DIY Cuticle oil

Simple Cuticle Treatment to Grow Healthy Nails | DIY Cuticle Oil

Nails become really brittle and easily break due to poor maintenance. Some of the reasons of brittle nails could be washing the dishes without gloves, or touching the dish wash soap directly with your hands.

Taking proper care of your hands and nails is very crucial if you don’t want your hands to age more quickly.

Your cuticles can get damaged during a manicure as well, especially if you attempt to trim them or push back excess skin at the base of your nail. Be extra cautious if you are getting your manicures done at parlous.

You Can make Simple DIY Cuticle Oil with just 3 ingredients at your home. Just follow this simple Procedure

DIY Cuticle oil

Ingredients Required:

1. Sweet Almond oil

2. Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil

3. Vitamin E Capusles

How to Make your Own DIY Cuticle Oil at home

1. Mix one capsule of Vitamin E with 1 teaspoon of Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil (Choose from these Best Cold Pressed Coconut Oils available in India) and 1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond oil (Choose from this List of Best Cold Pressed Sweet Almond oil that are available in India)

2. Store this mixture into a small glass bottle or a roller bottle for easy application purpose.

3. Apply this mixture to your nails and cuticle. Massage for 1o minutes till the oil gets absorbed into the skin.

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