"NAILS Healthy & Young"

Know How these oils can make your “NAILS Healthy & Young” within a month

Did you know your nails can reveal clues to your overall health? yes. A lot about your health conditions can be revealed by just analyzing the health of your nails. That being said, are your nails healthy and shiny?

There’s nothing worse than weak nails, and being afraid of growing your nails long because you know that they’ll break! You also feel like you need to paint them all the time, because of their yellowish color, which will make them even weaker

Growing long fingernails can be tough especially when your nails are prone to brittleness and breakage – but when using essential oils, you can not only get longer nails but also protect them from breakage, thinning, splits, beau lines and brittleness, a.k.a, get the healthiest nails ever!

These are some of the Best Oils to make your Nails Healthy & Young

Before I get started, Let me tell you that I intentionally did not include the basic carrier oils like Almond oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil and coconut oil. Not because they are not useful, its because you might have already read about the benefits of these oils a million times by now. I don’t want to bore you all with the usual stuff that you are already aware of.

Needless to say, you can use this oils as a base for your cuticle treatment. You will understand what i meant to be a base, if you read father.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E alone is enough to make your nails healthy and young. You might have already known how much this oil has gained hype for improving not just nail’s health but also overall skin and hair’s health too. And the hype is not over rated at all. You will only realize how much of this oil is really worth, only after you try it.

Vitamin E oil is crucial for cellular health. It acts as an anti oxidant and so is used in many skin creams and lotions as it is believed to play a role in encouraging skin healing and reducing scarring after injuries such as burns.

Research suggests that vitamin E supplementation can prevent yellow nail syndrome, which causes peeling, cracked, and yellowing nails.

Vitamin E may be beneficial at reducing UV damage to skin,  and also protects skin and other cells from damage and dehydration.

How to use?

The simplest way to include Vitamin E in your daily nail care routine is by massaging your nails and cuticles with a drop of Vitamin E oil mixed with a pea sized amount of Aloe Vera gel. Here we are using Aloe Vera gel as a base for your nail treatment.

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is my favorite, not just for nails but for overall skin’s health in general. It’s rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A which are essential for skin’s and nails’ health.

It’s great at restoring moisture and healing dry, cracked skin

Carrot Seed oil is especially best to treat cuticles than nails.  This oil helps treat the small tears in the cuticle area, and also help lighten dark spots on hands and prevents any fungal infections too due its antibacterial, anti fungal, bactericidal, cell regenerating (helps with skin texture) properties .

How to use?

Carrot seed oil is mostly available in essential oil form. Its rare and also the most potent form. To use carrot seed oil in your nail care treatments, just mix a drop or two of this carrot seed essential oil in a teaspoon of base oil like Jojoba or Almond oil and mix it well.

Apply this serum to your cuticles and massages the cuticles and nails in gentle circular motions for at least 3 minutes.


Myrrh Oil

For gorgeous and shiny nails, do not ever miss to include this oil in your nail care treatment, if possible. From brittle nails to ragged cuticle, Myrrh oil is god sent. Using Myrrh Oil just three times a week will do equal wonders when compared to the rest. That’s how therapeutic it is for nails’ health.

I’ve experimented with other essential oils for my nails, such as lemon oil, carrot seed oil and frankincense. But nothing has made my hands look as young and healthy as myrrh.

Myrrh has long been used to heal skin ailments such as sores, acne and rashes. Its astringent properties are known to strengthen the skin cells and prevent bleeding.

Myrrh is also useful in the treatment of weeping wounds and stretch marks too.

How to use?

Myrrh is a natural, aromatic, sap-like resin or “gum” that is derived from the small, thorny Commiphora myrrha tree. This oil is basically available in essential oil form and just like any other essential oil a drop of it in enough to treat your nails.

Mix a drop or two of Myrrh essential oil with a teaspoon of Almond oil or Grapeseed oil in your palm and apply this to your nails and cuticle before going to bed. Massage for a good 5 minutes to stimulate blood circulation and promote faster healing.

Black Cumin Oil

It’s an herb with healing characteristics that have been well known in the Middle East for more than three thousand years.

The benefits of black cumin oil are too numerous to mention. It is an immune system-boosting superstar. Black cumin oil benefits fungal infections, healthy veins, insect bites, joint pains, scabies, psoriasis, wounds, eczema, even Neurodermatitis, the severe and chronic form of eczema. Black cumin oil benefits nail and cuticle strength, smoothness, health and appearance.

How to use?

Black Cumin seed essential oil can be mixed with any base oils like Almond oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba oil or Even any light oil like Grapeseed oil. Just add 2 drops of this Black cumin seed oil in a teaspoon of any base oil and mix it well. Apply this oil to your cuticles and nails before going to bed.


Grapeseed Oil

No other oil can better help your nails heal in a lighter way than rapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is beneficial for sensitive skin. It heals and restores moisture in sensitive nails that are prone to dryness and brittleness with excessive use of nail polishes and acetone based removers.

The oil of grape seed is similar to what humans naturally produce, so it’s ideal for those sensitive to heavy carrier oils.

Grapeseed oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and vitamin D. Grapeseed oil’s biggest benefit is that, along with all these powerful vitamins and antioxidants, it’s ultra-moisturizing without being greasy like some other fruit and vegetable oils.

How to use?

Grapeseed oil alone can be used to directly to your nails and cuticles. If your nails are too delicate, brittle and prone to smears near the cuticles, then just use this oils alone. For others, you can use this as a base while using other essential oils in your nail care treatment.



Needless to say: It is important to use these oils in its purest form that is cold pressed, unrefined and organic. It makes no sense if the oils are not pure and are adulterated. You nails reap no benefits despite your efforts. So, even though you might want to choose only one single oil among this list, that’s OK. But see if its cold pressed and unrefined, and take it as an added bonus if its organic too.

Cypress Oil

Cypress essential oil can rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance. It is antiseptic and antibacterial, as well as stimulating.

Since one of its chemical constituents is α-pinene, cypress essential oil has strong renewing properties which could help your nails become stronger, healthier and better-looking. Plus, it is also extremely effective in uplifting the mood and clearing the mind from unnecessary clutter, so your nail treatment might also make you feel a whole lot better!

Cypress oil is slightly astringent making it an excellent choice to hydrate and condition oily skin also it has a skin-tightening and pore-reducing effect.

How to use?

Add 1 drop of Cypress oil into Coconut oil and massage your nails with this serum before going to bed.



One of the most ancient essential oils, frankincense oil is another one of the best essential oils for nail growth. It also protects the cuticle from infection and peeling because of its moisturizing properties and fights off nail fungus that is known to slow down nail growth.

Frankincense oil is used as an anti aging ingredient in many natural handmade serums and creams. It reduces the signs of aging on your fingers (aging signs are seen foremost on the fingers) and keeps them young and beautiful.

How to use?

Add 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil into a teaspoon of grapeseed oil and massages your nails and fingers with this mixture for 5 minutes before going to bed.

Chia seed oil

I guess you have never heard of this oil before, you might have heard about the ton of benefits of Chia seeds but never knew that this Virgin Chia Seed Oil is the richest botanical source of 18:3 n-3 fatty acid currently known is an excellent booster for nails’ health. That’s great news for nails and cuticles because omega-3s are known to be powerfully anti-inflammatory when applied topically, and integral to maintaining healthy skin and nails.

Chia’s skin-plumping, ultra-hydrating properties make it an ideal cuticle moisturizer. Studies show that topically applied chia seed oil can even help prevent the itchy, dry skin associated with underlying medical problems like kidney disease.

How to use?

Add 2 drops of chia seed oil into a teaspoon of grapeseed oil or Almond oil and mix well. Apply this serum to your nails and cuticles. Massage for 3 minutes before going to bed.

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil has been called the most sensational preventative discovery since Vitamin C.

It is a Nail & Cuticle Conditioner that improves nerve function and the elasticity of cuticle, plus it regulates hormones that benefit nail strength and health. Its abundance of preventive and therapeutic qualities make organic unrefined evening primrose oil an essential component in a Nail Cuticle Conditioner.

How to use?

Add 2 drops of Evening primrose oil in a teaspoon of Grapeseed oil or Argan oil and mix well. Apply this serum to your fingers and cuticles and massage well before going to bed.



Nails care should be treated as a daily routine just like your skin care. Make it as a habit to treat your nails every time before going to bed with these oils. Repeat for at least a month to see noticeable results. If your nails are fully dry, brittle and unhealthy.. then it might take at least 3 months to fully recover and retain its health.

So, be consistent in your nail care routine and have patience, because this a natural and safest way to make your nails healthy and young and like any other natural treatments, this too takes time depending upon your nails’ condition.

If you have special nail conditions like Nail psoriasis, Painful nails, Ridges and splitting, then its better to consult your family doctor first, to diagnose any internal problem that is causing it. After all, you nails can say lost about your health as I mentioned in the beginning of this post.



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