Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil for Face

Unknown and Proven Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil for Face + Misconceptions

Kumkumadi oil has taken the Ayurvedic skin care market by storm. Due to the gaining popularity of skin benefits of Kumkumadi Oil, many companies are using this opportunity to market this our own Indian product as luxurious Ayurveda with sky-touching prices. This formulation is being marketed as the ultimate and an all purpose Ayurvedic facial oil to solve every skin problem and so the costs of this product are also going through the roof. An average price of Kumkumadi oil in the market ranges from 1000-2500 for 10ml..! But is it worth investing on it?

Sometimes people invest in high end products knowing its enticing benefits, but complain that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because its not made for your skin.

Made with more than 30 powerful Ayurvedic herbs  and oils, no doubt that Kumkumadi oil is a golden elixir for skin, but for only certain type of skin/skin conditions. It is just like any another Ayurvedic medicine to treat some specific skin disorders. And when I say medicine, we all know that we don’t use a single medicine to treat all our diseases, do we? So same here. Kumkumadi oil too is a medicine for skin and it benefits those who use it to treat those specific skin problems.

To know and understand what are those specific skin conditions and benefits of kumkumadi oil, continue to read. 🙂

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil for Face

Some of the unknown but proven skin benefits of kumkumadi oil are:

Wound healer

Kumkumadi oil acts as an excellent wound healer due to the presence of many wound healing and inflammation reducing herbs like Tree turmeric, Manjishta , Nilotpala, Gambhari, Prishnaparni , Laksha and Yashtimadhu. The presence of these herbs facilitate faster healing of wounds on the skin (or in any part of the body) and the tissues under it. On applying this kumkumadi oil regularly on the wounds for several weeks, the tissues beneath the skin heal quicker and also generate new ones.

Clears inflammations

Kumkumadi oil possess excellent antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It can be applied to minor wounds, cuts, bruises, burns and breakouts. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can soothe the wound, ease irritation and reduce redness. More than 50% of the ingredients use in the formulation of kumkumadi oil has anti inflammatory properties.

Relief from skin disorders

Due to the presence of herbs like Indian Water Lily, Shyonaka, Prishnaparni and Gokshura, Kumkumadi oil helps in improving the skin conditions and disorders by penetrating deep into the skin tissues and healing it within.

Improves micro circulation

Manjishta is the herb which is used in the formaulation of kumkumadi oil that acts as an excellent Blood purifier and improves micro circulation for clear skin. It is active in the fine, extensive network of the smallest blood vessels which is more complex than the vast network of roots of a tree.

Mild Astrigent

Kumkumadi tailam possesses astringent, disinfectant, antiseptic and deodorant properties to protect the facial skin. The ingredient, Sandal wood present in kumkumadi oil is cold, bitter and is a good astringent. Cleanses skin and also reduces inflammation.

Corrects complexion disorders

Ayurveda emphasizes the utility of various complexion enhancers (Kanti Vardhaka). Kanti means luster/complexion and Vardhaka means enhancer / promoter. Kumkumadi oil preparation has very potent ‘Kanti Vardhaka’ herbs like Saffron, Vetiver and Indian lotus.

Please do not get confused with ‘skin brightening’ effects with ‘skin lightening’ effects. Kumkumadi oil enhances your complexion, but not changes it from one completion to other.

Natural skin detoxifier

The dravya used in kumkumadi tailam -Aja Ksheera (Goat’s milk), is highly medicinal, light , cleansing and astringent in Ayurveda. Hence it is a favourite choice in ayurvedic formulations where we are trying to cleanse, dry up or detoxify something.

What doesn’t include in the benefits of kumkumadi oil?

While Kumkumadi oil is all of the above, it have no effect on these below aspects. Many brands and in fact beauty bloggers market this oil as one of these or may be all of these.

Anti-Aging |  Skin lightner | Moisturizing

Most of the brands today, market their Kumkumadi oil by saying that it’s the best ever Ayurvedic solution to anti-aging, Skin lightening or even moisturizing. But the fact is, there are no such herbs or any ingredeint used in the formulation of kumkumadi tailam have these special properties.

This formulation appears to have healing and balancing as a primary goal. It does not appear to be nourishing or rasyana (anti aging) in its basic nature. It seems to be a product designed to detoxify, cleanse, reduce inflammation and heal wounds and treat skin diseases.

Kumkumadi oil is just not like any other luxurious skin care product, but a tropical medicine to treat skin disorders.

Best suited Skin type to get benefits of Kumkumadi oil

Kumkumadi tailam is not a general purpose facial oil that is suitable for all skin types. You might have already guessed which and what type of skin is it beneficial to, by reading the benefits of this oil above. It is specially formulated to target skin conditions like

  • Cystic acne
  • Wound healing
  • Scar tissue
  • Old deep acne based pitting/scars

Kumkumadi oil is the only oil that I use to my face at the end of the day. It worked wonders on my skin because, I have mild acne scarring and also occasional acne popping here and there on my face (during that time of the month). Ever since I stared using, it had specially helped my skin to have even tone and also reduced acne scarring to a much better extent that I expected. I will continue to use it till I feel that my skin is feeling better and has healed to a maximum extent. Later, I will stop using it. As I said, this is indeed a medicine and we don’t use a medicine even after coming out of a disease, do we?

The right way to use Kumkumadi oil for face

Just like any other medicine, if we over use Kumkumadi oil for our skin it only worsens the skin conditions more. It must be used very carefully to avoid increasing the oiliness on the skin’s surface and therefore aggravating the skin condition.

If you are trying it for the first time, do not use this oil directly on your bare face. As this is a very potent Ayurvedic formulation, you need to be careful to avoid any skin allergic reactions. So, better preform a patch test at the back of your neck or at the back of you ear. wait for 24 hours to see of there are any negative reactions on your skin. if everything is fine, you can continue to use this oil for your face by following the below steps.

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil for Face

Steps to follow to get the maximum benefits of kumkumadi oil:

>> In the initial days, just start by using one drop ..yes literally ‘one drop’. You are introducing a very potent skin care product to you skin and so, do it gently and slowly. Don’t scare away your skin. Take one drop of kumkumadi oil on one of your palm and rub your palms together gently, to spread the oil and then apply it to your face.
>> After a couple of months, when you think your skin is now comfortable with this oil, you can increase it to two drops.

This is not being miser here, but using the products just how much it is exactly required. Its been more than a year since I started using kumkumadi oil and trust me, I still use just two drops for my entire face. (Read my review of Kumkumadi oil here – Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Radiance Glow Night Serum REVIEW + Benefits)

I used to use three drops when I first started using it, but then I use to woke up with oil clogged pores and small pimples on my face the next morning. It only started working well when i used the right amount of the product.


To summarize, Kumkumadi Oil is a wound healer and not moisturizer or any glow booster. It is specially useful for Acne prone and scarred skin.

So if your skin is normal, sensitive or dry and using kumkumadi oil for you face then there is nothing miraculous to happen. Instead invest in something else that can really help you skin type or skin problems, because kumkuadi oil though its our formulation (Ayurveda) its quite expensive.


So, after reading this piece of information here today on the blog, what are your thoughts on Kumkumadi oil? Would like to buy one? Does your skin really need this medicine?

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