These funny Ironies of Beauty Vloggers are Hilarious AF

These funny Ironies of Beauty Vloggers are Hilarious AF *With Funny GIFs*

I just tried to write a fun post to entertain you all. Let me know your views on this.. Should I write posts like these once in a while or it’s just a flop.?

We all have been there. Growing up seeing all those makeup gurus in Youtube. The first ever beauty guru i started admiring was Farah Dhukai. She is just Awesome. The way she delivers fresh quality content always is what I love more about her. Hey, by the way..Who is your favorite beauty guru in your childhood? Let me know in the comments below.

But have you ever noticed some weird ironies we find in some videos by these beauty vloggers? Like, some are completely contradictory to what the video says. Like these ones..


The mystery of “No-Makeup” and “Getting late” Looks

Why in this world, it is so hard to understand what No- Makeup means?  I know, I know.. Its about creating a “No-Makeup Look”, wherein you look as you haven’t applied any Makeup. Right?

But how it can be, when you still use 13 products to complete your makeup? Makes sense?

And Getting late Look? Wherein in you take more than 12 minutes to complete your makeup.

I hardly use Lip balm, Kajal and arrowroot flour to just mattify by face. This is my all time, No-makeup and getting late look..Becasue I always wake-up late, especially in winters. LOL. 😀


The definition of Messy- Redefined with messy-buns

Seriously, the effort one puts to create one messy bun is never ending.

Then why let go your effort waste by calling it a messy bun, when you actually took 12 U-pins, a teaser, dry shampoo,  a setting spray and a total of 22 minutes to create that not-so-sexy messy bun.

Just stop wasting your effort by calling those beautiful buns as messy buns, as if you just woke up and tied up your hair as random as it sounds it to be.

I guess even creating a messy bun is just an art. Mine looks like this.

I think i need a one week FREE course to create a messy bun, so that I can hide my already messy hair. Can any one help me with the course. I am serious.


Cut your hair, to grow it more. Really?

Hello..Everyone..! The secret of my long hair is getting trims every month. Because your grows faster only when you cut your hair.

But my dear, your hair grows from your scalp not from your ends. On an average, your hair grows 2-3 inchs max no matter what you do. If you cut your hair monthly once, or in that case once in two months, your hair is never going be long.

The truth of your favorite beauty bloggers is that they hardly cut their hair, may be once every 8 months? or may be more than that. So..please.


Don’t harm your skin, but use all these 17 products

OK.! We all have heard this.

Take care of your skin. Wash it two times per day. Never go out with a sunscreen. Never go to your bed with your makeup on. Use safe, natural kitchen ingredients to make face scrubs and face packs.

And then you show a makeup look with all those nasty artificial colorants, preservatives and emulsifies ? My dear ladies, Its is still OK, if you did not do all those above quoted things. But if you use these products, be ready to say “bye” “bye” to your healthy skin.

 Beauty Vloggers


Buys a smudge free kajal, but creates a smoky eye.

OK, this is plain and simple. So lets not  blamer much.

Here is a funny meme for you to relate it to.



I am using.. da chesh..Oh, Let me see what is this..

Did you ever observe, beauty vlogger saying “Aah..the one I am using now is..from the body…shape..hahaha I dont remember, wait let me see” while creating their makeup looks?

And at the same time saying, this is my all time favorite product, i am using it since my childhood, this is my 16 th bottle.

Why do you do that? Do you think that’s cute? Rich-y ? or just dumb?



The hacks that no one uses. Condom as a beauty blender? Like why

Every year we encounter with some stupidity called Life hacks and trends that are out of bounds to even try.

One among them is this beauty trend or hack whatever it is. Using a condom as a beauty blender? Eww.. Gross AF.! I know they are obviously not using an used one, but still. Why?

Like in their real life, do they really use these hacks?

Which beauty trend has Eww-ed you more or pissed you off? Do let me know them in the comments..because who knows you might know something that’s weird and no one is aware of

Beauty Vloggers


Buys a 18 color pallet, but still uses only one.

Don’t we get a single color pallets? Just curious to know? Because I cant waste my 10 rupees on the stuff I have no use of.

It’s high time we realize this.

Beauty Vloggers


Morning routine, night routine, summer routine, winter routine, drunken day routine…

I never knew that people have a different routine that accommodates for different seasons.

Like am I the only one who’s so boring in life that follow the same routine every day, every year? Is there any one with me..?


When you change your favorites according to the seasons

Am I the only poor kid who keep the entire small things through out the year while some have Feb favorites, May favorites,  September favorites, summer favorites, winter favorites, holy crap favorites..?

Does your favorites change according to the months or at least according to the seasons? Congratulations, because you are no more ordinary, you are a millionaire .


Removes makeup in night, and then uses moisturizer, age serum, lip balm, under eye cream…

OK.! Let’s be real. At least once in your lifetime, you have come across this- “Remove all the makeup before going to bed, so that not just you but also your skin can breathe”

But then, beauty gurus show us something different in the videos.

Wash your face, not just once but twice. Why you ask? Because the shit that you painted on your face is 3-coats stronger and waterproof too.

And now, obviously apply moisturizer as your foaming face washes have already stripped enough hydration from your face. Now as aging is sin, apply a little age miracle serum that you bought for some 1200 bucks. And a little dark circle cream or under eye whatever. Lip balm again. and some stuff..and some more stuff. Its like a mini Night time makeup routine.



Let’s speak real shit now..!

Beauty or skin care is not rocket science. It’s about understanding how your skin works. What is really required to put on your face and what’s crap. Treating the way your skin deserves makes a whole lot of difference .

Beauty begins, the moment you decide to be yourself

Beauty is not about looks, makeup or clothes. True beauty comes from being yourself.

Every girl is beautiful, its society that’s ugly.

Now dont just feel pumped up after reading such slaying quotes. But mean it ..Let your brain get it. Let it understand and execute it in every action that you do.

The rest just falls apart. 🙂


And one more thing.. Creating Wonderful content by still standing and taking all those shitty mean comments on their videos is not at all a joke. Hats off to all the beauty vloggers. Seriously, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I have tried and let me tell you i didn’t dare to put a video till date because i thought mine was crap. I gave up there.

Making one video takes hell lot of effort. The bloopers says it all.  Constantly creating awesome content and living to the expectations of each and every subscriber is not an easy job. Love you all guys. I love the way how you slay. *Envy face*

This is not a disclaimer, but truth revealed. 😉

Enjoyed reading this?  Now its your turn to you pass it on.


I just tried to write a fun post to entertain you all. Let me know your views on this.. Should I write posts like these once in a while or it’s just a flop.?

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