*No Poo Shampoo Method* – NO FUSS Natural Foaming Shampoo with Indian Ingredients

Hearing about all the disadvantages and dangers of using chemical based shampoo, we all at one point of time might have at least though of trying some natural ways to wash our hair. Isn’t it? But by Reading some crazy recipes and trying some really messy methods, some might have quickly gave up the idea or just have stared  searching for some better alternatives. Is it really hard to find a naturally foaming shampoo to cleanse your hair at home? Guess what.! It’s really not that hard to adapt to a ‘No poo shampoo method ‘. Yes..! Curious to know how? Read on to know my recipe…


*No Poo Shampoo Method*:

To all those who are new to hear “No-Poo”,“no poo” simply means – no shampoo. It’s a philosophy or a choice or a method of cleansing one’s hair without traditional/conventional shampoo.

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Things that are normally used to wash hair in No poo Method:

Lot of people, who have adopted this hair care technique ‘No poo”, use baking soda followed by apple cider vinegar, or just use conditioner.

Some also use egg whites solution to wash their hair. I know, it’s messy and sounds eww-ey. There are many more such bizarre techniques too. I am not humiliating nor mocking any one’s choices here, but just want to let you know that No-poo method need not be this crazy.

All I want you all to know is that, there are simple yet easy to use ingredients that are already available in our home right now which can be used as your no poo shampoo. I will show you how to prepare that no-fuss natural foaming shampoo using few Indian ingredients.

How to: *No Poo Method* using Indian Natural Home made Shampoo – No Fuss Recipe

This is a simple yet most effective natural shampoo that you will ever try. I have included some of the basic Ingredients that can be used to wash your hair naturally without any fuss or trouble.

Note: If your hair is color treated, you might have to avoid this natural shampoo as it may bleed your color.


No Poo Shampoo Method ingredients

Soap nuts powder
Shikakai powder
Fenugreek powder
Green Moong Beans powder


How to make your own No poo Shampoo (foaming) – Indian & Home made:

To pepare this natural foaming shampoo at your home, first get ready with all the ingredients.  If possible, make Funugreek and Green Moong Beans powders at your home using the raw ingredients. Blend them into a fine powder and keep them aside. You can buy readily available soap nut and shikakai powders, because its not that easy to make them into fine powders at our homes.

Take a mixing bowl and add 3 tablespoons of soap nut powder. Now add tow tablespoons each of shikakai powder, Green Moong Bean Powder and Fenugeek powder.

Mix all the ingredients well and them it into a air tight jar. This shampoo powder can be stored for up to 6 months.


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How to wash your Hair using this *No Poo* Shampoo without any Fuss:

To wash your hair with this No poo shampoo, take about a tablespoon or 2 tablespoons (depending upon your hair length, greasiness, or oil applied) of this hair wash powder and add warm water to it to make a fine paste.

Now, wet your hair well and apply this paste all over your scalp. Using your fingers, rub your scalp in circular motion as if your shampooing your hair. It will lather up after some time.

Rinse your hair well with water after this, so that there are no remains of this powder stuck on to your scalp.

If your scalp is oily or dirty, you might not see the lather soon  and have to repeat the procedure again to clean your scalp well. Remember, this shampoo does not have any sulfates in it so it will not lather up the way the conventional shampoos would. It requires little trial and error testing along with patience to adapt to this new method of washing your hair.

After a couple of days, you will be well aware of how much amount of shampoo powder is required to wash your hair on days of oiled hair and non-oiled hair. You can then use the same quantity every time you wash your hair, or tie up into small tea bags like this..

No poo shampoo tea bags

How often to wash your hair in No poo Method using this Indian Home made shampoo

Usually, washing you hair once a week is enough for anyone who has normal lifestyle. But if you are working out intensely on a daily basis or your work requires you to travel more and spend your day out way more, then you can increase your per week washing hair schedule to two or three.

As this is a No poo natural foaming shampoo is made with completely safe and natural ingredients, there is no harm to wash your hair even twice per week. But, it can still make your hair dry if you don’t condition your hair properly, like any other conventional shampoo would do too.

How to condition you hair after washing your Hair using No Poo Method:

To condition your hair after washing your hair using No poo method, you can use either natural oils which are light and easily absorbs or even hair creams made with Kokum or mango butters.

To condition your hair with natural oils, choose any natural oil and use it like you would use any normal store bought serum.

Use very little, unlike serums you don’t need a lot of oil to condition you wet hair. Take a small amount (like about 2-3 drops) of oil onto your palms and run the oil through the length of your hair.

Similarly, you can use any natural hair cream as a leave in conditioner, that is made of Kokum or mango butters, which are great hair foods too that can nourish and strength your hair very well.


So, sounds interesting? Would you like to give it a try? Specially the ones who have started their No poo journeys, you will love this recipe. Do try and let others also know how good it is. I will be waiting to read your comments on this..! 

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