The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo Review [NEW]

Recently I saw this brand advertising on Facebook and a even read a couple of stories on how a mom has come up with a safer and natural skin care products for babies and their moms. Though I am still not married and of course not kids yet 😀 I still wanted to try their new hair care product range after I got convinced by reading the ingredients list. I bought a total of three products from the Moms Co. The Moms Co. Natural Hair Oil, The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo and the Moms Co. Natural Protein conditioner. I would like to take few more days to talk about the Moms Co Natural protein conditioner with you, until then continue reading the Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo Review and see if it had made worth my buy or not.

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo REVIEW 

Let’s start with the packaging

The packaging is one of the best among the shampoos I have tried till now. The color combinations and the label designs are so pretty and simple.  half of my buying decisions depend on packaging of the products. LOL..!

It has a study white plastic body with a pump dispenser to get the shampoo out into your hands. The cap has a twist/turn option for easy opening and closing. So, once it is closed..there is no fear of product spillage which also makes it a prefect option to carry in your travel bags while on vacations.

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo REVIEW 

Ingredients ??


What the product says ??

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo REVIEW 


Quantity & Price??

I bought on amazon for INR 429/- for a quantity of  200ml.  Buy it here at a discounted rate at The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo (200ml)

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo REVIEW  – My Opinion

The consistency of the shampoo is runny and has no color. It is transparent and a high viscous shampoo. The pump dispenser is easy to use and can get the required amount of shampoo on to your palms.

The shampoo has a weird detergent smell, which makes you think that you are washing your hair with some surf water. Although there were no such harsh surfocants as mentioned in the ingredient list, I was completely perplexed to decode this fragrance. I just hate the smell of this shampoo.

Coming to the most important part, the efficacy of this shampoo. There is nothing worth that i could share with you. This shampoo made my hair dry and my baby hairs and fly ways more frizzy and unmanageable. This is even after using the same range conditioner, but I am still not judgmental about the conditioner now. I want to try it with different shampoo and then let you know how it works.

Back to the shampoo again, that is all I have to say with you. I have used it for a good amount of time till now. May be one, one and a half months? And none of the days in which I washed my hair with this shampoo was a good hair day. As my hair is already thick and has a volume in it, I prefer the shampoo that soften my hair and doesn’t make my hair frizzy and unmanageable. And his shampoo has failed to do so.


I am OK for..

1. Packaging. Study and not bendable. Easy to use, Travel friendly and spill proof.

2. No parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals. Made from Natural derivative ingredients.

3. Cruelty free.

4. Safe to use. As safe as it can be used by to be moms or moms. Australian-Certified Toxin-Free & Made Safe, Australian Allergy Certified and Dermatologically Tested to ensure safety at all levels.


I am NOT OK for..

1. Dryness. As said, this shampoo is too drying for my hair.

2. Hard to wash oiled hair. Takes the double amount of shampoo (as compared with the amount I use with my BON Aloe Shampoo) to cleanse my oiled hair .

3. Aggravates baby hair and fly aways, making my hair more frizzy.

4. Fragrance. I feel as if I a washing my hair with some surf excel.


One Last Line

Lastly, Is it worth the Buy?

You tell me, Would you think I will really buy this shampoo again? Definitely not.

I am desperately waiting to finish the remaining left over shampoo to go back to my BON Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo.

I was very disappointed knowing that this shampoo didn’t work well for my hair. It so rarely happens that I dislike a product, because I extensively do research and make a choice before buying or trying any product. That way, I can help you too to make a better buying option.

I will come up with the Moms Co. Natural protein conditioner review soon on this blog. Until then, have a good day/ good noon/good evening/good night. 🙂


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  1. A complete dud then..thanks for the honest review that saved my money as I was seriously contemplating buying this one!

  2. Surprisingly i had an excellent experience with this product may be cos my hair type is different. I have straight hair and it has restored my hair softness and shine back which i had lost due to using shampoos with chemicals. It helped me in controlling hairfall also. Just ordered another bottle.

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