5 Risks of Over Washing your hair + Tips to Wash Your Hair Once a WEEK

5 Risks of Over Washing your hair + Tips to Wash Your Hair Once a WEEK

This “..to wash your hair once a week..!” is one of the most common topic discussed in hair care community as a process of transitioning to natural hair care. Although there are many answers, tips, tricks and different ways to do it.. I just want my subscribers to know how i did it and what is that you need to know more importantly before starting this routine.

So here it is. My version of washing hair once a week and how to transition to washing hair once a week from scratch.


Risks of over washing your hair

Some these risks are sure short to permanently damage your hair. Continue to read what they are and how they are caused.

1. Over producing of oil

One of the main reason to stop washing your hair more frequently is this. Washing your hair more often might give you a feeling of clean and fresh, but its not what you scalp wants. Same like your skin, your scalp too produces oil called sebum.Over washing your hair means stripping away the natural oils that your scalp is producing to moisturize your hair and keep it hydrated.

In contrary, when you wash your hair more often than required, your scalp produces more and more oil to balance the natural sebum production on scalp and this in turn makes your hair look oily and greasy may be from 2nd or 3rd day of washing your hair. After which, you wash your hair again and again to look and feel clean.

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This becomes a vicious cycle and it will be too late for you to realize at that point where your hair starts looking like a stack of dry grass, because there will no sebum left to secrete on the scalp any more.

2. Product buildup

Wash Your Hair Once a WEEK to remove product buildup

Product buildup is another second most reason to wash your hair once a week. Over washing can lead your scalp to product buildup which in turn is a leading cause to many hair problems.

The products that are available in the market today are nothing but a fancy packing of bunch of cheap chemicals, and believe me these chemicals are not that easy to wash off from your hair. This chemical buildup can easily attract dirt and pollution which in turn blocks your scalp pores which causes scalp problems like itchiness, dandruff, psoriasis and many other unknown problems.

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3. Overly sensitive scalp

Today, in the process of keeping ourselves clean, we sometimes over do it and kill the beneficial bacteria too. Over washing your hair will increase sensitiveness of your scalp. Again, Over sensitive scalp is easily prone to scalp problems because of the low immunity to fight with bad bacteria. This will lead to a stage that even standing in the sun for more than 10 minutes can cause scalp soreness.  So remember, “A little dirt, never hurt”.

4. Dehydrated and dry hair

Not many are aware of this, but yes.. over washing your hair can be the reason of dry, dehydrated and brittle hair. This takes us to the fact of “over producing of oil”, in which I have mentioned that washing your hair more often than required can strip away the natural oils on your scalp and as a defense mechanism..your scalp will produce more oil to keep your scalp moisturized/hydrated.

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This process leads to a stage where your sebaceous glands will dry out which in turn makes your hair dehydrated and dry. Dry hair leads to two other most common problems which are explained below.

5. Weak hair and split ends

Dry hair is easily prone to breakage and thinning. This causes split ends and frizzy hair. And as said, in my previous posts there is no solution to split ends other than chopping them off.

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6. Dandruff and  hair fall

oils to get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp

Problems #1, #2 and #4 combine to give you enough dandruff and hair fall. This is stage where the damage is reached its last stage and its high time for you give some help to your hair, before its too late to reverse the damage.

Its very very though to reverse dandruff once its on your scalp. I have seen my own brother spending thousands in treatments and products to get cured from dandruff only to see no result. Dandruff is the least thing that your should expect your hair to bare with. Trust me..! The struggle is real.

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Tips to wash your hair once a week

Do not take these as just tips but take it as steps or guide to wash your hair once a week to keep your scalp and hair healthy and thick.

TIP 1: Use a mild shampoo

Shampoos are also called as hair cleansers as it cleanses your hair to remove the dirt and oil out of your hair. Much like your face washes or cleanser, choosing a wrong hair cleanser can be the first step to start ruining your hair. The wrong ingredients in your shampoos can create hostile environment to your scalp which in turn attracts bad bacteria, dirt, pollution and might eventually lead to dandruff.

A mild shampoo made with safe ingredients can solve all these problems by cleansing your scalp perfectly without stripping away the natural oils. It can be tough in the beginning to switch to a mild shampoo from a harsh chemical based shampoo,but its worth the patience you show.

To choose the best mild shampoo available in India, you can see my previous post on the same.

How to choose a Mild Shampoo

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TIP 2: Wear your hair in a bun while going to sleep

Going to bed with loose hair can make your hair frizzy and tangled the next morning. Also, the friction that creates while you roll and toss in your bed can also break your hair to form split ends. To avoid this, wear your hair in a bun while going to sleep. This style will also create smooth waves in your hair the next morning, so its a win-win game.

TIP 3: Do not comb

Yes. You read that right.! Unless it is badly required to tame your hair, do not comb. Combing your hair will release scalp oils and make your hair look oily. If you still feel the urge to comb at times, only comb the hair starting from your shoulder. Do not comb on the scalp. This way it can help your hair look more well groomed (if that’s your style) and put together without making your hair look oily or greasy. Personally, I prefer messy hair looks. That’s my style 😉

TIP 4: Dry shampoo –  *Natural*

Dry shampoo can be of immense help to you initially in the starting days when you trying to switch from over washing your hair to wash your hair once a week. And When I say dry shampoo..I am not speaking about those nasty chemical based Dry shampoo cans, but the natural ones which have no effect on your scalp.

If you remember, there was this wired trick beauty bloggers invented back in those days, where they used to use Johnson & Johnson’s bay powder as a natural dry shampoo.

But after the not-so-recent news of a woman developing ovarian cancer because of this baby powder which shook the world, I don’t think anyone will ever dare to buy this guy again. So what now you ask? Simple, prepare your own dry shampoo powder at your home or else you can buy one from bonorganics store. That is by far the best which I have ever used till now.

TIP 5: Protect from pollution and dust

Gone are those days where we can breathe of fresh air. These are the days where we buy fresh air to breathe for an hour. The pollution and the dust especially in the metro cites is touching peaks in the pollution meter. Protect not only your hair, but also your nose, face, hands, body and everything.

TIP 6: Take it slow

More than anything, it requires your time and patience to follow this routine and to change your overall hair habits. Its not easy to get into this routine to wash your hair once a week. Its takes time and more than that, it requires your patience. Give it time and take it slow.

If you are currently washing your hair daily, wash it once in two days. If your washing your hair thrice a week, skip once and wash it twice a week and after a month or so, try washing your once a week and see how your scalp reacts. Act accordingly and follow the steps said before. You will definitely achieve your goal if you are persistent and determined. Take my word..!


Benefits of washing your hair once a week

Some of the benefits of washing your hair once a week are:

#1 Balanced sebum production

Washing your hair less often means, balanced sebum production which will keep your hair hydrated and healthy. No product buildups, no clogging of scalp pores and no dandruff. That’s amazing..!

#2 Less hair fall

Most of the people often have complaints of clogging drain due to more hair fall especially while washing their hair. This can be due to the way you wash your hair, using hot water for washing hair, or using more shampoo than required. What ever might be the reason for your hair fall it is, your can reduce it to /2 or /3 depending on the number of times you wash your hair per week.

Isn’t that sound convincing.?

#3 Reduced scalp problems like dandruff

When your scalp and hair are well maintained and there is no trash chemicals used, I don’t see a point on experiencing any major scalp problems. Even if you have any minor scalp problems like over producing of oil or mild dandruff, it can be reduced by following  the above mentioned tips of washing your hair once a week.

#4 Save Products

This is not a joke. In a survery conducted in US, there were some shocking facts raveled. The site reports that the average woman will drop $55,000 in a lifetime on hair products and treatments. Isn’t it jaw dropping?

To know how much you spend on your shampoo alone, calculate the cost of the number of shampoo bottles that you use in a year and to know how much you can save by just washing your hair just once a week.., just divide by the number of times you wash are washing your hair in a week right now. You will be surprised..!

#5 Healthy scalp and hair

Well balanced sebum production, less hair fall, no dandruff, no dryness means its your way to healthy scalp and hair.

In short, the above listed risks will be converted to these benefits, if you shift to washing your hair once a week. It’s that simple. 🙂


Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below and how hard are you determined to make a transition to this routine and stick to it.

Also, let me know if there is any specific hair or skin topic that you would like me to write here on the blog. I would love to see few questions coming from you. 🙂

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