Repair Split ends without Cutting them

No..! You Cannot Repair Split ends without Cutting them. Here’s Why..

There are Lot of ways through which commercial hair care brands miss guide and do false marketing to lure the customers buy their products. Out of which, Repairing your life less split ends is one of them. Here, in this article I will explain you how ignorant it is to believe that you can repair split ends without cutting them.

What are Split ends?

The strand of hair that is split into two, three or multiple layers is called a split end. Slip ends are of many types, double split, feather split, y split, white spots etc. All of which are caused by some other external factors like I mentioned below


What causes Split ends

A number of reasons which you are already doing it knowing or unknowingly are causing permanent damage to the hair in the form of Split ends.

The biggest Culprit would be heat. Heat styling your hair more often and not using any hair protectants while doing so is the major contributor of the split ends. Heat will make your hair brittle and fragile which will later break the hair and forms split ends.

Your hair is in its weaker state when it is wet. Brushing your hair when it is wet or rubbing it hardly with a towel when it is still wet will make your hair thin and will eventually causes split ends.

The shampoo in today’s markets are loaded with harsh detergents and silicones that does more harm than good. These shampoos will make your hair dry and frizzy. It strips away the natural oils that your hair produces.

Harmful UV rays does harm not only to your skin but also to your hair. The mix of pollutants, dust and UV rays are a perfect combination for causing split ends in the long run.

How to prevent Split ends

A Mild shampoo will ensure that it doesn’t strip away the natural oils on your scalp nor over produce it. Switching to an organic, mild shampoo will improve your hair texture and also avoids split ends

Using a cotton towel to warm your hair after your shower will absorb the water from your hair stands more quickly and also causes no strain nor friction. This will prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Hair mask like egg hair mask, Coconut hair mask, Aloe Vera hair mask and fenugreek hair mask will not only make your hair smooth, soft and shiny but also prevent hair from breakage by giving the right amount of nutrients required to maintain a healthy mane.

Do not skip your conditioner after you wash your hair. This will help prevent the split ends and also help the first stage hair damage to recover to its normal state.

A right hair care will reap you gorgeous locks, and wrong hair habits will cause permanent damage that your cannot turn back to repair them.

Choose the right hair care routine to avoid the damage later. A hair care which include few natural home made masks to hair rinses will help to achieve the beautiful shiny locks that your ever wanted.

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Why you Cannot Repair Split ends without Cutting them.

Split ends are damaged life less hair. Though the ends of the hair are technically connected to your hair shaft, they doesn’t get the right moisturization nor hydration as the hair roots gets. Once a strand of the hair crosses mid way of your hair’s length it hardly receives any hydration from the scalp. You can almost consider the ends of your hair being lifeless.

Also, they are weakest part of the hair. Any kind of friction will make them fragile and eventually break after few days which causes a split end.

A split is formed when a strand of the hair is slip into two. That is broke, teared and abused. This is the last stage of hair damage. This can never be repaired using any shampoos, conditioners, or even through natural hair masks and remedies.

It is impossible to combine a split hair into one which has no life in it. If that makes any sense?

If left like that, the split end tearing can also reach high which ultimately causes your hair to fall out.

The best solution to get rid of them is by trimming them off.

You can get your hair trimmed once every 3 months, instead once every month. This will allow your hair to grow long and you will not be left with short hair(if you are not a fan of short hair cuts) after few hair trimming sessions.


Hope this article has cleared a few doubts on slip ends and how well to take care of your hair to prevent the split ends

I will be very happy to answer your questions if any, Please comment them below.


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