remove dark spots on face at home

The Best way to remove dark spots on face at home | Acne spots

Acne is more than just a skin issue now a days. It can be painful, irritating and uncomfortable to the person. Not only Dealing with acne is itself  a gut-wrenching job but also the dark spots that the acne leaves behind on our face is the permanent effect on our self esteem.  Though tropical treatment may work for some, those doesn’t yield permanent results.

The moment you stop using those creams, face washes or gels, your acne is back again. Unlike these commercial chemical treatments, natural treatments are safe and yield permanent results without any harmful reactions.

The citric acid in Oranges will help dry out the pimple fast and also improves the overall health of the skin. Try this simple method to remove dark spots on face at home.

How to remove dark spots on face at home

The two main ingredients that you are gonna use here are Orange peel powder and Almond powder

What does Orange peel do?

Orange Peel Powder is used in many ways due to the various skin lightening benefits it has.

Though the orange juice is equally beneficial to your skin, the oil in the peel is more what makes the peel more beneficial than the juice. Orange peel is not only useful for you face but also for your hands, legs and neck to remove dead skin and tan. It is a great source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and magnesium. You will never throw your orange peels once you know about the amazing benefits it has for your skin

how to remove dark spots on face at home

What does orange peel do to your face?

♥ Protects skin from the free radical damage and combats acne

♥ Promotes healthy skin glow and shine

♥ Regulates and controls sebum production. Good for oily skin

♥ Hydrates dehydrated skin and helps retain moisture

♥ Helps remove dead skin and prevent skin tissue damage caused by sun.

♥ Good for healing dry, flaky and itchy skin during winters

♥ Delays aging by preventing Oxidative stress in skin cells that promotes youthful and glowing skin

See How to make Orange Peel powder at home for face and body


What does Almonds do?

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, a vitamin which is essential for healthy skin and hair. Cleopatra, The Egyptian Queen who was famous for her beautiful skin and body. Applying Almond oil or Almond milk nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple

How to Use Almond face mask


See How can Almonds alone can battle Blemishes and dark posts that are Left behind by Acne 

Some of the benefits of using Almonds on your face and body are

1. The anti oxidant properties which are present in the vitamin E content of Almonds makes your skin acne free.

2. Almond oil is useful in reducing dark circles and preventing them from forming again

3. It is also an excellent skin leaser and also removes tan effectively form the skin’s surface

4. Almonds are a great source of vitamins and nutrients which reduces the signs of early aging in skin

5. Almonds help to lighten the skin slowly by removing the dark spots and fading acne scaring and blemishes.


How to remove dark spots at home using Orange Peel powder and Almonds

All you need..

Orange peel powder
Almond powder
Lavender essential oil (optional)


Mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder and one teaspoon of Organic Raw honey in it.

Now a two pinches of Almond powder and mix all the ingredients well.

 Add 6 few drops of Lavender essential oil into the pack and mix it well. Though this step is optional, the essential oils will boost up the process 2 times faster to work more effectively.See the best essential oils that can be used to treat acne and dark spots.

How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face

This pack can also be used on your body. It is equally effective to remove tan and exfoliate dead skin cells to radiate the natural skin glow. I specially use this pack to lighten the dark spots on my face and by neck. Neglecting neck in our beauty regime is common, but not taking care at least once ow twice in a week makes it worse to reverse the skin damage. As prevention is better than cure follow simple tips at home to avoid future damage that is hard to cure.

I hope you will try this simple home made natural remedy to lighten dark spots and like it too.

What is more hard to tackle with in you life, Acne or dark spots?

Mine is dark spots, Let me know Yours in the comments. 🙂



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