VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW

VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW | Unscented, Handmade & VEGAN

Ever Since I learned the benefits of Castile soap, I couldn’t wait to get one. So, I searched on amazon to get one. Although there was one, which is universally used my many Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid SoapIt was very costly. I wanted to find one that is reasonable and is made from pure organic Plant Oils. That is when I found VEDI Liquid Castile soap range. This brand specially has around 5-6 variants of castile soap. but I wanted to try this VEDI Unscented Liquid castile soap, because the only difference I found was the addition of essential oil in that particular variant of Liquid Castile soap. As I have already filled my dressing cupboard with many different essential oils, I though it would be fun to get an unscented one and play with it. So, here is my VEDI Liquid Castile soap review after using it in many different ways to my face, body and hair. 


VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW

I have already wrote a detailed post on the many different benefits of Castile soap. Why it is even better than Hand made soaps, can be used as Hand wash  and many more. Read this before you completely fall in love with this guy. 🙂

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Let’s start with the packaging

The packaging of this VEDI Unscented  Liquid Castile soap is done in a study transparent plastic bottle. It has a White Plastic cap with a flip open top that closes the nozzle of the cap perfectly to avoid any spillage. It is defiantly a travel friendly packaging and can fit in your bag perfectly.  Look at the below pictures for more detailed insight on the packaging.


VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW

VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW


Ingredients ??

Distilled Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Wildcrafted Cannabis Sativa/ Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Castor Oil*, Citric Acid, Non-GMO Tocopherol (Vit. E), Potassium Hydroxide**

*Ingredients that are certified organic

**None remains after saponification oils into soap.


VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW


What the product says ??

This is an ancient Spanish recipe of soft and natural soap reinvented by Vedi. The Vedi Castile Soap has organic olive oil at its foundation along with a rich blend of organic castor, coconut and wildcrafted hempseed oil. It’s what makes this soap 100% vegan and natural. It’s free from parabens, alcohol, detergents, and petroleum-based derivatives, making it a choice to swear by, not just for your skin but also for the planet.

Besides being eco-friendly, Vedi castile soaps are free from all chemicals and toxins. Wondering about potassium/ sodium hydroxide in ingredients? They’re used as alkali that are necessary in the castile soap making so that no foaming agents are used. So relax, soak in nature because after saponification, potassium/ sodium hydroxide do not remain


Quantity & Price??

200ml of VEDI Unscented Liquid castile soap is priced for Rs. 439/- Get it from here, Vedi Unscented Liquid Castile Soap (200Ml)


VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW

VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW – My Opinion

After knowing that a single ingredient ‘fragrance’ that is listed in almost all the skin and hair care products contain more then 100 toxic chemicals itself, I was terrified. That is the reason I have started shifting to NO-Fragrance and Unscented products more. My first ever NO-fragrance product that I bought was this Alba BOTANICA Leave in Conditioner

Ever since I started using that, my hair felt more natural without any artificial chemical fragrance. VEDI Unscented Liquid castile soap has joined my list of no-fragrance products. This is completely fragrance free has no scent to it. All that I could smell is the aroma of mixed natural and organic plant oils. This is a complete bliss to me. I never felt that switching to unscented products will make me this happy.

And coming to the color of the castile soap, as you can see in the image below, it is a liquid brown liquid. The texture is runny, just like any liquid.

This Liquid castile soap does lather decently well. So you need not worry of not having a “cleansed” feeling, especially if you are used to foaming face washes and body washes.

I generally use it for more whole body including face. I take a generous amount of VEDI Liquid castile soap on my natural Loofah and rub it for few minutes until it generates nice lather. I then cleanse my body and face.

Sometimes I skip using Loofah and just wash using my hands. My skin feels so fresh and smooth after I come out of shower. I used Handmade Soaps from BON Organics before this. Though they are completely Natural and organic, they made my skin feel little dry especially in the winters.

Liquid castle soaps contains more Aqua content than Handmade soaps does. This is the reason Liquid Castile soaps doesn’t make your skin dry no matter what the season is.

No Dry patches, no itchiness in winters. Just smooth, clean and soft skin.


VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW




VEDI Liquid Castile Soap REVIEW


I am OK for..

1. No harsh surfocants and parabens. Handmade and Vegan

2. Unscented and Fragrance Free.

3. Very, very Gentle, yet super effective to its cleansing job. Gentle than handmade soaps.

4. Versatility in usage. Can be used for face, body, and hair

5. Doesn’t dry out skin even in winters.

6. Foams decently well.

7. Reasonably priced. (Thinking of its versatile usage properties)


I am NOT OK for..

Nothing that I could think of. 😀 Or Do you think are there any?

Edit#1– Plastic Packaging. Although it was recyclable, I prefer more sustainable plastic free packaging as it contributes less waste on earth.


One Last Line

A perfect one stop product for all your needs. Castile Soap, especially an Unscented Liquid Castile soap is a gift to those who suffer from sensitive skin.

You will never go back to your commercial face washes and body washes once you start using castile soap and the changes it makes to your skin. A must try product fro every skin type.

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