patanjali body ubtan review

Patanjali Body Ubtan REVIEW

Ubtans are the age old secrets of beautiful Indian skin. In the good Old days, Besan is used as a body utbtan by many. As body Ubtans have many benefits like lightening the skin tone, removing tan and fading away the dark spots, it’s been used  y our moms and grand moms as their simple secret to natural beauty.

As soaps and body washes strips away the natural oil on our body, the skin becomes too dry and thus ages quickly. Opting for natural ways to wash your face and body will enhance the beauty and rejuvenates your skin.

So today, I am here with a review of Patanjali Body Ubtan. Read on to know more and do let me know your views in the comments below on this Patanjali Body Ubtan Review of mine.


Patanjali Body Ubtan Review


Let’s start with the packaging…

This Patanjali body Ubtan comes in a sealed plastic cover kinda packaging. Once you open the packet, the product need to be transfer into an air tight jar.

The packaging could have been a little better with at least a zip lock to the packet. So that it can be used without any hassle and can be disposed off easily without the pain of transferring it into a container again.

patanjali body ubtan review

Not a travel friendly one of course, unless you want to transfer it into a jar and use carry it.


The ingredients list is plain and simple to understand. Unlike the Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep ingredients which were only listed in its scientific name, the ingredients of Patanjali Body Ubtan also have their common name listed on the packet.

So here they are, I guess we Indians are very much familiar with all of these ingredients…

Masur dal
Urad dal
Peeli Sarson

patanjali body ubtan review

That’s a quite interesting list of ingredients in this Patanjali Body Ubtan. Impressive 🙂


What’s the product says??

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Direction of Use:

Add sufficient quantity of water to 20-30g of body Ubtan to make a consistent paste. Apply on body and massage gently. Rinse off  with water.

That’s quite boring way to use this Ubtan. 😛 Anyways, I am gonna show you How to Use Patanjali body Ubtan in a different post in a more detailed way. Subscribe the blog for early updates.


Quantity & Price??

As Patanjali is known for its budget friendly quality products, so does this Body Ubtan too.

With Almost 10 ingredients, this Patanjali body Ubtan comes for 60 bucks for 100 grams of the product.

It has a shelf life of 12 months.


Patanjali Body Ubtan Review

Using Ubtans for our body is not new for us. Isn’t it? Before even using this Patanjali Body Ubtan, I have used just Besan as a body cleanser. Besan has an excellent skin lightening properties that exfoliates the dead skin and removes tan effectively. Besan will also remove and reduce the growth of body hair.

So body Ubtans are not new to me. When I first picked up this Patanjali Body Ubtan in a store, I was excited to try this by reading the ingredients list.

Out of curiosity, I bought two packs. 😛 and here is the second packet I am using while reviewing it for you.

The consistency of this Patanjali body Ubtan is not so powdery. It has grainy texture which may be little harsh on sensitive skin. I mixed a tablespoon of Ubtan with few drops of rose water and washed my body.

patanjali body ubtan review

When I used this for the first time on my body,  the grainy texture was a little harsh to wash with. After washing it my skin felt smooth and soft.

The ubtan has a strong kapoor smell in it. The smell may linger on your body for a couple even after coming out of the shower. It is defiantly better than some chemical loaded body washes is what I felt.

Although this is not meant to be used for face, I feel there is no harm in using this mask for face too. But if the grainy texture is too harsh for you, blend the powder in a blender for 3-5 minutes to get a fine powder and then use it.

Overall it a perfect body ubtan with some of the best natural grians and nut powders. It does what it claims. There is defiantly an improvement in my body’s skin tone. It also removed the tan on my feet effectively with regular use.

I use it not more than 2 times per week or even only once per week sometimes.

patanjali body ubtan review


1. Softens skin and makes it smooth touch

2. Lightens skin and removes tan on the body

3. Goodness of all natural ingredeints, no harmful SLS/SLES

4. Exfoliates kin and removes dead skin

5. Fades dark spots and lightens scars with regular use



1. Messy Bathrooms.

2. No fine texture. Harsh grains. Not suitable for sensitive skin

3. Not a travel friendly packaging



One Last Line…

A must have skin care product that is budget friendly and skin friendly too. Grab your Patanjali Body Ubtan today and try it out. Tell us your views on how well it worked for you.

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