Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW

Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW | Damask Rose & Walnut shell, Peppermint

Face and body dusting powders give a refreshed feeling after a long relaxing shower. I like to use Dusting powders mainly during night time, after my shower. It is easy to dust your body with artificial fragrance filled talc, but hard to find one that is natural and harmless to your skin and body. In search of some natural and safe body and face dusting powders, I came across Juicy chemistry Dusting powders which are made from safe, non toxic natural ingredients. I have already tried their Damask Rose Dusting powder and bought their other variant i.e., Black Walnut  shell & peppermint Foot dusting powder. So, ready for the  Juicy chemistry dusting powder REVIEW ?


Packaging of Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powders

The packaging is done in a medium sized white plastic bottle. The size is  a little small as compared to the packaging of normal talcum powders you find in the market.

It has a flip open cap under which there is already a wheel shaped hole to get the powder out on to your hands. So, you need not pierce it to form a hole 😛

I find that the cap has lost its grip with repeated closing and opening. It is not that tight as it was when I bought it and so may spill the powder while you are carrying it while traveling. So, be careful while traveling with this guy.

Juicy Chemistry Dusting powder REVIEW – Damask Rose 

I love this Dusting powder. One of my favorite of all times. The fragrance and the texture is not as smooth as the normal talcum powder. I remember my mom saying ‘eww’ when she first tried this, as this was not as smooth as the one’s she tried so far. 😀

I used this Dusting powder almost daily during my “Just water cleansing days”  to clear my acne. It helps to easily matify my skin without using an compacts.

Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW


Tapioca Root Powder, Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Rice Flower, Rose Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Damascus Rose Powder

Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW

Price: INR 450/- for 75 grms.


Juicy chemistry Dusting powder REVIEW – Black Walnut shell & Peppermint

This Dusting powder has a strong fragrance of peppermint. It has small traces of black Walnut shell which makes this powder a grainy one, more than the above Damask dusting powder. You can feel the grains scrubbing your skin while you are applying it to your face or body.

Although this is specially meant for Feet, I sometimes use it for my face and body during hot summers. It gives an instant Cooling sensation to the body and reduces the redness caused by sun.

This is ideal for oily skin types. I recommend you to go for a patch test before trying this dusting powder, especially sensitive skin types. I feel that this Dusting powder from juicy chemistry has a higher concentration of peppermint essential oil. If you are highly sensitive to essential oils, please do a patch test to avoid any skin irritation later.

Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW


Juicy Chemistry Dusting Powder REVIEW

Black Walnut Shell Powder, Tapioca Root Powder, Rhassoul Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil

Price: INR 450/- for 75 grms.


Which One will I Prefer to buy again?

Honestly, both are super awesome. But considering the price, I would prefer to buy only one. 😀 and that will be Juicy chemistry Damask Rose Dusting powder. One, because the texture of this powder is not as grainy as the other variant. Two, because I love the Rose Fragrance more than the Peppermint one.

So, these are my views on Juicy chemistry Dusting powder.


What other natural Dusting powders have you tried?


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