Adapting to natural beauty care routines slowly

The Reason Why You Feel its Tough to Adapt Natural Beauty Care Routines

We live in a world full of choices, sometimes too many out of which the personal care choices are no exception. You are here probably because you have tried natural or organic skin care for quite sometime and saw no noticeable results in your skin and then gave up or you are still thriving hard to adapt to Natural Lifestyle but it is very hard to do so. What ever might me the reason, just let me tell you one thing, you are awesome.

You are awesome, because you opt to read the ingredients than price before buying a product, you care for your skin and environment too.  Not many take these first steps. You took, and so you are one of a kind. 🙂 I appreciate that.

The reason why any newbie might feel difficult in adapting to a natural skin care is, you think that there are certain rules to follow and stick to and second, you don’t give enough time to compare your before and after effects.

I still at times feel the urge to switch back to conventional beauty products, but I don’t do it. As i am aware of the Toxic ingredients and its effects on skin and health, even the thought of using them just daunts me. But that doesn’t mean that I completely avoid using non-natural products in my life. For example,

My morning skin routine is very simple, I wash my face with either a handmade soap or Liquid castile soap and moisturize with Aloe Vera gel. I use natural dusting powders to matify my face on a normal day and I touch up my face with 9 to 5 compact while going for any formal meeting or parties.

Now You can ask me that is not a natural product. But, yeah…! I still use it based on the situation. Don’t get me wrong. I am not having any double standards nor being hypothetical.  I limit the use of the Compact to just my formal meeting because I want to look a little more well groomed on some special days.

The point that I want to explain here is that, I don’t depend on non-natural products but only use them when I require. That way I am limiting my skin’s exposure to these products on a daily basis while I am still searching for better natural alternatives to these conventional products.

I understand what is necessary to me and what is not. I am still learning and finding the use of certain ingredients and their effect on skin and hair.

I feel, there are no certain rules to follow a lifestyle you like to lead. After all, the already existing rules are set by same humans like us. Are they not?

Don’t force yourself into something that you don’t like but seems good. Many of them start switching their skin and hair care routines to natural ones within days just because they are overwhelmed by the hype of natural beauty care products these days.

Do not assume that every natural product is perfect for you and try out everything that you find. Finding your ideal ski and hair care products takes time and analyzing skills. OK..! Nothing rocket science. Let me come in a Flow, that’ll be easy.

Switching Lifestyle is gradual process. You skin, body and mind takes time to understand and adapt to the changes. You have been feeding your skin with different types of chemicals all day since you were a child. All of a sudden, you are feeding it with something different, something that is unusual and not very catalyst-ic as those of man-made derivatives.

Give time, to yourself and to your skin. First Start the change with those products that you use very less in your day to day life. In my case, it was scrubbing. I scrub my face once every week. So I replaced My Body Soap Sea Weed Scrub with Oats and Almonds. After few months, I made my own natural face cleanser by which I wash my face and scrub once a while.

I use natural and safe alcohol free toners like Pure Rose water, witch hazel and Apple cider vinegar.

I switched from natural to more mild and organic Shampoo. Transitioned from Soul tree Shikakai and Licorice Shampoo to BON Organics Aloe Vera natural shampoo

This gradual and transition from by replacing one product at a time with  more natural and organic ones, helped me to adapt to natural beauty care routines in a easier way.

I am still in search of more and more natural beauty brands that are true to its words and provide safer cosmetics to us. I will keep on Updating my blog with more such new Indian brands as I go forward in my journey.

If you would like to follow me in this beautiful journey, you are most likely welcomed to join the community. Please drop in your mail for more such interesting updated from my side.. 🙂


How are you starting to transition to natural beauty care routines?

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