How to make Orange Peel Powder for face

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face and body | “Sun Dried”

Orange Peel Powder is used in many ways due to the various skin lightening benefits it has. Today I am going to show you how to make orange peel powder for face and also for your body. Orange peel powder is not only useful for you face but also for your hands, legs and neck to remove dead skin and tan.

It is a great source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium and magnesium. You will never throw your orange peels once you know about the amazing benefits it has for your skin.

What does orange peel do to your face?

♥ Protects skin from the free radical damage and combats acne

♥ Promotes healthy skin glow and shine

♥ Regulates and controls sebum production. Good for oily skin

♥ Hydrates dehydrated skin and helps retain moisture

♥ Helps remove dead skin and prevent skin tissue damage caused by sun.

♥ Good for healing dry, flaky and itchy skin during winters

♥ Delays aging by preventing Oxidative stress in skin cells that promotes youthful and glowing skin


How to make Orange peel powder for face at home

Though there are readily available Orange peel powders at online and  grocery stores, you never know if that is some fragranced and colored chalk powder or loaded with artificial chemical powders.

If you still prefer store bought powders, then I would suggest you to buy only Organic Orange peel powders that are food grade and have Organic certifications like USDA.

Not only these Organic Peel powders are hard to find, but also costs you 10 times more than few fresh Oranges.

So, why not make use of those peels of oranges that you enjoy eating. Let’s learn how to make orange Peel powder for face at home easily.

You Need..

A dry blender
5-6 Orange Peels


⇒ To make the Orange peel powder, Save some Orange peels from the fresh oranges you eat.

⇒ Cut them into Small pieces and spread them into a steel plate.

⇒ Sun dry them on your trace for 2-3 days on sunny days, and 4-5 days on cloudy days.

⇒ Make sure they are crisp and dried before going to blend them.

⇒ Now Take a handful of sun dried Orange peel  pieces and put them into blender and blend them well till it forms a nice soft powder.

⇒ Blend for at least 4-5 minutes to ensure there are no grainy pieces left.

⇒ You can also filter the powder using a strainer to remove any excess particles that were not blended properly.

That’s it. Home made Orange peel powder without any risk of harmful chemicals, is done..!



Store this powder in an air tight container and do not let any water or moisture get into the jar. Use a wide spoon to take the powder from the jar. Never put your wet hands into the jar.

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face

How to make Orange Peel Powder for face


This Orange peel powder can be stored till 6 months.

Use this Orange peel powder to get glowing face and body.

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