cleanser to keep your skin cleansed well and nourished. In my case, it has helped me to clear dryness and flakiness on my skin within 4-5 days. It has also helped me to diminish the redness on my cheek area to some extent. I usually use it in the night time before i go to bed, so that my skin feels fresh and less dry in the morning.

VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review  VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review

The ingredients of the product contains the goodness of natural ingredients like sandalwood, almond oil, olive oil and berberry extracts which i feel serves as a great combination to keep any type of skin well hydrated and nourished.

VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review  VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk Review

Does the product provides justice to what it claims? 

Frankly speaking, it does more than what it claims. 🙂 It may also help to repair your minor skin problems. Just try it out and let me know how it has helped you.

The final verdict on this product is, a must try for all the dry skin beauties. if you haven’t tried any cleanser like me 😉 go and grab this and give it a try. You’ll surely love it, I bet that you’ll surely love the fragrance at first. 😛


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