Natural Tan removal methods

20 Quick Natural Tan removal methods with different single ingredients

I have collected some of the best quick fix natural tan removal methods. Its summer time and that means tan  gonna haunt us for this whole season. But never mind, quick fixes are here.

I have distinguished these quick tan removal methods into various types based on fruits or vegetables or liquid based or powder ones. Which ever is convenient to you go on. 🙂

Quick Natural Tan removal methods

—————————– Fruits/Vegetables———————


Natural Tan removal methods

1. Tomato

Tomato juice acts as an natural astringent. It has skin lightening properties which reduces the dark spots on face and gives you an even skin tone. In our top list of tan removal ingredients, tomato stands out to be the number one.

> To use tomato as a natural tan removal method, just slice out a piece of fully ripe tomato and rub it vigorously on your tan effected body parts for a good 10 minutes. Let it air dry for 2 minutes and repeat the process for an another 5 minutes. Wash off with Luke warm water.



2. Lemon

Lemon has excellent acidic properties as it is a rich natural vitamin C source. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent that gently removes the dead skin build up on your face. It is important to remember that, Lemon should never be used directly on your skin without diluting it in water.

> To remove tan or soothen a sun burn lemon is an excellent tonic. All you need to do is, squeeze half a lemon into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of water to it. Dip a cotton pad into it and gently rub the lemon juice all over your face, hands and legs for 10 minutes. Let it dry and wash off with cold water.



3. Cucumber

Cucumber is a natural cooling agent to the skin. It soothes the skin and reduces the redness caused by sun burns or tanning. Cucumber can also be used as a natural toner after cleansing your face with a mild moisturizer.

> To remove sun tan, Slice out a piece of fresh cucumber and rub it all over your face in circular motions. You can even place the slices all over your face and relax for 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water.



4. Aloe Vera

With natural anti-inflammatory properties and cooling agents, Aloe Vera is a perfect solution for a sunburn. It will naturally heal the skin’s upper epidermal layer to eliminate tan. Instead of a store bought aloe Vera gel, i would recommend to use fresh aloe leaf to gain maximum benefit out of it.

> Cut a piece of Aloe vera and slice it into two halves to reveal the gel part. Now rub the slices in circular motions all over your face, hands & feet for a good 10 minutes. Let it dry and rub over it again before washing your face.



5. Potato

Potato has natural skin lightening properties and so it a remedy for darker under arms and dark circles too. It lightens the skin by removing the dead skin cells and reveals the skin its natural color.

> Slice out thin slices of potato and place them all over your face. After 15 minutes, Remove all the slices and take 2 fresh slices of potato and rub it all over your face for 5 minutes & then wash your face with Luke warm water.



6. Papaya

Papaya is a wonder fruit for skin, hair and health. It has natural anti aging properties and a rich source of vitamin C and B that is extremely beneficial to your skin

> Cut small pieces of raw papaya, mash them and make a fine smooth paste. Apply all over your face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Before washing the face, just wet your face with water and scrub it in upper motion. now wash off with cold water.



7. Strawberries

Strawberry is an another fruit with rich source of Vitamin C in it. It helps to remove tan on skin so effectively when used  either as a face mask or just the piece to rub over your entire face.

> Slice out the strawberries and dip into salt. Rub these pieces all over your skin where there is tan. Though adding salt is completely option, it’s just to create an exfoliating effect. You can simply use the strawberries too. After 5 minutes



——————————-Liquid based———————————-

Natural Tan removal methods

8. Buttermilk

The natural Lactic acid present in buttermilk is great to treat tan and freckles on face. The sour buttermilk is highly acidic in nature and thus servers as a natural astringent to the skin.

> Take about 1/4 cup of buttermilk in a spray bottle and put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Now you can spray the buttermilk on your face and gently massage for few minutes. Wash off the face with normal water.  Though this is completely optional, you can just go on and apply the buttermilk with a cotton pad. Storing in the refrigerator prior to application will give your skin a cooling & relaxing effect.


9. Apple cider vinegar

Due to the presence of alpha hydroxy acids in Apple cider vinegar, it removes the dead skin cells & exfoliates the skin to reveal its natural healthy glow. It lightens a tanned skin when used right after coming from out doors.

> Always remember to dilute raw apple cider vinegar before using. Mix Apple cider vinegar(ACV) and water in a ratio of 1:10 in a spray bottle. Spray all over you face .Let it dry and not take a cotton ball and spray ACV on it. Rub all over your face again for 3 minutes and wash off with normal water.

10. Honey

Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties. It helps to treat every skin problem from removing tan, curing blemish spots to lightening the completion in the most safe and natural way.

> Apply honey all over you face evenly. use Organic Raw Honey to ensure that it free from any preservatives or any natural sweeteners. Wash the face with Luke warm water after 20 minutes.

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——————————Powder based————————

Natural Tan removal methods

11. Fuller’s Earth/ Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is a great savior for oily skin. It draws out the excess oil from the skin and maintains the moisturize. It removes the tan effectively and makes your skin clear and fresh. It is more beneficial to oily skin beauties.

>Mix a tablespoon of Multani Mitti with few teaspoons of fresh homemade rose water in a clean bowl. Apply all over your face or any tan effected area. Wash with cold water and pat dry (DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE WITH SOAP).

I would recommend you to wash your face before apply any face mask, that way it open ups your pores and cleanses them effectively to remove that dirt and grim.

12. Gram Flour (Besan)

Besan is most used as a beauty ingredient than in our kitchen. Isnt it? 😛 Besan brightens your skin and lightens any imperfections such as acne spots and scars. It is beneficial in removing tan when mixed with the right ingredients.

> Mix a tablespoon of Besan, a pinch of turmeric with few drops of lemon and rose water. Apply all over your face and hands. After a couple of minutes wash your face with cold water without soap. You can apply a gentle gel based moisturizer, if your skin feels too dry.


13. Rice flour

Rice flour is a great savoir for aged skin. Even including rice water in your daily skin care regime would do great changes to your skin.

> Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with few teaspoons of cucumber water or rose water, whatever is available with you right now. Apply on your face spreading evenly. Wash off with cold water after 20 minutes.

One more tip is, while applying any face pack apply in upward direction i.e., starting from your chin apply with upward strikes.


14. Almond powder

> Ground few almonds to a fine powder and mix it with mild to form a thick paste. Apply to your face evenly and wash off with cold water after a couple of minutes.


15. Oatmeal powder

Oatmeal has the best skin caring properties. It heals and nourishes  your skin at the same time.  When it comes to removing the tan, no comprise. Here is a quick fix

> Oatmeal mixed with cucumber juice works well for oily skin, and when mixed with milk works great for dry skin. Apply to your well cleansed face and wash off with cold water after a couple of minutes. Pat dry and moisturize.


16. Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood and rosewater are a great combination pack for skin. It gives an instant glow and hydration. Makes sure you use the best quality sandalwood powder.

>> Mix sandalwood powder and few drops of lemon juice and rosewater. Apply in your face evenly and wash off your face with cold water.


17. Saffron

>> Soak few strands of saffron in fresh milk for a good 30 minutes. Apply this mixture to your face.  After 10 minutes, wash off with cold water. This gives an instant brightening effect to your skin that bring back the natural glow.


18. Green tea

Drinking green tea often? Or even daily? Wait, Do not throw your tea bags after your sip your cup of tea. That little tea bag has many anti-bacterial and lightening properties for your skin.

> You just need to take off the cover and put the used green tea leaves into a bowl. Add a teaspoon of organic honey into it and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face with gentle scrubbing. Wait for 10 minutes and wash off. You skin feels so fresh, smooth and brightened. 🙂


19. Orange peel powder

Orange with high vitamin c content is an excellent skin lightening agent. Even though there are ready made orange peel powders available in the market, I would suggest your to prepare your own orange peel powder free of preservatives or any other colorants.

> Mix a tablespoon of orange peel powder and rose water. Apply evenly on to the face and and gently scrub for a minute. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and then wash off your face with cold water.


20. Green gram Powder

Green gram powder is an excellent cleansing agent to the skin and that is the reason its included in most of the organic cleansing powder like Kama Ayurveda or juicy chemistry. Sometimes its the dirt and the grim that sits on your face and becomes so stubborn to get off. Green gram powder is the one that helps your that time.

> You can simply use green gram powder and few drops of water to cleanse your face or else mix with rse water for a ore refreshing feeling.


So that’s a long list. 😀 Have you tried any of these ? If so comment which worked best for you and also if you have any other alternatives or discovered anything new by yourself, please let me know those too. I am eager to try all new stuffs 🙂 Waiting for your comments.

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