oil cleansing for acne

Best oils for oil cleansing | Oil cleansing for acne prone skin

 A Harsh truth about your foaming cleansers that are ruining your skin

Oil cleansing method is my favorite way to cleanse my face. I have been using this method since a year. I use to suffer from pimples and that left behind dark spots and pigmentation causing uneven skin tone. I tried many cleansers which are specially claimed for acne and blemishes that contain salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide. I am one among those of which these products don’t really make any visible difference in reducing the acne on their face. I will show you the method of Oil cleansing for acne.

oil cleansing for acne

“Do you know? Benzoyl peroxide is one such ingredient that is found in many acne clearing products which reduces the acne but if you stop using it your acne is back again. That means, once you start use these chemicals on your face, you should forever use it”

How horrific is that? Contrary to many commercial skin products, organic and natural home made products really help in clearing the acne from the root and gradual using may also help to eliminate it completely. Unlike those chemical creams, if you stop using these natural products after it clears away your acne, you are not affected by it again. That’s the power of nature.

Oil cleansing is one such method I have learned to incorporate in my daily skin care routine. Coupled with other things, like using natural skin products, eating healthy diet and exercise; using high quality oils for my face and doing oil cleansing method has helped me to clear my acne to 90%.

“Oil cleansing is basically using a mixture of oil to cleanse your face instead of using commercial foaming cleansers”

Don’t freak out thinking No way I am gonna use oil on my face; it will break me out.., specially oily skin beauties. But I assure you that if you are using high quality, cold pressed, unrefined plant oils on your face, you skin will benefit from it and you’ll never break out. This is why Oil cleansing for acne is so good.

How exactly oil cleansing works?

Simple chemistry Ladies. “Like dissolves Like”.  If you have oily skin and the oil is clogged in your pores, you can use oil to gently dissolve that oil and remove that oil from your pores. And you know what, this is best makeup removing method ever.

Let’s learn Oil cleansing for acne

What oils to use for Oil cleansing for acne?

First Oil: The main ingredient in your oil cleansing method will be castor oil. It is the star ingredient in your DIY oil cleanser. It is very important to choose pure castor oil that is organic, cold pressed, free from hexane and not solvent extracted. As it is a super thick oil and so deep cleaning, it may be drying to your skin as well. If you have dry skin, use a very small amount.

oil cleansing for acne

Second oil: This oil is used to dilute the castor oil in your oil cleansing mixture and also serves to treat your skin problems depending upon your skin type. Some of the best oils are Grape seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet almond oil, Apricot oil, Avocado oil, Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

Third oil: This is the specialty oil for added skin benefits in your oil cleansing skin mixture. These may be Sea buckthorn oil, Neem oil, Argan oil and rosehip oil. Sea buckthorn and rosehip acts as anti-aging oils and fights with problem causing bacteria. Tamanu oil very good if you have acne and blemishes.

Optional: I like to add few drops of essential oils in my oil cleansing mixture. If you want to target some specific skin issues you can include them; this also adds some aroma therapy benefits. J Some of which I like to use are lavender essential oil, geranium essentials oil and tea tree essential oil.

Time to mix up your oils

Take a pump bottle as this ( shown below) and now add 30% or less castor oil, 50% of your second oil and 20% of your third oil which is the specialty oil.

You can now add few drops of essential oils if you need. Add around 12- 15 drops for 30 ml of your mixture.

oil cleansing for acne

Mix up all your oils. An voila..! You own oil cleansing mixture that is suitable for oil cleansing for acne is ready within minutes. 😀

How to do oil cleansing for acne?

To start off, just take two to three pumps of oil mixture in your palms and spread it all over your face and massage in circular motions. Take latest few minutes to work the oil on your skin and give your face a nice massage in mean time. Facial massage is very beneficial to your skin, it helps to stimulate the blood flow to your face and so really good for the skin. It delays the anti aging and keeps your face very clear and healthy.

After you finish your massage, take a fresh clean micro fiber cloth and run it over hot water. Wring it out and drape it over your face. Allow that steam to help loosen that oil off your face.

oil cleansing for acne

oil cleansing for acne

The right place to do this is when you are in shower, as the steam from the shower helps to loosen up the oil easily.

Your face feels very clean and hydrated after doing this oil cleansing method.

How often to do oil cleansing method for acne?

It is as same as cleansing your face with normal cleanser. So it is no harm to do oil cleansing daily once or twice.

Note: The snaps are taken from my favorite Youtube channel holistic habits through which i learnt many skin care and hair care tips. Do check it out. It’s great.

I hope you guys have learnt about the basic oil cleansing method today. Sure give it a try and I know that you are goanna love it. Do not expect instant results while adapting natural skin care to your routine. It will take time, For some people it may take few days, for some it may take months. It depends upon your skin type and the time it takes to adapt to it. Listen to your skin and heal it naturally. J

If you have any doubt, Let me know in the comments section below. I will answer them all. Also, if you have tried oil cleansing anytime, let me know the oils which you are using and how best did they help to heal your skin. I am waiting… 😀

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