Natural Hair rinses

All you need to know about Hair rinse..! What, why & How ?

Hair rinse actually work and have many miraculous benefits apart from adding shine and softness to your hair. If you are already late to this game of using Natural hair rinses for hair, no worries..because here in this post I break down each point from what is a hair rinse to which hair rinse works best for your hair. So, be here till the end. 🙂

What is a hair rinse?

Hair rinse is nothing but a final rinse that is usually done to the hair immediately after shampooing and conditioning, but before styling. Hair rinses are a foolproof way to take care of your hair.

Using the right herbs or ingredients to make your hair rinse solution will help to clean away the chemical buildup on your scalp. It kind of serves as a scalp and hair detoxification method that gives added benefits which depends upon the hair rinse you choose for you hair.


Why are hair rinses necessary?

Natural hair rinses are the best way to give your hair a break from chemical loaded products. These hair rinses effectively rinses out all the product buildup on scalp and controls the oil production. It maintains the right balance of oils on your scalp without actually drying.

They add shine, softness and also smoothens your hair. It promotes healthy hair growth, reduces hair loss and scalp infections like dandruff.


How does hair rinses Work?

Natural Hair rinses Have an excellent cleansing properties that cleans you scalp and hair effectively where your shampoo has failed to do so. Even though you feel that your scalp is super clean after shampooing it, your scalp doesn’t feel it in the same way.

Using Multitude of products like hair sprays, conditioners, serums, heat protestants and gels will cause heavy product buildup  on scalp and on your hair with chemicals. It needs an extra power and nourishment which can remove all this shit out of your hair and some easy natural hair rinses will be your rescue.


What benefits Hair rinses give?

It depends and varies from one hair rinse to other. Hair rinses chosen specially for your hair condition and scalp will reap some of the maximum benefits. For example: Rosemary can relive stress and anxiety thus reduces the hair fall that causing it while apple cider vinegar will add shine, balances scalp pH levels and removes product build-up on scalp.

These hair rinses adds extra shine and bounce to the hair with an all natural look.

Read on more to know which hair rinse is best for your hair and what are its benefits.


Some of the popular hair rinses

Thought there are number of hair rinses that you can opt for, but choosing the right hair rinse that is suitable for your scalp type or your scalp condition is really important to make that hair rinse work for you.

Some of the best hair rinses for oily scalp are

  1. Apple cider vinegar rinses
  2. Green tea and lemon hair rinses
  3. Rosemary hair rinses

These are also good to treat dandruff the are caused by flakiness and itchiness especially during winters when your scalp is easy effected by dirt, germs and dryness. There is already a different post on how to do these hair rinses. Check them out here

  1. ACV & Rosemary hair rinses for oily scalp
  2. Green Tea and Lemon Hair rinse for dandruff

Hair rinse for Dry hair

  1. Aloe Vera hair rinses
  2.  Hibiscus tea hair rinses

Hair rinses for hair falling that also adds shine and gorgeous color to your hair

  1. Black tea hair rinse
  2. Chamomile tea hair rinses


So, which rinse is for your hair type.. Comment them below and I will let you know some of tips to make your hair rinse more interesting 🙂

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