“Just-water-Cleansing” method to get rid of OILY SKIN and ACNE

Before I start saying something, Let me tell you that If at all you want to try this routine.. start with no expectation. Not because it wont work but to keep your patience intact. And again there is no compulsion, it totally depends on you whether to give it a try or just let it be. This may be your best ever guide to get rid of oily skin forever, if you choose it to be. So, let’s move on.

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If you are some one with “Shiny t zone”, “oily skin”, “red and sensitive skin”, “dry and flaky skin” around your nose and hair line, “dull and lifeless looking skin”, large “open pores”, “tight skin” after having showers, blackheads specially around your nose area, and deep cystic acne that never goes.. chances are you are having dehydrated skin that is lacking natural moisture that your skin produces.

Many beauty “gurus” or bloggers about skin care, say that you need to moisturize your skin- the most important part of the skin care routine. True, by not with those creams and gels that you slather on your face daily which contains lots of alcohols, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, synthetic colors, preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances.

These may seem are doing good but are actually hazardous to your skin and to your entire health as some of them also contain carcinogenic (Cancer causing) ingredients.

Your skin produces natural oil that is highly necessary and beneficial to your skin. It produces oil for a reason. More and more you wash your face with soaps or cleansers, it produces more and more oil to balance. That in turn clogs your pores with harmful bacteria, and causes acne. This is why you acne routine never gonna yield fruitful results.

I know what you might may be thinking now. “But that lady in the video I saw, she cleared her acne with this same routine”. Let me tell you one think, Acne causes due to many different reasons in different people. The foods or the supplements they take to cure their root cause of their acne may probably not work for you, and this is the reason you are still battling with acne. Hence you are here, still searching for some really working ways to treat acne. Isn’t that true?

I understand your agony and frustration, because I was you one day..sitting there, searching for one such miracle that will treat my acne forever.

My then, I realized some of the so called “ideal skin care routines” are a total crap. A process of constantly cleansing your face and stripping away the natural moisture out of it is what causing me more acne. I will share those with you now

These are Some of the Bad habits of skin care that triggers acne and oiliness on your face are

#1 Surfocants and detergents in your foaming cleansers

Today, in this modernized society, we are so used to these foaming cleansers that gives us a squeaky clean feeling. But what happens after 2 hours? Oh.! Your skin is oily back?

Those sulfates and detergents actually strip your natural skin’s moisture to give you such a squeaky clean feeling. It is not really necessary to wash your wash a twice r thrice every day with these facial cleansers.

#2  Scrubbing too much

Scrubbing your face a way too often will make your skin sensitive. This will make your skin too weak to react to any pathogens that enters through skin.

You skin actually contain a good bacteria that fights with the bad bacteria to enter into your skin that may pose skin prblems.

the more you wash, the more you scrub your face..you are actually killing away the good bacteria also which was actually trying to help you.

#3  Blame them- Hot Waters

One of your deep cystic acne culprits is using hot water showers. Going to a hot water shower without any protective layer on your skin will dry out your skin like hell.

This in turn causes fine lines, flakiness and more oiliness on your face.

#4  So many products ?

A cleanser, followed by a toner and then a moisturizer. And again, sunscreen, foundation, concealer and compact? You come back, remove your makeup with a makeup remover, repeat the cleanser-toner-moisturizer all over again. *OMG*

If you are in a dilemma that you are actually taking care of your skin just like a baby, NO..! you are just harming it just like a demon.

YES.! as I said, the more you was your face in your day with these surfocants, the more your skin becomes dehydrated and in turn produces more and more oil. Thus more and more acne again. Such a vicious cycle.

Isnt there any there any other way that you can cleanse your face naturally, you ask? Of my goodness..! Glad that you have asked. Mother nature has gifted has so many things to pamper our skin like never before.



Diet also plays a major role on your acne

As i said before, Acne can cause due to number of reasons. One of the worst acne breakouts that is very hard to control is hormonal acne. This type of acne is mainly occurs due to the imbalance in your hormones and inflammation in your gut.

Your jaw line and cheek bone area are prone to acne in this stage. Deep cystic and painful acne is caused by high inflammation in your body.

It is always better to get a hormonal check with your doctor and know what is actually causing it. Once you find the root cause and the triggering points, it is just a child’s play to treat your acne.

Mean while, Include these anti-inflammatory diet in your daily routines in limited doses to combat inflammation in your gut and detox your body & to flush away toxins.

How to start “Just-water-Cleansing” method to get rid of OILY SKIN and ACNE forever

The things I am gonna say now are quite different and may seem ridiculous. Although they are unconventional, You will find them to be true only after you try.

step #1 

Stop using all the products.

Just stop using all the products for at least 30 days from now. Keep the products away from your sight, so that they wont always entice you every time you see them. when I say all the products, it includes you makeup products too.

Do not get panicked thinking, what will happen to all those money I have put in to buy these products, all of the money is waste? No, This routine need not be your life time routine.. you can go back to you normal routines once your acne is cured or you feel you n longer need this routine.

For this, it at least takes 30 days to see any results. Your skin takes time to from new cells and adapt to a new routine.

Step #2

Wash your face with just water.

I know this is really weird to some of you. It was for me to, when I started. But once you start washing your face only with water, you will notice that your skin is not oily any more. You need not use any blotting papers all the time to remove excess oil from your face, because it doesn’t to be oily any more.

Use Apple cider vinegar toner after you wash your face. It removes all the left over from your face.

If your skin feels oils, just dust your face with Arrowroot flour. That its. You don’t need any other stuff.

Step #4

Stay away from Hot water, Instead use warm water to take baths.

The Hot steam from the water you use enlarges you pores and makes your skin produce more oil. these pores accumulate dirt and bacteria to react with the excess oil that your skin produces and creates breakouts.

Never ever use hot water to take showers even thought how cold it is outside. It harms your skin in the way you can never think of.

Step #4

Exfoliate your skin not more than thrice every month.

Using a natural home made DIY facial cleanser exfoliate your skin very gently and wash off with cold water as a final rinse.

to get rid of oily skin

Follow up with a Apple cider vinegar toner once you are out of the shower.

You can apply natural moisturizer that are non-comedogenic such as Shea butter, Argan oil or Jojobo oil to your skin to keep the moisture intact after a long warm shower. Remember, not no apply more than 3-4 drops of any of this oil.

For those you reluctant to use any oil on their face, apply natural Aloe Vera gel from the leaf.


That all.. The routine is as simple as it sounds. you don’t need any high end cleanser or exfoliaters to take care of your skin. Your own skin can do that, it has its ability to do so.

So let your skin do its job and lay back without any stress.

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