Is it Enough If my Shampoo is Just SLS/Paraben Free?

Is it Enough If my Shampoo is Just SLS/Paraben Free?

No. Never..!

Marketers have become smart these days. They know what we all we are aware of and instead of correcting them, they mask them up. They know that we as consumers are aware of the dangerous effects of using harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens and so they promote their products depicting as SLS/paraben free on their packaging but use equivalent harmful chemicals in their formula.

The truth is, if the shampoo/conditioner is really SLS/Paraben free, there is no need to show off. It is evident in the ingredient list. And in fact, cosmetic companies have learnt to play with this too by saying – “Key ingredients”.

I don’t know how have started this trend of mentioning “Key ingredients” on their products. I hate this. Its like, you are not even being trustworthy in reveling your full ingredient list of the product, then I don’t see a point on keeping the product on the shelf for sale.

In my opinion, buying a shampoo that contains SLS/parabens in its is much better than of those which mentions “key ingredients”. At least the former being true to what they have produced.

Do not fall in to the trap of marketing. SLS/paraben Free on the shampoo labels are the gimmicks they use to let you put their products into your carts.

There are many more chemicals that are equally harmful. Like Ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS)  or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) which I Have found in many shampoos which says SLS and paraben free on their labels.

One of the harmful carcinogenic chemical that we all are addicted to is “fragrance”. There is literally no product that is sitting in our shelf is of fragrance free. Go check yourself.

[Some of fragrance free products that I use: Unscented Castile soap, Alba Botanica Leave in Conditioner]

This single ingredient fragrance alone is made of more than 200 harmful chemicals that are unknown to us. Companies keeps them undisclosed saying that its their patented formula. 

So, today’s take away is – Do not blindly pickup a shampoo just because its written SLS/Paraben free on its label. The real story is revealed on the back on the bottle i.e., the ingredient list. Do not even waste your time in reading an ingredient list that mentions “key ingredients”. Especially if you are highly sensitive and even allergic to some of the ingredients.

For your easy access, I have complied a list of some of the most commonly used harmful ingredient in shampoos and conditioners in this post. Toxic ingredients you must AVOID at any cost..!!

You can use this as your guide the next time you buy a new shampoo. Happy shopping 🙂


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