Chamomile for sensitive skin - non-allergic way

This is the BEST Way to Use Chamomile for Sensitive Skin | *Non-Allergic Way*

One of the most difficult skin type to take care of, is sensitive skin. From choosing the right products to trying out different home remedies, its not an easy task to you all. Agree? But what if I say you that I have found out a way to pamper your skin naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals? Yes. its possible. This is by using a wonder flower for sensitive skin called chamomile. This will be the best way to use chamomile for sensitive skin without any allergic reactions.

Chamomile is the most soothing and calming herb for skin. No wonder it is used as a bed time tea to induce sleep.

So what exactly makes your skin sensitive and how can chamomile help your way out, you ask?

Your outermost layer of your skin has the power to keeps irritants out, things like environmental conditions and the over use of harsh products can weaken it. When your skin barrier is weakened, irritants can make their way in and lead to irritation and sensitivity. Chamomile with its main compund apigenin can help to recover from this by improving the skin’s barrier function and reduce sensitivity.

Now it makes sense that there are many study highlights which proves the fact that chamomile is used topically to treat diaper rash, chicken pox, poison ivy and the list goes on.

So why not try this wonder herb for sensitive skin and see the benefits ourselves. Here’s my secret recipe, revealed. 🙂

BEST Way to Use Chamomile for Sensitive Skin

I call this the best way to use chamomile because, this way you get the maximum benefits out of it. Along with Chamomile there are these two ingredients which can help bind the mask perfectly, and just not that..they are also the most soothing, calming and moisturizing ingredients for sensitive and dry skin. These are all what you need to prepare this mask..


Aloe Vera Gel
Pure Honey
Cucumber juice

Prep you ingredients first..

Take a handful of chamomile flowers and blend them to fine powder. Stieve the powder to remove any unblended dried sticks of the flower parts. Keep this aside.

Cut a small piece of Fresh Aloe Vera leaf and extract only the gel into a small bowl.

Cut a small piece of fresh cucumber, peel it and extract the juice out of it in a small tumbler.

Chamomile for sensitive skin - non-allergic way


Prepare the mask..

Now, as everything is ready. Your task is easy now.

Take a spoonful of chamomile powder into a mixing bowl (a little large one) and equal amount of Alovera gel into it and while mixing both add cumber juice slowly to form a slightly liquid-y texture face mask. Add a teaspoon of pure raw honey into it (skip this if you do not have pure honey. Please don’t add store bought honey like Dabur and etc.)

Now take few cotton pads and dip in this solution. Let them soak in for 2 minutes. ( You can also use a fine muslin cloth too, instead of cotton pads)

Take them out and gently squeeze out the excess water, if any.

Place these soaked cotton pads everywhere on your face and relax on your couch for 20-30 minutes.. You may need at least 15-17 small cotton pads to cover your entire face.

Remove the cotton pads off your face after 30 minutes and wash your face with normal water.

Do not apply any moisturizer, just spritz some rose water and pad dry with cotton face towel.

This routine best works in the night time.

Repeat twice a week to see better and improved skin.


Bonus Tips:

1) Use a gentle moisturizer like Aloe Vera gel to moisturize your skin daily. It should have no colorants, fragrance and preservatives in it. To pick one from the best available 99% pure Aloe Vera gel, Read this post.

Pure & Best Aloe Vera Gels for skin & Hair in India | 99% Pure & Affordable

2) Avoid using too much products. The more you keep your skin care minimalistic, the better it gets with time.

3) Avoid using potent ingredients/products directly on face, like lemons, tomatoes, essential oils, high concentrated serums and so.

4) Wash your face with unscented castile soap. I recommended this – VEDI Castile Soap – Unscented and Handmade

5) Avoid washing your face with extreme cold/hot water. If the normal tap water is too cold or too hot because of seasons, you can store the water in a cooper vesel/mud pot for some time at room temperature and then use this water to wash your face.


I hope this face mask the little  tips helps your skin to be normal and reduce allergic reactions going forward. Do let me know if you have any more skin concerns that you think I should talk about here on this blog. Put them down here in the comments or can DM me directly on Instagram. 

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