The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW – Ingredients & How to Use

Due to the contamination in hair oils products these days, I usually prepare my own hair oils. Like this Aloe Vera Hair Oil and Amla Hair oil. While I was searching for some of the organic hair oils, I found this MOMS CO Natural hair oil with more than 10 natural and organic hair oils in it. Although it was meant for babies I was so intrigued to try it. I immediately ordered one and here goes my review after using it for a couple of months..

The Moms Co Natural Hair oil Review 

I will be going to review in y usual style, starting from the packaging and the ending with a Line that best sums up the entire review. So, you can jump in any where and check the content of that particular section.


Let’s Start with the Packaging..

Packaging is simple and pretty. I love it. The white color plastic bottle embellished with blue and link hues makes the packaging very elegant and classy. It has a flip up cap to easily dispense the product out into one’s palms.

It is spill proof and the bottle is study and hard. I tested it couple of times while I was traveling, there was no oil on my compact or Lip balm :D. So, defiantly a travel friendly one.

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW

Ingredients ??

Coconut oil, Organic Wheat Germ Oil, Organic Amla Oil, Bhringaraj Oil, Organic Almond oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Marula Oil, Almond and Coconut Extract, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Tea Tree Oil, Organic Olive Oil

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW

These 10+ Plant and Nut oils are pretty much everything about this product. The ingredients are so simple and straight forward.  Each Oil has its own powerful beneficial properties that are good for hair growth and also promotes overall scalp health.


What the Product says ??

This product is especially made for babies. So, It is that Mild and even sensitive scalp people can try it without any second doubt. The product is also clinically Tested for safety.

What the MOMS CO say about their Natural Hair Oil is..

“Our Natural Hair oil is a Toxic free combination of 10 powerful oils that nourish, protect and strengthen your baby’s hair, keeping them soft and silky.”






The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW


Quantity and Price

The Price of this product is Rs. 348/- for a quantity of 100ml.

I felt is the price i pretty decent compared to other high end luxurious Hair oils like Kama Ayurveda or Forest essentials. One bottle of this product will easily last for 2+ months (Only for scalp application) minimum even though you oil your hair twice weekly.

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW – My Opinion

As I already mentioned about the packaging and ingredients, I would like to tell you more about the texture, color, aroma, and efficiency of this hair oil here. The color of the hair oil is light yellowish and the texture is runny, not too thick, and is less greasy as compared to coconut oil.

This hair oil is light weight and gets easily absorbed into your hair quickly without making it too greasy. It has no aroma. Only if you sniff it very close, you can feel the mixed smell of natural plant and nut oils. There’s barely any aroma to notice in this hair oil. I guess, as it is made for babies, they have made it using the light oils like Avocado, Argan and Almond.

The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW

It has been couple of months since I have been using this hair oil. I oil my hair once a week, or sometimes twice depending on how leisure I am. Though I cannot comment on hair growth part much as it depends on number of factors including diet, One thing that really made difference is it increased the softness in my mane.

As my hair is really thick and voluminous, it sometimes becomes unmanageable especially on the days when I wash my hair. So prefer the oils and conditioners that will make my hair soft and manageable.

This natural hair oil has helped me achieve that.

There is no considerable hair fall problems to me thankfully, so it neither increased nor decreased my hair shedding.

Overall, a Perfect Natural Hair oil for every hair type.


How I use the MOMS CO Natural Oil for my hair?

As this Oil is Light and acts as a more mild moisturizing treatment to the mane, I use this oil in three different ways depending upon my hair condition or season/weather requirements.

For Hydration: I Ideally Oil my hair once every week with this hair oil. I take two tablespoons of this oil and mix with 4-5 drops of peppermint essential oil and apply to my scalp. I then give a good 5 minutes massage including a 2 minute inversion technique for hair growth. I Leave it overnight and wash my hair off in the morning. This serves as a great hydration mask for me especially in summers, when my hair becomes dry.

For Hair growth: I mix with half teaspoon of pure Cold Pressed Castor oil with two teaspoons of MOMS CO Natural hair oil in a small glass bowl and warm it for 10 seconds in warm water. I then apply it to my scalp (only scalp) and leave it overnight to was off the next morning.

For Dandruff: Winters are for dandruff. It rules this season. Though I keep it at bay by using my Aloe Vera Dandruff hair masks, I also oil my hair with some of the best dandruff combating plant oils which nourish my hair by eliminating dandruff and keeps my scalp clean and itch free.

During winters, I mix the Oil with Aloe Vera gel and apply it an hour before washing my hair.

Buy it from here The Moms Co. Natural 10-in-1 Baby Hair Oil with Argan, Marula, Avocado, Bhringraj Oil

I am OK for…

  1. More then 10 Natural and Organic Plant oils
  2. No Toxins, Mineral oils, artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives
  3. Mild and Light weight Hair oil. Doesn’t weigh down you hair after Oiling.
  4. Softness Hair with regular use
  5.  Clinically tested and Safe to use by even babies
  6. Non scented hair oil, not even with essentials oil. Best for sensitives noses
  7. Controls Hair fall


I am NOT OK for…

Do you think any one will ever have a Con of using Organic & Natural oils? Same with me. Unless you are allergic to any plant or nut oils, you have no reason to put this product in your wishlist. 🙂

Although it s not stated on their packaging, I still recommend you to do a patch test before applying it to your hair. You will never know if you are allergic to any plant/ nut oils until you try it.


One Last Line..

The ingredients speaks for this Natural Hair oil, upon that most of the oils are Organic too, that means there is not introduction of any harmful pesticides from the process of growing them to extracting the oil out of it.  Switching your commercial hair oils of mineral and artificial fragrance based to a natural, organic plant oil based is highly appreciated to improve your overall hair’s health and promote hair growth.

This Natural hair oil is so Mild and nourishing to your hair that it can even be used for a baby’s hair. This is a must try hair oil if you are serious in switching to a natural/Organic lifestyle. You wont be disappointed, I promise. 🙂

A budget friendly Natural, Organic Hair oil for every hair type.

Did you find the The MOMS CO Natural Hair Oil REVIEW helpful? Are you already using a natural and safe hair oil like this one? Let me know the hair oils which you are currently using, I will tell you if it OK to use the same or else it’s time to change it. Ready?


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