Tea Cleanser for Brighter Skin

“Tea Cleanser for Brighter Skin” (2 Ways) + Best Tea for Different Skin Types

One of the most commonly used ingredient for my face as cleanser after Oats is Tea. Yeah..! Tea for skin is a savior. The numerous benefits tea has on skin is just not ignorable. One of my all time favorite tea that I use in m skin care routine is Green Tea. I can’t get enough of this tea. My skin feels instantly fresh, smooth and bright whenever I use Green Tea for my face as a cleanser, face mask or as a toner. And today, I am sharing you a simple DIY recipe of Tea Cleanser for brighter skin in 2 different ways. To get more insights of tea cleanser benefits, read the below recommend posts.

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No one’s skin is same and no one’s skin problems too. Then why use the same tea which I want to use in my recipes? (you can use though, if you want 😉 ) Explore some of the best tea for different skin types along with their benefits.

Best Tea for Different Skin types:

1. Chamomile Tea:

Best for Dry, patchy and problematic skin. 

Chamomile is by far the most popular for use in treating skin issues topically; it’s been used for years to help relieve dry, patchy skin and even acne. Chamomile can be used to help treat rashes and inflammatory skin conditions.

2. Green Tea:

Best for Sun burnt Skin, Oily skin and Anti-Aging

Green tea is rich in antioxidants as well as, it has anti- ageing benefits, which neutralizes free radicals thus, reduces, age spots, fine lines, sun tan, skin sagging and wrinkles.

3. Peppermint Tea:

Best of Oily skin

The menthol in peppermint makes this tea a great choice for oily skin by slowing oil production and encouraging cell turnover. This gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin stay consistently glowing. When taken internally, It can also boost estrogen levels in some people, which can fight acne and hormonal issues.

4. Oolong Tea:

Best for Dark spots and uneven skin tone

It can improve the color of your skin, reduce dark spots, and might even help fight sun and smoking damage. This makes this tea definitely worth trying!

5. Hibiscus tea:

Anti-aging and to brighten skin

Hibiscus is also called as a Botox-plant because it has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin.

Now, as you are ready with your best picked tea, Let’s start to make our own tea Cleanser for brighter skin in 2 ways.

How to make your own Tea Cleanser for Brighter skin

Tea Cleanser for Brighter Skin

I am gonna show you two ways you can make this Tea Cleanser work for your skin. One is the Foaming Liquid tea Cleanser and the other s non-foaming powdered Tea cleanser.

You can try out these both and see what works for you depending upon you time and patience.

1. Foaming Liquid Tea Cleanser for brighter skin

This Liquid Tea Cleanser can be made very quickly if these ingredients are readily available at your home.

Ingredients required:

1. Green Tea

2. Liquid Castile Soap. I use this VEDI’s Unscented Liquid Castile soap. The Review is already here on the blog.. VEDI Liquid Castile soap REVIEW

3. Tea Tree essential oil (Optional)

4. A reusable storage bottle to store the end product.


1. Prepare 30ml of Green Tea using a teaspoon of high quality Loose Green Tea leaf.

2. Let the Tea Cool down at room temperature.

3. Now take 2 tablespoons of Liquid Castile soap and pour it into a Storage bottle and add this tea into it.

4. You can now add 6 drops of any of your favorite essential oil into it and mix all the ingredients well.

And your Foaming Tea Cleanser for brighter skin is ready. To wash your face, take required amount of this face wash into your hands and gentle cleanse you face as usual.

You can also store this face wash in the fridge for a week to use it later.


2. Non-Foaming Powdered Green Tea Cleanser for Brighter skin

I like Powdered cleanser more than Liquid cleansers. They are easy to store, travel friendly and can be used for multiple purposes. I love experimenting different powdered cleansers to cleanse my skin. You would have already known that if you are a frequent visitor of this blog.

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Ingredients required:

1. Powdered Green Tea/ Matcha Tea

2. Powdered Oats


1. Add 1 each tablespoon of Powdered Green tea and Powdered Oats into a mixing bowl and mix them well.

2. Store this mixture into a small air tight container.

To use,  take a pinch of this cleanser into your hand using a spoon and now add enough rose water. Mix them well to form a running paste,  apply to your face and cleanse gently in circular motion.

Wash off your face with normal water.


So which Cleanser you like the most and want to try it now? Comment your choices below. I am waiting.. 🙂

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