"Kasturi Turmeric" to treat UNEVEN SKIN TONE

Age Old Secret Way “Kasturi Turmeric” to treat UNEVEN SKIN tone | Kasturi Manjal

Kasturi Turmeric is used for centuries as the only beauty ingredient to keep skin glowy and healthy. In fact, even today in Hindu traditional marriages, there is a special place for Turmeric – ‘The Haldi ceremony”. The ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding day at the residence of both groom and bride respectively. A paste prepared with turmeric (haldi), curd, sandalwood, gram flour primarily, is rubbed onto the bride’s and groom’s skin before a ceremonial bath.

Turmeric is considered extremely auspicious for Hindu rituals. There’s a role for turmeric in every ritual as it signifies purity, fertility and good health.

Turmeric gives a divine glow to the skin. It is extremely good for the skin and gives the skin a healthy glow and ensures the bride and the groom look fresh during the most important occasion of their lives – ‘Marriage’. The beautification property of haldi makes the haldi ceremony an important ritual in Indian weddings.

How Turmeric Can Improve your Skin Tone – Turmeric for Skin brightening

Cooking Turmeric Vs Kasturi Turmeric:

Yes, there are two different turmeric types and yet there is no harm in using your cooking’s turmeric for your face, but its not meant for your skin and also stains it too. The yellow color of Kasturi turmeric is little lighter than that of the regular turmeric, which makes them easy to distinguish from each other. Besides, Kasturi turmeric is very fragrant and it also does not stain the skin like its regular counterpart.

Wild Turmeric/Kasturi Manjal is considered as an Ayurvedic medicinal herb with a strong antibiotic property. It is obtained from the rhizobium of Curcuma Aromatica.

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Turmeric powder may be used to brighten skin tone, but it’s main ingredient, curcumin, works to suppress excess melanin production caused by sunlight which can lead to uneven skin tone, age spots and even pigmentation in the later stages if not taken care.

Women of all skin types—from oily to dry—can benefit from turmeric’s 300 antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Curcumin helps treat chronic inflammation, skin irritations, and sun damage—all of which can cause premature aging.

With all these benefits, would anyone like to miss out to include this wonder herb in their skin care routine? FOMO?? Here’s the perfect recipe to treat uneven skin tone naturally using India’s Kasturi Turmeric.

Best mask of Kasturi Turmeric to treat Uneven Skin tone naturally

This face pack is no surprise to many Dadi-s and Nani-s out there. But I just twisted this with a little more extra ingredients for that extra skin benefits. Hope your Dadi and Nani too will love it. 🙂

To prepare this face mask, you will require the below ingredients to start off with. If some of them are already lying in your kitchen, you are lucky. Make sure that you use only pure and local ingredients as much as possible.


Kusturi Turmeric
Chickpea flour
Saffron Strands 
Almond flour
Local honey
Desi Buttermilk (Home made)

"Kasturi Turmeric" to treat UNEVEN SKIN TONE

How to make and use Kasturi Turmeric to treat uneven skin tone

To prepare this mask, you can follow the below steps to know how much of each ingredient is required to prepare the mask correctly, so that it works more effectively. Although our star ingredient here is Kasturi turmeric, we are using  a couple of other natively available ingredients so that the turmeric can bind into a fine paste when mixed with other liquid activators.

Step 1: Take 3 tablespoons of chickpea floor (I bought chana and grounded to fine powder at home)  into a mixing bowl

Step 2: Now add 1 tablespoon each of kasturi turmeric (bought it from Mysore) and finely milled Almond flour into the bowl and mix all the ingredients well.

Step 3: Take 4-5 strands of pure saffron  (I got mine from Kashmir, through a friend) and break them into tiny strands or coarse ground them using a mortar and pastle.

Step 4: Add these saffron strands into the above mixture and mix all the ingredients well.

Step 5: Store this powder in an airtight glass jar and keep it away from your kitchen area/direct sunlight. You ca store this face pack for 3-4 months.

Step 6: To use this face pack, take a teaspoon of this face pack powder into a small mixing plate and add a pinch of honey and buttermilk to it. Mix them well to form a fine runny paste and apply evenly on to your well-cleansed face. *Do not neglect the neck*

Step 7: Let it air dry naturally (do not sit under the fan) and wash off after 15 minutes.

Step 8: Spritz some rose water on to the face and pat dry using a soft cotton towel. Can apply any plant based moisturizer or face serum.

"Kasturi Turmeric" to treat UNEVEN SKIN TONE

You can apply this face mask twice a week to see better results.

Where to get the Ingredients from:

I often get DMs on my Instagram account asking  where to get the ingredients that I talk about in my posts here on smartgirls blog, as most of the times I dont mention where do I get the ingredients from. It is very tough to answer, because the ingredients which I use are mostly bought locally or from the places where I travel to. I like to buy the ingredients mostly from local farmers of that place. Once I bring those ingredients, I use them in my home made facial oils, cold infused oils, face masks and face wash powders. If they are genuine and work on my skin (which happens almost 99% of the times), then I go again to the same place and buy in little large quantity ans store them.

So, this is the reason I am unable to recommended you the same products/ingredients that I use here. Otherwise, most of the times I do link the products which I bought online and use them. So, sorry for this inconvenience. 🙁


Hope you will love my secret face mask to get even out skin tone in a more natural and safe way possible. Do let me know what more you would like me to write on this blog in the future.

I must say, the best content I write here only comes from you guys. So your ideas are always welcome and yeah..I do read all your comments and love to reply back too. You don’t believe me? Just try.. 😉

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