11 Must try OVERNIGHT Hair masks for super silky and soft hair

Overnight hair masks for different types of hair problems

Everyone’s hair is different and their respective hair problems too. Hair masks are an absolute go for any kinda hair problems, and that too an overnight hair mask is what you all need to soak up your hair in these extremely beneficial hair mask for a maximum time possible and allowing it to do its wonders.

I have also differentiated each hair mask which is best suited for according to  your hair problems or hair types. Be sure to try any of these amazing hair masks to reap the benefits out of it.


1. Egg & coconut oil hair mask:

Egg is a great source of protein. It provides enough minerals that stimulate hair growth and controls hair loss. While coconut is super hydrating and an excellent tonic for dry and damaged hair. It nourishes the ends and makes it soft while controlling the frizz to a great extent.

Best for : Dry/ Damaged Hair

FYI: Do not separate the yolk from the egg while using egg in a hair mask, because the Sulphur in the egg yolk is what you all need to stimulate the hair growth & keep hair follicles stronger. So don’t separate the yolk next time.

How to use Egg and Coconut oil hair mask:

> Mix Two eggs into a bowl and whisk them well.

Overnight hair masks

> Add two full tablespoons of extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil into the well whisked eggs.
> Mix them well.
> Apply all over your hair from roots to tips. Massage for 5 minutes.
> Wrap your hair in a Polythene and leave the mask overnight.
> Wash off with a Natural shampoo and condition as as usual in the morning.

Overnight hair masks

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2. Aloe Vera & almond oil hair mask:

Aloe Vera is an all purpose plant that aids to treat every skin or hair problems. Th nutrients and antioxidants present in the Aloe Vera gel helps to treat the scalp problems very effectively and increases the hair growth. It keeps your scalp healthy and clean which in turn eliminates the flaky dandruff and bad odor.

Almond oil rich in  Vitamin E is ideal for maintains your hair soft and silky. It softens the hair shaft and makes it incredible smooth and shiny with regular use.

Best for : Dandruff/ frizzy hair

How to use Aloe Vera & Almond oil hair mask:

>Collect some fresh Aloe Vera leaves. Wash them neatly.
> Cut the thorny sides and peel the leaf into two halves. ( You can also use Aloe Vera juice that is readily available in the market from any of your trusted brands)
> Extract the gel into a bowl. Whisk it well till it forms a nice gel kinda consistency without any lumps.
> Add two tablespoons of Sweet Almond oil and mix them well.
> Apply the mixture all over your hair, Warp it with a polythene.and leave it overnight.
> Wash off with a natural shampoo in the morning.


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 Overnight hair masksOvernight hair masks

3. Pumpkin juice & Rose water hair mask:

Pumpkin isn’t only good for making tasty pumpkin pies but also a great remedy for hair loss. It is rich in Zinc and iron will treat hair loss from the roots and its also proven that it cures early balding in men by promoting new hair growth. It helps to decrease  hair loss and promotes new hair growth at the same time. This is a best home remedy to treat hair loss effectively.

Rose water gives your hair an lovely aroma  and keeps your hair fresh all day.

Best for : Hair loss/ Hair thinning.

How to Make pumpkin juice hair mask:

> Cut few pieces of pumpkin and put them in a blender. Blend it once to form a nice paste.
> Now add a cup of Home made rose water into the blender and blend them again.
>Extract the juice and apply all over your hair from roots to tips. Warp your hair with a polythene.
>Wash off the next morning with a mild shampoo.


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Overnight hair masks

 Overnight hair masks

4. Coconut milk hair mask:

Coconut milk is extremely nourishing and cooling to the scalp. It acts as a natural hair straitening cream as well. It makes your hair silky straight and smooth and you cant resist to touch your hair. This is an absolute go to hair mask for damaged hair or split end prone hair.

Actually this one ingredient is enough to keep your hair moisturized and nourish. So I haven’t felt like adding any extra ingredient to this mask. If you like you can add few teaspoons of Organic Honey to this milk too.

Best for : Frizzy hair. Acts as a natural straightening cream.

How to make coconut milk hair mask:

> Coconut milk is also called as “Nariyal Ka dooth” in Hindi. This Milk is extracted from coconut.
> Grate or cut the inner part of the fresh coconut.
> Put the shredded coconut in a blender and blend it well till if forms a nice paste.
> Add a cup or two distilled or normal water into the blender and blend them again.
>Extract only the juice into a container using a cheese cloth.
> Apply this coconut milk all over your hair and wrap it in saran wrap and leave it overnight.
> Wash off the next morning with a mild shampoo.

Overnight hair masks


5. Amla juice hair mask:

Amla is used as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat hair loss since ages. Due to high content of Vitamin C Present in Amla, it serves as an excellent remedy for premature graying and gives hair its natural shine and bounciness. Amla juice for hair is an amazing tonic to the scalp which provides enough antioxidants and vitamins to the hair to promote healthy strong hair.

You can use either use Fresh Amla juice made from fresh gooseberries or can also use store brought Amla juice from any of your trusted brands to make this hair mask.

Best for: Premature graying of hair/rough and unmanageable hair

How to make Amla hair mask:

> Collect some Fresh Indian gooseberries and wash them under clear water.
> Cut them into small pieces and make put them in a blender.
> Add a cup of water and blend them well.
> Extract the juice in a container using a strainer to separate any left over pieces of Amla.
>Apply all over your hair. Massage for 5 minutes if you have grey hair.
>Wrap with a shower cap or polythene and leave it overnight.
> Wash off in the next morning with a herbal or natural shampoo to lock the moisture in.

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Overnight hair masks


6. Apple cider vinegar:

The Acetic acid present in Apple ciser vinegar will remove the product build up on your scalp from your chemical besed shampoo, conditioners, hair sprays, dry shampoos and hair serums. The harmful ngredeints like sulphates, parebens, and other alcohols based ingredients in your hair prodcuts does more harm than good.

So to clean up or to give a detox treatment to your salp to remove all that prdcuct bild up is very important to avoid any scalp infections or problems.

BEST For: All hair types.

How to make Apple cider vinegar Overnight hair mask:

Apple cider vinegar is a very concentrated liquid. So diluting it in water before using on hair/skin is what you have to keep in your mind.
> Mix Apple cider vinegar and water in 1:10 ratio in a container or spray bottle.
> Comb your hair well and spray this solution all over your hair, concentrate on you britlle/damaged hair ends.
> Wrap a shower cap and leave it overnight.
>Wash off with a mild shampoo in the next morning.

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 Overnight hair masks

7. Avocado butter & Vitamin E hair mask:

Avocado is an Savior for dry hair. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and proteins, it helps to rejuvenate your scalp promotes healthier and shiner hair.

Vitamin E oil is a great antioxidant that repairs dry hair follicles to bring back the lost moisture and shine. Regular application of vitamin E oil to your dry ends prevent them from breakage and split ends.

BEST for : Dry/ Frizzy hair.

How to make Avocado butter and vitamin E mask:

> Scoop out the avocado pulp from some fresh avocado fruits. 
>Blend them in a blender to from a nice smooth paste. Collect the paste in a bowl
>Add 1 tablespoon of vitamin e oil
> Mix the inredeints well.
> Apply all over your hair and wrap it up in a bun and cover with a shower cap.
> Let the mask do its wonders overnight. 
>Wash off the next morning using a mild shampoo.


 Overnight hair masks

8. Rosemary & Mint hair mask:

Rosemary treats all your hair hair problems from hair loss, dandruff to premature graying and early baldness. It is an excellent hair tonic. You can either use fresh rosemary leaves if you have or can also use dried rosemary leaves that are readily available at stores. Make you to bring some good quality dried rosemary.

Mint juice gives a soothing, calming and cooling effect to your scalp especially in hot summer days. It is important to keeps your scalp cool and stress free to control hair loss if any.

BEST for: Hair loss due to stress/ Thinning of hair. Oily scalp

How to make Rosemary & Mint hair mask:

Boil some water on low flame. After 5 minutes, add 2 tablespoon full of dried rosemary leaves into the boiling water.
>Let it simmer for an another 10 minutes and off the stove.
>Let the water cool.
>In the meantime, Blend a cup of water and few fresh mint leaves in a blender.
>Extract the juice.
>Mix the mint juice and Rosemary water in a container or a spray bottle and apply all over your hair from roots to tips.
>Gently massage the scalp for 2 minutes.
> Wrap your hair up in a shower cap and wash off the next morning. 

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Overnight hair masks


9. Green tea & lemon hair mask:

Green tea rich in anti-oxidants is best to treat dandruff in a natural way. It is also know to reduce hair loss and inhibit the growth of DHT- which hinders hair growth and causes hair loss.

Lemon which is high in vitamin c, kills the harmful bacteria or fungus and keeps your scalp clean. A healthy and clean scalp is ideal for hair growth and to be away from any other hair problems.

BEST for: Dandruff/ other Scalp infections 

How to make Green tea hair mask:

There is already a detail post written on how to use this hair mask and the benefits you get out of it. Check this Green tea and lemon hair rinse to get rid of flaky dandruff

This can also be used as an hair rinse. But to reap the maximun benefits out of this recipe, an overnight hair mask is the best way.

 How to get rid of flaky dandruff

10. Mayonnaise hair mask:

Mayonnaise is  made with eggs and some oils. It gives great nourishment to your scalp and makes your hair silky smooth with just one application. You can just go a head and prepare your own mayonnaise or bring some good quality mayonnaise from any of your trusted brand

BEST for: Frizzy hair/ Dry hair/ Damaged hair

How to Mayonnaise hair mask:

Apply Mayonnise all over your hair concentrate more on the ends where hair is prone to split ends or dryness. 
>Wrap your hair up and cover it with a shower cap.
> Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar if you feel that your hair is greasy. 


Overnight hair masks


11. Curd & olive oil hair mask:

Curd is extremely beneficial to your scalp. It has excellent cooling abilities when taken both internally and externally. The acidity present in the curd softens your hair naturally and keeps them frizz free all the day. Be sure to use home made curd to get maximum benefits out of this hair mask.

Olive oil is ultra conditioning and smothening oil to your hair. It makes your hair so silky, shiny and tangle free. It reverses the hair damage caused by using excessive heat styling tools.

BEST for : Rough hair/ Straightened-damaged hair

How to make curd and olive oil hair mask:

> Mix 2 cups of curds (one/two according to your length of your hair) with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
> Whisk the mixture well, until the oil gets mixed well into the curd.
> Apply all over your hair from roots to tips and wrap up with a shower cap.
> Leave it overnight and wash off with a mild shampoo in the morning with a mild shampoo.



 Overnight hair masksOvernight hair masks

So which hair mask you are gonna try this night? Comment your choice below and let’s see which hair mask most of you are gonna try. 🙂

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