Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW – Before & After Images

If you are already a returning reader of my blog, you might be aware of Why I have started Coloring my hair since I was 15. And after trying many chemical based hair coloring treatments, I finally realized what my hair needs and it’s high time I treat it the way it deserves. This is why I opted to Color my hair Black Naturally using Henna and Indigo Leaf Powders. I agree that the method was indeed a 2-day tedious task to achieve the coverage I wanted. But was worth it. I color my hair not very often, may be once in every 5-6 months. Reason? As said, this method of coloring my hair takes 2 full days, sometimes I do not have time and sometimes I am very lazy. *And Yeah.. I don’t care people mocking at me seeing my grey hair*

One day, In search of some natural Ayurveda hair oils, I came across this brand “Krya”. And after seeing all their hair care range products, I was so eager to try their Midnight natural Hair color. Here goes my Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair Color review after using it for the first time.

Let’s See If this can reduce my 2-day process of natural hair coloring method to a one day one.


Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

Disclaimer: I did not use the “Krya Vibrant Hair color oil” and the “Krya Creamy conditioning Hair mask” (after color hair care steps) as suggested by the brand on their website. 

Recommended: A Patch test, if you have never tried Indigo Leaf powder.



Simple and Eco-friendly. Krya Midnight Black Natural hair color comes in a small brown color carton box. The powder is packed in a plastic  packet (Oops.! I take back my word “Eco-friendly” :/)

I ordered a 200gms pack, so there were 2 packets of 100gms each. If your hair is thick/long and you want to color your entire hair at once, then one full packet can be used at a time, but if your hair is thin/short, One full packet of 100gms will be more. In that case, you may need to store the remaining powder in a container.

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

Storage Instructions as mentioned on the package: Use the Krya Natural Hair color immediately on opening.


Even though they claim it to be a no chemical natural hair coloring product, they used the word :”Key ingredients”, donno why. 🙁

Key Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis (Henna), Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo), Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek), Acacia Catuchu (Khadira).

However, there is this “ingredients” list mentioned on the product page of their website. Here is a snap shot for your reference.

Krya Hair color ingredients.


Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

About Krya Natural Hair Color Range

After a year’s research , and over 50 different hair colour formulations, Krya brings to the Krya all-natural hair colour range of products. Our product range includes safe, natural hair colours with good coverage, made from carefully selected, mindfully processed ayurvedic herbs. Our range also includes a support system to keep your hair in great shape. Our colour support system includes a colour strengthening mask, and a nourishing hair oil.

All other Variants

  1. Krya Natural Black Hair color
  2. Krya Truffle Brown Natural Color



INR 630/- for 200gms and INR 360 for 100gms.


How to Apply Krya Midnight Natural Hair color 

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

There is already a detailed one full page instruction on How to use their natural hair color range on their website and also a print out that you get in the packaging each time you order (as shown above).

This is how I applied Krya Midnight Natural Hair color

I took a disposable plastic cup and mixed the powder from one full packet of 100gms with plain water, till it forms a runny paste.

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

As my grey hair percentage near my crown area is high, I asked my Mom to color my hair. She took a good one full hour to properly cover each strand of my hair with this color.

*So, NO judging of not coloring my hair properly*

One whole packet was sufficient to cover my entire Shoulder length hair with this color.

I then tied my hair into a bun and covered it with a shower cap.

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

As my grey hair count is more in number, I waited for around 3 hours before washing it off.

After 3 hours, I washed my hair with just Normal water (Neither Hot not Cold) till I saw clear water running through my hair.

I towel dried my hair for 5 minutes and then Let it air dried naturally. I did not use any heat styling tools to dry my hair.


Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW – Did it Work the first time?

As soon as I washed my hair, I could still see some of the grey hair are still grey. I don’t use any chemical based conventional Hair coloring methods previously. I only color my hair using this Natural Hair coloring method, once every 5 or 6 months. So, no blame on chemicals here.

Second, as they mentioned, The color will take 1-2 days after application to fully develop, as the herbs need to go though oxidation process after application. I waited for two full days to see no difference in my hair color.

Before Applying Hair Color

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW

Here is the snap of my hair looked on the second day.

After using Krya Midnight Natural Hair Color once

Krya Midnight Black Natural Hair color REVIEW


The only difference I noticed was, There was a slight shade of change in color for the grey hair. May be 5% of black? But not black completely. Greys are still visible, not as shiny as there were before coloring, but are noticeable.

On the Third day, i washed my hair with Mild Shampoo BON Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo and conditioned as usual.

While shampooing, I observed that while I was washing my hair.. the foam of the shampoo and the water were a little blackish. I am not sure if the color is draining out or what.

I am yet to wash it one more time and see what happens. And Of course, Update you on the same too. 🙂



1. Pure Herbs. No harmful chemicals. No scalp irritation

2. Safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding too.



1. Key Ingredients. May be I should ask the brand about the full ingredient list.

2. Did not turn my grey hair into black on first application. I will re-apply after a week as said by the brand (” If you have high percentage of grey hair to begin with or if your hair has suffered damage due to chemical coloring, you may need 2-3 rounds of coloring to get grey coverage. In this case you can color your hair a second time, four days after the first coloring session”)


I know this is still not a complete Review from my side. But I want to share my first impression on this with you. I will re apply this after a couple of days and update you on the results.


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