Patanjali DIVYA Dant Manjan REVIEW and ingredients

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Ok..! I guess by this time you might have already thought that who is using tooth powder these days. Right? 😛 But trust me, this isn’t just a tooth powder, but more than it. A powder with medicinal properties that aids you to keeps your gums and teeth healthy and clean. A review that is worth sharing with you all..! 🙂 I hope it helps you too in the way that it helped me to maintain a better oral hygiene.



Acacia arabica
Azadirachta indica
Mentha spicata
Quercus infectoria
Sodii Chloridum
Anacyclus pyrethrum
Syzygium aromaticum
piper nigrum
Curcuma longa
Cinnamomum camphora
Mentha piperita
Sepia officinalis
Potash alum

Dosage and directions of use : 2-5g. powder or as required rub gently & roundly with help of finger tip or soft tooth brush on teeth & gums twice daily in morning before breakfast and in evening after dinner or as directed by the physician.

Indications: useful in all types of teeth & gum problems and maintains oral hygiene.

M.R.P (Incl. of all taxes) : Rs. 65/-  for 100g.( It will last for so long, I bought it 3 months back and didn’t finish it yet :P)


Patanjali DIVYA Dant Manjan REVIEW:

Well, Needless to say as we all know patanjali products are one of the best products which does what it claims that too with the power of herbs and natural ingredients. I guess this is the reason which makes us love these products the most than any other. 🙂  Patanjali DIVYA Dant Manjan comes in a handy container type small bottle that has a flip top cap with a small hole on the cap of the container. This allows the right amount of product to fall on your palm.


Neither too much nor too little. Its packaging is quite simple and handy to use even while travelling. To talk about the color of the product,  it is in brownish shade (Take a look at the picture below).


To take on the effectiveness of the product, it is quite satisfactory. A small amount of the powder will do the job (Do not take more product as you will definitely end up wasting it). Seriously, 2-4g is more than enough. As your brush, the powder foams a little which gives you “looks-like-i’am-actually-brushing-with powder” feeling 😛 .This also reminded me that there wouldn’t be any sulfates or silicates that would give much foam as toothpastes ( Thumbs up for this 😉 ). I suggest you not to brush for more than 2 minutes as the Cinnamon and the other herbs may overpower your mouth. After you wash , your mouth and teeth feel so squeaky clean and fresh. 😀


Does the product gives justice to what it claims?  Yeah..! Quite well. Although it doesn’t specify on whitening part of the teeth, it maintains the oral hygiene and also reduces any teeth and gum related problems.

Worth a try/buy?  If you don’t have any special problem seeing your toothbrush a little yellow, then its surely a worth to try.

UPDATE ( After 7 months of using)

I am updating it again after using it for almost more than 7 months now. Believe me I’m still using the same which i bought for the first time and it is about to end now. LOL. I still cant believe that i used this tooth powder for more than half an year and still not bored of it. Seriously, the quantity is so much to use for a single person   (FYI to check how long the product lasts, am the only one who used this form my whole family. hehe)

Another TIP I discovered myself was- As a Mouth wash 🙂

Just in case If I am lazy or I didnt find time to brush my teeth in the night before going to sleep. I’ll just put a small teaspoon of “Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan” in my mouth and then gargle with water for 30 or 40 seconds. It acts as a natural mouthwash, cleans your teeth and freshnens your breath. Isn’t that a life Hack now 😀

Try this next time. Only in case if you are lazy as I am. 😛

Let me know if anyone of you have ever used this tooth powder or just discovered any other lazy hack like me,then just comment them below. Who knows, you might be helping a random lazy girl out there. 🙂 🙂

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