skin lightening with oats

Skin lightening with Oats | The one ingredient that also removes tan and..

One of the best skin lightening treatment in summers is with oats. Oats have natural saponin content (that greasy lubricant kind texture) which makes an excellent choice to wash your face with it . Skin lightening with oats has been tried and tested my many. This simple home remedy has not just one benefit, it can treat sun damage, tan, dark spots, blemishes acne and many more skin issues.

Recently after spending my whole day under hot-ass sun, My face felt terrific. It was tanned as hell and I felt slight burning sensation too (sun burn ?). Immediately after reaching my home, I splashed my face with cool rose water and applied this face mask to remove tan instantly. Adding one extra ingredient with oats helped my skin to brighten instantly. To know what it is, just keep reading.. 🙂


How to use Oats for Skin lightening ?

One of the best effective and easy method to lighten skin naturally at home is by using Oats. Oats have natural anti oxidant and moisturizing abilities that only help lighten your skin but also improves skin tone and removes tan.

You can use Oatmeal powder as either a face mask, scrub or even as an cleansing agent to wash your face as I Have used here in my secret recipe of a soap free cleanser.

How to make a mask for skin lightening with Oats ?

Although there are many face masks for skin lightening that you can find over the internet these days, but I like to keep mine simple and easy. If you have already know me, and read most of my face and hair mask on this blog, you might have already noticed that I kinda follow minimalism in my skin care routine. 🙂

So here too, I am using Oats with Organic turmeric Powder. Read on to know more..



>Take a clean bowl and add one full tablespoon of Oatmeal powder.

>Next, add a pinch of Organic (no artificial color or pesticides used) Turmeric powder to the Oats.

>Now by adding few drops of Rose water, mix the mixture well till it forms a nice paste as shown below.

Substitute: If you do not have rose water, You can use lemon water (for oily skin) and fresh Milk (for dry skin).

>Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry with a cotton towel.  Do not wipe off the water from your face completely with the towel. Let your face be half wet.

>Now, apply the paste all over your face and neck (front and back). “Don’t neglect your neck” 😛

>Let it air dry for 20 minutes. Next, Wet your face with cold water and slightly scrub your face in upward direction from your chin towards your forehead. This will remove the tan, if any.

>Clean your face thoroughly with just cold water. Do not use soap or face wash.


skin lightening with oats

skin lightening with oats

skin lightening with oats

skin lightening with oats


you can use this Skin lightening with Oats face mask twice or thrice in a week. As the oats have natural moisturizing abilities, it doesn’t strip away the natural oils and instead improves your skin tone and removes tan.

So, What are you waiting for? Go get Oatmeal now, if you haven’t already and make two things.

One – a Skin lightening with Oats face mask that I just showed you how and the other-  an Oatmeal breakfast with some nuts and fresh fruits. *Perfect day* 🙂

Best Buy: Make sure the Oats you buy are Gluten free and organic. I love this Raw essentials Rolled Oats Gluten Free. !!


skin lightening with oats

Do let me know if you want me to show you some of my favorite breakfast recipes with Oats. I would love to share them with your all. Comment your opinions and share some love my sharing this post with your mom and BFF 😀

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