5 ways you can Use rose petal powder in skin care

5 Super Easy Ways to Use Rose Petal powder in your Skin Care Routine

Rose are one of the most beautifully scented flower  in the world. Apart from their use in perfumery, these sweet-smelling flowers have therapeutic benefits and have been used in ancient skincare folk remedies. Using fresh roses in daily beauty routine will enhance skin’s health and keep you look young. Sometimes it may not be possible from some to get Fresh roses. in that case, Use rose petal powder in various skin care routine steps like these will help to achieve soft and sooth skin at the comfort of your home.


Use Rose petal powder as a Cleanser

I have started the Series of Washing your face without Soap or face washes, as I have promised so in My 7 alternatives to wash your face.

In my first post, I have mentioned Cleansing your face with Oats  as one of the alternative to wash your face with. See Why and How to wash your face with Oats

Rose Petal powder can be easily prepared at your home using some dried rose petals. Dry few fresh rose petals under sun for one or two full days, depending on the temperature at your place. Mill the dried petals powder into powder. 

Store the powder in an air tight container. You can store this powder up to 6 months until there is no water contact to it.

Now, take a tablespoon of Powdered Rose Petal powder into a bowl or into your hand.

Add Rose water or normal water to the Rose Petal powder and mix them well to form a paste.

Apply this paste all over your face and neck, and gently massage as if you are washing your face.

Be gentle and smooth.

After two minutes, wash off with normal cold water and pat dry.

Rose Petal powder is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores


Use Rose Petal powder to make Rose Tea Toner

Looking for a natural pore minimizer and toner? Then embrace Freshly made rose water/ Rose Tea. Yeah.! Not only Rose tea is a popular herbal tea known for its many medicinal uses, but it also has some of the amazing benefits for both skin and hair.

Rose tea is powder packed with anti oxidants and nutrients which delays aging and reverses the sun damage. It controls excess sebum production in oily skin beauties and  helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause significant damage to the skin

How to make Rose Tea toner

  1. Take 30ml of  of Freshly brewed Rose tea in a bowl and one small cube of ice to it.
  2. Store the liquid in a fresh reusable bottle and keep in the refrigerator. Use it within 5 days
  3. When using this toner, take a cotton pad and put few drops of this mixture on to it. Swipe all your face in upward direction after you cleanse your face thoroughly.
  4. Follow one or twice daily.

You can Also use this as a face spritz to ease cure sun burn and redness.

Make 7 different Natural home made toner for Oily skin


Use Rose Petal powder Scrub to get rosy pink glow 

All you need..

Finely milled Oatmeal powder
Coarsely grinded Organic Rose petal leaves
Raw Honey
Unrefined Almond Oil


Add one tablespoon of Oatmeal powder and one tablespoon of Coarsely grinded Organic Rose petal leaves into a bowl. Mix these dry ingredients well.

Add one teaspoon of Honey and one one tablespoon of Unrefined Almond oil into it and mix them well to form a scrub.

Add 10 drops of either lavender essential oil or Geranium essential oil for added fragrance and skin benefits. This step is completely optional, as I already have it in my home i am going to add it in my scrub here.

I am not adding any type of hard grainy textured ingredients like sugar, salt or coffee in this scrub. That makes this face scrub perfect for any type of skin including sensitive skin.  You should avoid using any type of harsh abrasion scrubs from your skin care routine. Use gentle cleansing grains or flower powder to scrub your face instead of hard ingredients like sugar and salt to avoid skin sensitivity in the long run.

Using natural powder-y textured ingredients to scrub your face will gently remove the dead skin from your face without causing any harm.



Use Rose Petal powder in your facial steam

Bowl of steaming water.  Bring a pot of water to a boil, transfer the water to a ceramic or glass bowl, drape a towel over your head covering the bowl too for trapping the steam. Place your face close enough to the steam so you feel it on your face, but not so close that your skin feels like it is burning or overheating.

Facial steams can be enjoyed with a benefit of different added flavors.  You can simply add few fresh rose petals or dried rose petals into the steaming water and steep for 3 minutes before starting your facial steaming.

This will enhance the steaming power and makes your skin more soft and clear.

Steam for a minimum of 5 minutes, and no more than 10 minutes.

A face pack after Facial steaming will help lighten your skin gives instant glow.

Steam no more than once a week for the best results.

If you have severe acne or a serious skin conditions, please consult your physician before doing an at-home facial steam.

Follow with a an Oil based skin serum after facial steaming.


Use Rose Petal powder as a Face pack

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. It also makes your skin glowy and dewy. It rejuvenates the skin cells and lightens it.

It also Delays aging by preventing Oxidative stress in skin cells that promotes youthful and glowing skin.

How to use Rose petal powder for glowy skin

All you need..

Rose petal powder
Organic Turmeric
Almond oil
Aloe Vera Water/ Rose water


Mix one Tablespoon of Rose petal powder and one teaspoon of Organic Turmeric powder in it. Now add Few drops of Aloe Vera water and mix all the ingredients well.

Apply on your face and wash off after 20 minutes.

Apply any Aloe Vera gel based moisture after you pat dry the face.


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