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Why you should Stop using Soap on face | And Even Face washes…

If you are some one with “Shiny t zone”, “oily skin”, “red and sensitive skin”, “dry and flaky skin” around your nose and hair line, “dull and lifeless looking skin”, large “open pores”, “tight skin” after having showers, “blackheads” specially around your nose area, and deep cystic acne that never goes.. chances are you are having dehydrated skin that is lacking natural moisture that your skin produces by itself.

Many beauty “gurus” or bloggers about skin care, say that you need to moisturize your skin- the most important part of the skin care routine.

True, by not with those creams and gels that you slather on your face daily which contains lots of alcohols, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, synthetic colors, preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances.

These may seem are doing good but are actually hazardous to your skin and to your entire health as some of them also contain carcinogenic (Cancer causing) ingredients, that penetrate into your body through the skin’s tissue.


FACT: Your skin produces natural oil that is highly necessary and beneficial to your skin. It produces oil for a reason. More and more you wash your face with soaps or cleansers, it produces more and more oil to balance.


This in turn clogs your pores with harmful bacteria, and causes acne. This is why you acne routine never gonna yield fruitful results.

Today, in this modernized society, we are so used to these foaming cleansers that gives us a squeaky clean feeling. But what happens after 2 hours? Oh.! Your skin is oily back? or in that case Is always dry in winters (flaky, cracked dry skin)… it’s the same.

Those sulfates and detergents in soaps and foaming face washes  actually strip your natural skin’s moisture to give you such a squeaky clean feeling. It is not really necessary to wash your wash a thrice or even twice every day with these facial cleansers.

DID YOU KNOW: The act of washing your face more than once daily will also age you more quickly.

The Carcinogenic Chemicals that are found in commercial cleansers actually will penetrate into your skin and causes more harm than good that you ever thought of.

These foaming cleansers or chemically laided creams that you apply will not strip natural oil  from your skin, but also kills the good bacteria which protects your skin from erupting acne.


Why Stop using Soap on face ?

Washing your face without soap has many skin benefits. some of which are

> Cures Acne and reduces the chance of coming again as your skin neither becomes dry (for dry skin) nor too oily (for oily skin).

> Doesn’t dry out the skin in winters

> Avoids the risk of skin cancer and other skin related problems as you no longer be using any harmful carcinogenic chemicals that are in your soaps or face washes.

> Doesn’t age your skin early

> Moisturizes your face naturally without the use of a Moisturizer.

The more and more you clean your face and wash your face with some fancy cleansers, the more and more your are stripping away the natural oils from your skin, which in turn your skin produces more and more oil to balance moisture on your face. Now you got the reason behind your why there is “oiliness on your face all the day”.


So, Now What?

OK.! I get that girl.. I should not wash my face with soaps and face cleansers all the time. Now what? How should I clean my face then..?

I am coming there babe… Patience please 😀

Mother nature has given us many such alternatives to wash our face with, that you cant say they are enough. There are plant oils, herbal powders, grains and honey with which you can clean cleanse your face very well without harming your skin and the environment.

If you want to know more about the other cleansing methods and the right way to do, they these Posts are just for you.. Go check them out now. 🙂

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Is it really hard for you to ditch those soaps and face washes from your skin care routine? How hard it is? Tell me in the comments below, I will help you to take little steps to adapt to this organic skin care  routine slowly that you will no longer feel the urge to use those soaps and face washes  any more. 🙂 Will you comment? … I am waiting …

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