The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner Review – [NEW]

I bought a total of three products from the Moms Co. The Moms Co. Natural Hair Oil, The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo and the Moms Co. Natural Protein conditioner. If you have already followed my recent blog posts, I have already reviewed the natural oil and the Natural protein shampoo from The Moms Co. Brand, and here is the The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner Review finally.


The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 

Let’s start with the packaging

The packaging is same as that of Th Moms Co Natural Protein shampoo. The color combinations and the label designs are so pretty and simple. Half of my buying decisions depend on packaging of the products. LOL..!

It has a study white plastic body with a pump dispenser to get the Conditioner out into your hands. The cap has a twist/turn option for easy opening and closing. So, once it is closed..there is no fear of product spillage which also makes it a prefect option to carry in your ravel bags while on vacations.

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 

Ingredients ??

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 


What the product says ??

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 


Quantity & Price??

I bought on amazon for INR 429/- for a quantity of  200ml


The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW – My Opinion

The consistency of the Conditioner is creamy and is in white color. The pump dispenser is easy to use and can get the required amount of Conditioner on to your palms.

As same with the shampoo, this conditioner too has a weird detergent kinda smell. Although there were no such harsh surfocants as mentioned in the ingredient list, I was completely perplexed to decode this fragrance. I just don’t like the smell of this conditioner too. Instead, if there was no fragrance at all, that would have been a little better to at least use the product without hating it.

The Moms Co. Natural Protein Conditioner REVIEW 

I used this Conditioner after I washed my hair with The Moms Co. Natural Shampoo. As the shampoo itself as so drying, I though the conditioner would at least compensate it. Nah..! I was wrong. There is nothing worth this conditioner can do. At least for me, There is no change in my hai texture after using this conditioner. Instead it made it more frizzy and bouncy, which I hate. As My hair is naturally thick, I expect from the conditioners that I use to soften and smoothen my hair a bit. This conditioner came out to be a completely different one. There is not even one conditioner-like-trait to this conditioner. It does nothing, to say the least.

As I mentioned in the Review of  Natural protein Shampoo from The Moms Co.

Coming to the most important part, the efficacy of this shampoo. There is nothing worth that i could share with you. This shampoo made my hair dry and my baby hairs and fly ways more frizzy and unmanageable. This is even after using the same range conditioner, but I am still not judgmental about the conditioner now. I want to try it with different shampoo and then let you know how it works.

I used this conditioner after using my Favorite BON Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo. There is no much difference in my hair that I felt. My hair feels the same when I just use the shampoo alone. And whenever I Pre-condition my hair using either Pure Virgin Coconut oil or The Moms Co. Natural Hair oil, there is this little frizz control in my mane, which I doubt might be due to the oil massage that I do or the shampoo.


I am OK for..

1. Packaging an Design

2. Natural ingredients and not tested on animals. No Parabens. No SLES/SLS


I am NOT OK for..

1. No conditioning effect to my hair

2. Doesn’t control Frizz

3. Unpleasant fragrance

4. Did not smoothen dry ends. Made them look more dry and rough

5. Strips natural moisture left in the hair strands.


One Last Line

I am just waiting to finish this conditioner, rather than just wasting it. I will be using it with the BON Organics Aloe Vera shampoo once the shampoo gets finished too. I just want to get rid of these two products. Very unhappy to find out that these did not work for me. 🙁


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  1. That’s because it has hydrolysed protein in it… You’re probably protein sensitive or experiencing protein overload for your hair to become frizzy and bouncy.

  2. See if you have protein overload. Frizzy and bouncy are the exact characteristics of excess protein. Maybe you used too much of the shampoo causing it to go dry since non sulphate shampoos don’t lather up.

    1. May be i’m protein sensitive..! I don’t know. But Isn’t too much protein in shampoo bad? Ovetime hair feels dry and brittle. It is also more susceptible to shedding and breakage.

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