coconut oil for cracked feet

How to use Coconut oil for Cracked feet | Get Soft & Smooth Feet

Feet are the least cared body parts in our daily beauty regime. Don’t your think? Taking care of them is not all tedious when you already have coconut oil in your home. I am gonna show your 3 amazing ways to take care of your feet using coconut oil. Ready?


Why use Coconut oil for cracked feet ?

Coconut oil  have highly nourishing and moisturizing properties that helps to soften and smoother the skin’s surface with regular use. Using Coconut oils for cracked feet is not a new thing to wonder about, we have seen our grand mom’s and mom’s using it for their feet and hands since years.

It’s just a fad to believe that only high end salon style pedicures and expensive foot creams can only help to treat cracked feet. There are many more highly beneficial home remedies with Coconut oil for cracked which are way more better then chemical loaded treatments.

So here are three simple ways you can use Coconut Oil fr cracked feet and soften them within 1 week.


Coconut Moisturizing and Tan Removal pack

Just like your face, neck and hands.. your feet should also be pampered with moisturizing masks to combat dryness and also to remove those scandal strap tan marks.

One such amazing mask that does both is an Oatmeal- Turmeric pack with coconut oil to moisturize and also remove tan at the same time.

I use this pack once a week when I am also using it for my face and hands. In that way, I need not make it two times and mess the space in my home.

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>Take a clean bowl and add one full tablespoon of Oatmeal powder.

>Next, add a pinch of Organic (no artificial color or pesticides used) Turmeric powder to the Oats.

>Now by adding few drops of Rose water ,  and 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil. Mix the mixture well till it forms a nice paste as shown below.

skin lightening with oats

Apply this paste all over your feet including ankles. Wash off with cold water.

Coconut oil Food Scrub

The reason our feet gets cracked and feels so rough is the because of the dirt, grim and loads of dead skin that is buildup on the feet. Lack of proper care and motorization makes your feet so rough and cracked that feels not so pleasing to touch.

This dead skin should be removed with foot soaks and proper exfoliation, Which can be done at the comfort of your home

– Clean your feet well and soak them in a tub of water containing a handful of Epsom salts

– Now prepare a Coconut Foot scrub with 1 full tablespoon of Extra virgin Coconut oil and 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar, or you can also use the below ingredients using coffee ( ♥ Coffee) for a scrub. Mix them well and scrub your feet with this mixture. After 3 minutes, wash your feet off with cold water and apply a Foot cream as said below.

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At home face clean up


Coconut oil Foot Cream

Foot creams are a must to include in your feet care routines. No matter how many times you get your pedicures done at salons, if you do not take care of your feet using a proper foot me, it is equivalent to throwing all those money  you spent in salons into a bin.

Foot creams nourish your feet and avoids cracking and dryness. But who wants to waste their money on buying those expensive foot creams when you can easily make one sitting at your home. Excited to know how?

You can make your own foot cream with just two ingredients, Shea butter and Coconut oil

Take two tablespoons of unrefined Shea butter and one tablespoon of unrefined Extra virgin coconut oil into a bowl. Warm them up for 5 minutes in a double boiler and pour the mixture into a re-usable container. and that’s it, you have just made your own foot cream.

How to make Lip balm


This process is similar to making your own lip balm, see how I did it.

Apply this foot cream to your feet and wear socks before going to bed. Do this daily to get softer and silky feet you ever wanted.


Take of your feet as you take care of your face. That’s it. That is all your need to do it. After all, feet is also one of the body parts and often gets tired after serving you the whole day long. So pamper them a little, because they deserve it. Don’t your think so?

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