ultimate benefits of aloe vera for skin and hair

The Ultimate Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin & Hair + Best Ways to Use Aloe Vera gel at home

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years for beauty and medicinal benefits across cultures. Ayurveda reserves it, so do many other traditional healing therapies. Not every one are so lucky to find an Aloe Plant near by or at least have one in their home. In that case, you can still get your favorite ingredient packet in a jar to use daily for your skin and hair. Here are some of the Ultimate benefits of Aloe Vera for skin and hair

Ultimate Benefits of Aloe Vera

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ACNE Fighter

Aloe Vera is one stop solution for all your skin problems. Acne and pimples are no exception. In fact Aloe Vera is known to be the best remedy to treat acne naturally. One applying directly regularly on your skin, it decreases the acne and also fades away the ugly scars and blemishes that the acne has left behind.

Using a fresh Aloe Vera gel extracted from it leaves it the best method to follow while doing applying to the face as an acne treatment. In case if you don’t have one in your backyard, I suggest you to get one Aloe Vera plant just today. Its incredible properties not only benefits to your skin but also to your skin and hair.

These are some of the basic benefits of using Fresh Aloe Vera juice onto your face regularly.

  • Reduces acne and pimples caused by clogged pores
  • Fades away acne blemishes and scars n regular use
  • Moisturises the skin and makes it supple and soft after applying an overnight mask
  •  Prevents problems causing bacteria to enter into the pores
  • Avoids dryness, balances moisture and rejuvenates the skin

To Know how to use Aloe Vera as an Overnight mask in many different ways at the comfort of your home, head over to this article.

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Dark Spots and Blemish Corrector

Aloe Vera and Tea Tree essential oil is one of the best combination to reduce dark spots on face caused by acne. Mix 2 drops of Tea Tree essential oil in a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and apply to your before going to bed.

Ensure to remove your makeup if any, and wash your face thoroughly before applying this mask.

Always do a patch test if your are using essential oil for the first time.

Do not use any essential oil undiluted. It makes your skin very sensitive and hence causes irritation when exposed to sun.


After shave/Wax Skin soother

Waxing is a tough job to be get done. Isn’t it? Specifically the redness and bumpy skin after the waxing section is not all we want to be surprised with.

Your skin is sensitive after waxing. If your skin experiences any red, bumpy rashes immediately after waxing, then it needs something that can calm and soothe the redness instantly.

Aloe Vera is a great savior and a quick fix at this point of time. If you are running out of time and want to attend any party or meeting immediately after you are done with waxing, then apply some cooling Aloe Vera gel on the waxed area of your skin.

Always keep a small tub of Aloe Vera gel in your hand bag. I personally prefer to use This Rustic Art Orange Cinnamon Aloe Vera gel as it is very cooling to the skin and also Organic.

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 Aloe Vera Oil for Hair growth

Aloe Vera oil  has some of the best antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties that stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and thus promotes healthy long hair.

Making your own Aloe Vera oil is so simple and easy too. As store brought hair oils are dumped with mineral oils and other nasty stuff, it’s better to prepare our own natural home made Aloe Vera oil. It is free of preservatives and can be stored in a glass container for up to 6-7 months. This oil gives you some of the amazing benefits to your hair.

hope you all love to try those

Aloe Vera gives your hair roots  a stronger base with adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your hair to promote hair growth. It stimulates the scalp and promotes healthier hair growth.
Learn my recipe to prepare Aloe Vera Hair Oil at Home.


Makes Hair Shiny and Soft

Dry and damaged hair problems are a concern of almost every girl/women these days. Using heat and styling tools on a regular basis and hair being exposed to harmful UV rays and pollution are some of the main reasons of dry, damaged and rough hair.

Quick DIY Recipe: Break one egg into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons full of home Made Aloe Vera oil. Mix them well and apply it your scalp. Massage for 3-5 min. Wash off after 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed to see how shiny and moisturized your hair is after you wash your hair.

Aloe vera oil for hair




Skin moisturizer

Aloe Vera is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from bacteria and other pathogens which lead to infection and inflammation. It contains substances – gibberellins and polysaccharides –  that stimulate the growth of new cells, while glycoproteins reduce the inflammation and redness.

Aloe Vera extract is an effective natural substance for improving skin hydration. Aloe Vera gel is does not just act as a moisturizer but also has many benefits. It softens the skin without clogging pores and prevents acne or breakouts and heals blemishes

Aloe Vera can be used a daily skin moisturizer for your face and body. It is suitable for all skin types, and is especially beneficial for oily and dry skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel daily in the morning and in the night for a better results.

How to choose a Perfect, Pure Aloe Vera Gel for your skin and Hair?

Best Aloe Vera Gels for skin & Hair in India

The most important thing that you should look for while buying Aloe Vera gel is “the ingredient list”. Be aware of those brands which market their Aloe Vera gel as 100% pure, which is not possible in any case except the shelf life is one day of the manufactured date.

I have written a detailed post o how to choose the best Aloe Vera gel from already crowded market and have also listed Top 10 Pure and safe Aloe Vera Gels for skin that are available in India. So check this Out.

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Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth

Aloe Vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the skin tissue. It also acts as a great exfoliates and hence removes dirt and dead skin cells from the eyebrows.

We often neglect cleaning our eyebrows properly. Applying eye makeup and eyebrow fillers will makeup your eyebrows and eyelashes weak and causes them to fall out more often.

For Eyebrows: Fresh Aloe Vera gel helps to clean and mildly exfoliate the eyebrows to remove dead skin and product buildup. You can either use fresh Aloe Vera gel from the leaf or any Organic certified Pure Aloe Vera gel to apply on your brows after removing the makeup. Repeat this once in a week to keep your eyebrows clean and healthy.

How to use Vaseline for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

For Eyelashes: Aloe Vera helps to moisturize the dry and brittle eyelashes that are weaken due to the usage of chemically loaded mascaras. As a result, Aloe Vera keeps your eyelashes moisturized thus extending the self life too.

  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and cut away the thorny sides and now slice it in the middle of the leaf from top. This reveals the gel of the leaf on the both the sides.
  • You can either extract this gel and store it in refrigerator for later use, Or you can simply take a mascara brush and work through the gel to get the required amount.  
  • Now apply to your eyelashes and eyebrows and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning. 

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Makeup Remover

Some of the makeup removers are so drying and irritating to the skin. They doesn’t only just remove but also strip all those natural oils from your face and makes the face look so dry. But not Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera Gel is one Such Versatile beauty product that can be used in many different ways for your face, body and Hair. Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory and thus reduces inflammation and swelling on the face.

Its Anti bacterial properties protects the skin from problem causing Bactria and acne. Fades dark spots and reduces blemishes caused by pimples or acne. As Aloe Vera has some of the best moisturizing properties, it helps the skin from dryness and keeps it soft and supple

How to remove Waterproof eye makeup using Aloe Vera gel

-> Take a generous amount of Pure Aloe Vera gel, apply all around your face, spread it evenly and massage it for 1 minute.

> Take either a cotton pad/ cotton ball to swipe all the makeup from you face. You will be surprised to see how your face feels so refreshed and cool. It also moisturizes and avoids dryness.

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Controls Dandruff

Aloe Vera has some of the most beneficial antiviral and antibacterial properties that makes it prominent to treat many scalp infections including flaky dandruff and itchy scalp.

Aloe vera has a chemical make up similar to that of keratin and it rejuvenates the hair with its own nutrients, giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage. It  exfoliates the scalp to remove dead skin cells and radiate healthy looking hair naturally.

A mask of both Fresh Aloe Vera leaf and Extra virgin coconut oil to the hair is best to treat not just dandruff but also hair loss and hair thinning problems

Pick Your Favorite Aloe Vera Mask for Dandruff from here: Best Aloe Vera Hair Masks for dandruff that Works


Reduces Hairfall

Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy for hair fall. It is used since ages for treating hair loss. It has a various amino acids and minerals that strengthens the roots of the hair and reduces the hair fall when combined with other ingredients such has pumpkin or black cumin seeds.

Quick DIY Recipe:  Add 1 teaspoon of Black cumin seeds and 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera oil. Warm the mixture for one  minute and apply onto your scalp. You can use Black cumin powder too, if you find it a little difficult to use the oil with the seeds.

Aloe vera oil for hair



When is the time Aloe Vera gel was a savior for you? Mine is “After Waxing”

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