Tea tree oil for acne

Why peppermint essential oil is better than Tea tree oil for acne

I guess everyone are aware of this simple remedy- Tea Tree oil for acne. But, have any of you tried peppermint essential oil for acne? Well, I did and released that this guy really works for me, a way better than tea tree oil for acne.

It all happens with one trial and error or just an error too sometimes to take you to the right path. And so said “Sometimes the wrong train can take us to the right place” – PAULO COELHO

It was on one unusual night where my pimple was about to say hello to me. Though I put The body shop Tea tree night cream usually on it to reduce the swelling, I thought Why don’t I give a shot of the actual Tea Tree oil that I have just got a day ago. So here, I got so lucky. Instead of picking up the Tea Tree essential oil, I accidentally picked up the peppermint essential oil  (that I usually use it for foot soaks and hair packs) as both the packaging were almost same. I only realized this until there was an unusual minty smell and cooling sensation on my skin. That was an “Oh sh*t.!” moment . I then turned the bottle and saw, “Peppermint essential oil” on it.

I was not so panicked at that time, as I already know that mint leaves are a good remedy to treat acne, so why not let this be on my skin for tonight. Let me not waste even 1 drop of these precious essential oils 😀

I went to bed that night.

I was so amazed to see how the pimple was almost dead by morning. The swelling reduced and the pimple bump was reduced to far too noticable.

I then applied this peppermint essential oil on the other night too. And Voila..! It was completely washed away by the next morning.

What I liked the most was, It didn’t even left a mark unlike other spot treatments for acne. It was like there was no pimple ever emerged at that place. No sign at all.

I was so happy that a wrong train has bought me to the right place. 🙂 And ever after, I only used peppermint essential oil and not Tea Tree oil for acne.


How different is peppermint essential oil for acne than Tea Tree oil for acne ?

To Let you know the difference between the two, let me just list out few of the benefits that these essential oils contain.

Benefits of Tea Tree oil for acne

  • Has Anti bacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, an inorganic compound found in most of the acne clearing commercial products.
  • It heals acne left scars and blemishes

Benefits of Peppermint Essential oil for Skin

  • It reduces and controls the excess oil production of skin.
  • The best anti inflammatory essential oil
  • Kills and reduces the growth of bacteria on skin that feeds on sebum
  • Its cooling menthol properties calms the affected area and reduces redness and pain.


The best part of the peppermint essential oil is, as soon as it is applied on the effected area it works like magic. It reduces the swelling or inflammations and makes the skin look less vulnerable.

So that is the reason I am left with very few dark spots that are left by acne. It diminishes the size of the pimple without actually leaving dark spots on your face unlike other tropical acne treatments. This is how it works for me.

Will Peppermint essential oil work on my acne too ?

Peppermint essential oil has a cooling menthol effect which reduces the inflammation around the acne and makes it look less red-y and bump-y.

Although researches indicate that peppermint essential oil may assist few individuals in treating their acne, it is never a ever ending formula that you should be using to treat your acne. The reasons of acne are many, it is sometimes due to hormonal imbalances or excess sebum production by your skin that clogs pores and gives you breakouts.

In any of the cases, it is always advisable to approach your acne in the root cause basis and treat it with right medications if required.

I know people for whom tea tree oil works best for treating their acne, and there are people whose swear by peppermint essential oil for acne too. Peppermint essential oil works more effectively for my skin than tea tree oil. That’s the difference.

It all depends on your skin and the way it reacts to it. Try and know what works best for you.



If so, How Should I use peppermint essential oil for acne ?

Although direct tropical application is never recommend in case of essential oils, peppermint essential is safe for most adults. Adverse reactions can still occur if you have skin sensitiveness and may cause allergies, rashes, respiratory distress and hives.

It is always recommended to test a drop of any essential oil of herb or plants before use. Perform spot test with a drop of essential oil on the inside of your arm. If you feel any kind of discomfort or skin irritation within 24 hours, discontinue using that essential oil.

Never apply peppermint essential oil around your eyes or your eye area. Always consult your physician before altering your skin regimes or using any tropical treatments for a long time.

Breast feeding, lacting women and young children must avoid using peppermint essential oil.

Using a Q-Tip, take a drop or two of peppermint essential oil and apply it on the effected area or the pimple. Do not over apply it. Best time to apply is in the night time before going to bed.


So, How do you like this new tip for the spot treatment of acne and pimples? Do you have any weird discoverers as such as mine? If so, comment..comment and mention them girl…! I am waiting… 🙂

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  1. I noticed whenever I looked at the ingredients for anti-acne products, there was usually a mint + citrus essential oil combination, which made me hypothesize that mint ‘s probably good for acne. This post somehow affirms that theory of mine, haha!

    Also, it’s good how you mentioned that pregnant women and lactating women should avoid using peppermint essential oil. I haven’t seen enough beauty reviews which thought of pregnant/lactating women and whether or not certain products would be good for them.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation skye.. 🙂
      And yes..! Essential oils are really very strong oils. Even though they are pure plant/flower extracts, they are not meant for everyone. We should always go for a patch test before using any essential oil in our daily lives.

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