Mustard oil beauty uses

12 Best Patanjali Mustard oil “Sarson Ka Tel” Beauty Uses for skin,hair & lips

Mustard oil also called as ‘Sarson Ka Tel’ is the most common oil found in almost every Indian Kitchen. Apart from being a fabulous oil for cooking, it can give you numerous benefits for your skin, hair and lips too. So you must be wondering why mustard oil can give such amazing benefits to your skin or hair.

The reason is simple mustard seeds from where the oil is derived has some of the antibacterial and anti fungal properties that treat the problem area from the roots by combating the growth of harmful bacteria and thus helps to promote healthier skin and hair.

As there are many adulterated mustard oils available in the market, it is so important that you choose the one that is pure and high in its nutrient values. It is better to get from a trusted brand, the one which you are already using its other products.

As you all know, Patanjali is the most trusted brand in India that gives you the best quality products for your skin, hair , health and other household products you can go and give it a try.

This oil is mostly used for cooking purposes, but I asked the Ayurvedic doctor who was available in Patanjali store whether they can be used for external purposes or not. He answered- As it is pure enough to use as a cooking oil then it is also pure enough to use an external oil for your skin and hair. So I immediately grabbed it & explored some of these beauty uses.

Here they are are..

Mustard oil Beauty uses

1. To  fade away dark spots.


As mustard seed oil has anti fungal properties, it removes the dead skin and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Massaging a little amount of mustard oil on your face can help you lighten the dark spots and acne scars.

  • A simple way to use it as a spot corrector is- Dip a Q-tip in mustard oil and apply it over your dark spots in the night before going to bed.

Mustard oil beauty uses

This way the oil can take enough time to show its curing properties on your problem areas. Wash your face with a mild cleanser in the morning and moisturize as usual. Repeat for 3-4 times a week till you see desired results.



2.As a Natural Sunscreen and to remove tan


Mustard oil is rich in vitamin E that makes it ideal oil to use as a natural sunscreen. This vegetable oil helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays and prevents the skin form tan and sun burns.

  • So the next time if you forget to bring your  sunscreen while enjoying taking a sunbath in your favorite beach, do not worry- just take a little amount of oil on your palm and massage it all over the exposed ares of your skin to prevent from tanning.


Make sure the oil is massaged well.  Do not coat your skin with excess oil as it may attract the dust and make your skin look dirty.


3. To treat Rashes and bumps


As mustard oil has antibacterial properties it treats minor rashes, bumps, insect bites and other skin infections effectively.

  • Massaging this oil all over your body improves blood circulation & avoids dryness of skin specially in winters and also heals minor cuts that are caused by razors while shaving.


It is beneficial for both men and women to keep their body free from harmful bacteria and to promote healthier skin.


4. Lightens the completion of your skin


Mustard oil effectively removes all the accumulated dirt in the pores on your facial skin when used as an oil cleansing method mixed with other oils suitable to your skin. This method improves the texture of your skin by healing the damaged skin. It can also be used in face masks for a more nourished and brightener completion.

  • Take one or two tablespoon of gram flour, rose water and half a teaspoon of mustard oil. Mix well and apply all over your cleansed face. Wash off after 2o minutes.

You can feel your face is so clear and brightened. This is because the mustard oil deep cleanses the pores and brightens it from within.


5. Prevents Premature greying of hair


Premature greying is a big concern to many girls and even boys nowadays. The food habits in today’s lifestyle, pollution and other such factors stops producing melanin, a hair pigment that is responsible for giving your hair its natural black color. Mustard oil is an excellent natural remedy to treat premature grey hair.

Mustard oil beauty uses

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  • You can use mustard oil in two different ways here. 1> Prepare Amla oil using mustard oil and massage your scalp with your scalp with this oil in the night and wash off your hair with a herbal shampoo and condition as usual. 2> Make a hair mask using amla paste and add 2 tablespoon of mustard oil. Mix them well and apply on to your scalp concentrating on the areas where the grey hair growth is maximum. After 30-40 minutes wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and condition as usual.


6. For chapped Lips


Winters are just a curse for our delicate soft lips. They dry out so quickly and that leads to chapped lips and the worst case to bleeding your lips.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Mix equal amounts  of olive a oil and mustard seed oil. Apply on your lips before going to bed. Clean them the next morning and moisturize with a herbal lip balm. Do this daily in the night until your lips are smooth and are no more chapped.


7. For Hair growth


Mustard seed oil is an excellent hair vitalizer and thus promotes healthy strong hair. It provides blood circulation and increases the hair growth rate.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Massage your scalp with equal amounts of mustard seed oil and coconut oil. Wash your hair with a herbal shampoo and condition as usual.


8.Prevents hair fall and dandruff


If the hair lacks enough nutrients, it becomes weak and brittle thus leads to breakage and hair loss.This vegetable oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids & alpha-linolenic acid. This provides enough nutrients to your hair internally & externally and is beneficial to those who are suffering with serious hair fall issue.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • Massage equal amounts of mustard oil and neem oil twice a week on to your scalp. This will eliminate dandruff and other scalp problems, thus promotes healthy hair growth and gives long life to your hair strands avoiding breakage and hair fall.


9.To whiten teeth naturally


Oil pulling is an excellent ayurvedic practice to whiten your teeth naturally. Coconut oil, sesame seed oil and sunflower seed oil are some of the common oils that are used for this method.

Mustard oil beauty uses

  • You can also mix few drops of mustard oil in these oils to oil pull or can also use mustard oil alone. This will help to whiten your teeth naturally, making it stronger from inside and shiner from outside.


10. To avoid drying of ends of the hair


Split ends and dry brittle ends are because you are probably not taking proper care of your tresses. Rubbing and combing the hair roughly when it is wet leads to split ends and dry hair.

  • Apply a small amount of mustard oil to your ends daily to  avoid dryness and split ends. If your are feared going out with greasy ends the next morning, you can skip this & opt for some natural leave on conditioners that has mustard oil in it. After washing your hair, apply this leave on conditioner. If you cant find any product that is rich in mustard oil, you can still follow to use the mustard oil to your ends once or twice a week may be on weekends when you don’t have any plans to go out.


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