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7 Must do Medical Tests for every Women in their 20s

“Prevention is better than cure” – Its easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

The above proverb says it all, the reason of this article. Women in 20s are more busy compared to the women in 30s and 40s. Because this is the decade, where we are pre-occupied in starting our career, new job, dating, starting motherhood etc. And so we don’t make time for ourselves and thus are guilty of blowing off doctor visits and skipping baseline screenings.

Do not be in a dilemma that you will be perfectly healthy and fine as you are following some of the best routines with healthy eating and exercise. Surely it pays for a healthy you, but doesn’t cure the ones which are about to attack at any point of time. At times it is really difficult to detect the signs of some illness. Some of them may carry to you if your family has, but its never too late to detect or prevent it by regular checkups.

So here are some of the must do medical tests for women in their 20s. Make your appointments today and share these with your friends too, who knows? This may help them detect something that’s wrong.

Get Appointments now- Medical tests for women in their 20s

      1. Physical Care:

Visit your physical care physician or the one who is trained in either family or internal medicine once a year for the following checkups.

checkups should include: 1. Blood sugar level tests- get a fasting blood sugar test every one or two years to screen for diabetics.
2. Blood tests to screen for any problems like gastric, ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases including
colon cancer.
3. Cholesterol tests- Every five years if normal and more often if abnormal. High cholesterol is a risk                                                        for heart disease. Regular checkups to maintain proper cholesterol levels will reduce the sudden                                                            surprises of heart attacks.


    2. STD Screenings:

Visit any gynecologist, urologist, or your primary care physician to screen for the following. Checkups can be done once every year depending on how sexually active you are.

Checkups should include:  1. Get tested annually for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes, HPV, syphilis and trichomoniasis                                                                which can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases. These Tests are performed either by taking a blood                                                             sample or swabs from cervix.


    3. Clinical and Self Breast-exam:

Breast lumps which can be diagnosed by breast self-exam is one method to find early stages of breast cancer. Most lumps in younger women are caused by benign cysts, but there are no absolutes. You can perform a quick breast self exam to look for any doubtful lumps, but if your are not confident about these self tests, you can always go for clinical breast exams that includes the following test

Checkups should include: 1. Breast exam
2. Mammogram
3. Breast ultrasound
4.  Biopsy
5. Breast MRI

Other tests might also be used depending upon your situation. You can consult any gynecologist and tell them that you want a complete checkup that can detect breast cancer if any.


     4. PAP Smears:

The most often neglected test are the Pap smear test. In case you aren’t aware about this, The Pap smear test- abbreviation of the Papanicolaou test is the most common method of detecting pre-cancerous in the cervix (opening of the uterus or womb) that can cause Cervical cancer.

Checkups should include: 1. Every women in their twenties after becoming sexually active should go for a Pap smear test every                                                       year. This test is generally performed by scraping of cells from the cervix to detect any                                                                             abnormalities  that could lead to cervical cancer. You can visit your gynecologist to get the test                                                             done.


     5. Skin-test:

Dermatologists say that Fair skinned women are at a higher risk for skin cancer than those with darker skin. Using many skin care products that contain many cancerous ingredients and the constant exposure to harmful UV rays effects your skin a lot that may also lead to skin cancer. You should also check for any asymmetrical or discolored moles on your body as a sign of it.

Those with a close family member diagnosed with melanoma(the most serious type of skin cancer) are at higher risk for skin cancer

Checkups should include: 1. Your dermatologist may perform a skin biopsy or other skin examining tests to test whether there                                                           are any melanoma cells.



     6. Thyroid Check:

Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid issues found in today women. These are caused to unhealthy eating habits or may also attack if your family member has it.

Checkups should include: The gold-standard thyroid test is a blood screen for TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, which                                                         detects hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid, causing insomnia and weight loss; or                                                                               hypothyroidism, an under active thyroid, causing sluggishness and weight gain.

Act immediately if you see these symptoms in either in you or in your beloved ones- changes in weight, sleep habits,mood, cholesterol levels or sever hair fall.


      7. Dentist:

Get teeth and gum examintaion and cleaning every six months from your dentist to avoid cavities and other gum problems.

Checkups should include:  A dental assistant takes the x-rays followed by a teeth cleaning and gum                                                                                                      evaluation by the hygienist



Follow these medical tests for women annually to detect early stages of any diseases. Finding a day or two every year is not all hard I believe. so please take care of your health and stay beautiful. 🙂

Comment your suggestions or any other tests that i missed out here but you think should be done by every other 20s girl, do let me know.

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