One Rinse that treats DANDRUFF & HAIR GROWTH Problems at a Time

One Rinse that treats DANDRUFF & HAIR GROWTH Problems at a Time

Wouldn’t it be so easy to treat all your hair problems at a time? Because finding solutions to each of your hair problems and treating them one at a time is cumbersome sometimes. Sometimes its time and sometimes its our patience which doesn’t allow us to spare some extra time for self care. Isn’t it? But what if we have a single solution to treat at least two of our main hair problems i.e., which treats dandruff & hair growth that too with the help of one single hair rinse that takes less than 10 minutes of your time. Excited? Let’s get started then…

Fenugreek and Mint Hair rinse that Treats dandruff & Hair growth at a time:

Before we start with the recipe, let’t see how these ingredients individually work on our scalp and hair.

Why Fenugreek ?

Fenugreek seeds are very effective in making the hair strong from their roots and dealing with the follicular problems. These seed fights irritation on the scalp and dandruff, which are two main reasons for hair loss. Antibacterial and anti fungal properties of fenugreek seeds make it useful to treat an itchy scalp and dandruff.

1. Controls hair Loss

2. Triggers hair growth

3. Nourishes hair and scalp

4. Works as natural hair conditioner

5. Helps in adding shine and softness hair

6. Combats dandruff and strengths hair


Why Mint?

A perky herb, mint stimulates your senses, your circulation, your hair follicles – it’s get’s things moving! It’s like a boost of energy which dull hair really responds to! It also helps maintain the natural pH of your scalp, which controls excessive oil production.

1. Controls dandruff flakes

2. Keeps the scalp hydrated

3. Increases blood circulation on scalp and triggers hair growth

4. Treats scalp infections and soothes the scalp in hot summers


DIY Fenugreek and Mint Hair rinse that treats dandruff & Hair growth


1. Fenugreek Seeds

2. Fresh mint leaves

3. Water


1. Take 2 full cups of water into a saucepan and add 3 tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds and then add 10-15 fresh mint leaves into it.

2. On the stove and simmer this mixture in low flame for 10 minutes.

3. Let it cool down to room temperature and strain the mixture into a jar.

4. Wash your hair thoroughly and rinse your hair with this Fenugreek-Mint infused water, massage your hair for 2 minutes with this hair rinse left on your hair and wash off with normal water.


Use this hair rinse once every week for 2 months to see visible results.


Try this Hair rinse this weekend and see how your hair feels so soft and clean. You will require no conditioner after using this hair rinse. Try it out..!


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