How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for skin

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for skin | No Acne & dark spots

You are probably here because you might have already read or know about some of the miraculous benefits of Apple cider vinegar for skin or you probably heard of but have no idea how this works. Well, here I am to help you in both ways, one- How it can be used to get beautiful, clear skin and How beneficial it is to your skin.


1.  As a Toner

One of the most popular use of Apple cider vinegar for skin is using it as a toner. This is my favorite method to use Apple cider vinegar for my skin. It helped me a lot to clear my acne in my initial stages.

Its been more than an year I am using this Apple cider vinegar toner in my daily skin care routine. And you wont believe me, how this has helped me to cure all my skin problems including acne and acne scaring.

Using a toner, a natural toner that can balance the skin’s acidic pH is a must to include in your skin care routine. Toners also remove the excess dirt and makeup that your facial cleansers or normal oil cleansing routine have failed to do so.

How to prepare Apple cider vinegar Toner for skin:

Mix up the ratios depending upon your skin type ( See below link fore more ). Apart from normal water you can also use rose water . That is completely optional. Store it in a clean plastic bottle or spray bottle. Just prepare enough for 1 week use.

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Apple cider vinegar toner

2. As a Face wash

The goodness in apple cider vinegar toner actually heals your skin from within. Raw apple cider vinegar is a by product of fermentation of apples. Apple is an amazing skin food.  whether applying it externally on your face or taking it internally have profound benefits on your skin.

Apple cider vinegar toner

How to wash Apple cider vinegar for skin:

Make a mixture of equal parts of Apple cider vinegar and water and wash your face with it daily in the morning and in the evening after you return home.

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3. As a substitute of Rose water

You can use Apple cider vinegar in home made face packs and scrubs too. It is an excellent replacement of rose water. It is most effective when used in clay masks like Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti). It reduces the pore size and makes your skin look clean and beautiful.

How to use Apple cider Vinegar as a substitute of Rose water:

Take 1 tablespoon of Fullers Earth and add equal parts of Apple cider vinegar and water in it. Mix them well and apply on your well cleansed face. Wash off after 20 minutes. do not use Soap. Apply a Natural Aloe Vera gel Moisturizer to avoid to much dryness of skin.

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Alternatives to wash your face without soap


4. Exfoliate

Not many know this. But yes, Apple cider vinegar helps to exfoliate your skin gently to remove the dead skin from the skin’s surface. This is one of the best gentle exfoliating method, if your are sensitive to harsh grain based scrubs.

How to use Apple cider Vinegar to exfoliate skin:

Take two cotton balls. Now take raw apple cider vinegar onto one cotton ball and plain normal water into other. Hold the apple cider vinegar cotton ball in one hand and the water cotton ball in your other hand.

Now using upward stokes, rub your skin with the apple cider vinegar ball first, followed by the water cotton ball. Repeat this all over your face. Wash off with Cold water.


Skip this method, if your skin is too sensitive.


5. Spot Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is a great acne remedy. It is been used by many including me, to treat acne and acne spots. It cures the skin from the damage done by acne. It is and excellent medicine to treat skin blemishes, acne and dark spots.

How to use Apple cider Vinegar as a spot treatment:

apple cider vinegar for skin

To use apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment, Take Raw apple cider vinegar in a small cap and dip one end of a Q-tip in it.

Now apply it on your acne or dark spots directly. Do this in the night before going to bed. Let the treatment be on your face for overnight. Wash your face the next morning.


Note: Do not use Raw apple cider vinegar directly on your face all the time. It is always best to use it in diluted form. If your skin is too sensitive, always do a patch test and see if the ratio of water and apple cider vinegar is right for your skin type or not. If not, increase the water amount in the mixture and then use.

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So Which do you think is the best method among these ? Are you going to try them today? Comment your thoughts… Any doubts? I am here to help you… 🙂

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  1. Apple cider vinegar is the very effective treatment for acne and many other skin problems. I was able to get rid of my acne by using this. Thanks for sharing the wonderful article.

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