Tea tree essential oil as acne spot treatment

How to Use Tea Tree essential oil as Acne Spot Treatment – Overnight

Tea Tree essential oil as Acne spot Treatment is on hype these days, and its for good. What to How and Why? Read one to know more and How well just this Tea Tree essential oil works to get rid of your acne and pimples.

Tea Tree essential oil for acne

Tea Tree essential oil is one of top rated essential oil for acne and blemish treatments. It has rare antibacterial and antiseptic properties that opens up the pores and kills the acne causing bacteria. When applied tropically, it reduces the swelling around the pimple and thus diminishes it thereafter.

This is the reason it is used in many commercial skin and acne care products. Let us see in How best and easy way possible you can use Tea Tree essential oil for acne.

How to use Tea tree essential oil for acne spot treatment

*Take one drop of Tea Tree essential oil on a Q-Tip and apply it on of the pimple.
*Do not Pick the pimple or touch it with your finger tips.
* Leave it on overnight and wash off the next morning

If you skin is too sensitive, be sure to give a patch test before you apply it as a spot treatment for acne.

TIP: You can mix a drop of Tea Tree essential oil with a wee amount of Aloe Vera Gel (Leaf or Gel) and apply it on your pimple. This will reduce the amount of concentration of the oil and is helpful for sensitive skin beauties.

How Peppermint essential oil worked better than Tea Tree essential oil for me for acne

Do’s and Dont’s of applying tea tree essential oil on face

1. Not all plant oils are suitable for every skin type. It is always advisable to do a patch test before directly applying tea tree essential oil on acne.

2. Use only High quality, Organic and steam distilled essential oils to get all the therapeutic benefits out of the essential oil. Low grade essential oils goes under 2-3 filtration after which almost all the goodness of the oil is lost. Trust brands with Organic certifications and ask for one, before making a purchase.

3. Do not overuse Tea Tree essential oil on face, or in that case any other essential oil too. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils. Proper dilution and limited use of these oils will avoid skin sensitives in the future.

4. Do not apply Tea Tree essential oil in the morning and go out under hot sun. Essential oils like Lemon, orange and Tea Tree essential oils have some range of photo sensitivity which may cause adverse skin reactions under sun.

5. Do not touch the mouth tip of essential oil’s bottle with your fingers. Always use either a Q-Tip or cotton pad to take the product out.

6. Apply these tropical treatments in the night before going to bed. Remove your makeup if any, and cleanse your face thoroughly before applying essential oils on face.


Where to Buy?

Some of the best quality essential oils are available from these brands

Kama Ayurveda Tea tree essential Oil


Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree essential oil



So when are you starting you Tea Tree essential oil as acne spot treatment? Have any questions to ask? I am here to help you anytime. Post your questions in the comments below, I will answer each of you. I promise. 🙂


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