Refreshing Ice Cubes for face

4 Refreshing Ice Cubes for face to Treat OPEN PORES, ACNE & OILY SKIN

When it comes to quick beauty hacks, Ice cubes for face is one of the most cheap and effective way to take care of your skin. Ice cubes facial has been very popular these days, specially in hot scorching summers. Ice cubes are not only used to treat sun burns and inflammation as most of us use them for, but it treats many other skin problems too.

Some of the Benefits of using Ice cubes for Face are:

Shrinks Pimples:

One of the most popular uses of ice cubes is for shrinking acne. Ice can calm redness and swelling, especially if you have cystic acne. It can even relieve pain in the same way it numbs bruises. But remember that, cystic acne is sensitive and so you need to be extra careful to only dab the ice only on the pimple and should not put the same ice cubes on its surrounding skin or any other area on the face, as there is a change of bacteria being spreading down to that area.

Cures Inflammation:

Skin inflammations and redness can occur due to various reasons such as a long exposure to the sun’s rays or even allergies. In such cases, applying ice on the affected areas gives you instant relief from the inflammation.

Closes pores and reduces oil:

Ice water or Ice is proven to reduce the skin’s pores size and also controls sebum production on oily face and makes it feel instantly fresh and clean.

Creates base for Makeup:

If your Makeup looks uneven and cake-y every time you apply any BB cream, it is probably because of open pores and inflamed skin too sometimes. To create a perfect base for your skin during makeup, a good massage of Ice on your face for 1 minute creates a soft and smooth skin for makeup.

Reduces Sun Burns:

This is one of the main reason why many of us have actually started to use Ice cubes for face, to treat sun burns. Applying Ice cubes immediately on sun burnt skin, will reduce redness caused due to prolonged sun exposure and soothes the skin thereafter.

Puffiness under eyes:

Any form of cold packs is an amazing remedy for puffy or tired eyes. Ice has the quality to reduce swellings, and thus makes these swollen bags disappear quickly..However, since the skin around the eyes is delicate, the cubes should not be used for a long duration.

Increases Blood circulation:

The coldness will boost your circulation, helping bring blood and color to your skin. Your complexion will naturally brighten even before you apply makeup. So every morning, applying an ice cube will double as a good wake-up call.


4 Refreshing Ice Cubes for face

These 4 recipes of Ice Cubes for Face that instantly refreshes and treats many skin problems.

1. Green Tea Ice Cubes:

Prepare 2 cups of Green Tea using 2 spoons of Loose Green Tea leaves. Let it cool to room temperature and now pour this water into the Ice cubes moulds and let them sit in the freezer for around 8 hours. And that it, you are ready with some fresh Green Tea Cubes ready to be used your skin.

2. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

This can be done using either a fresh Aloe Vera Leaf’s gel if you have one, or you can also use 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel to prepare these Aloe Vera Ice cubes.

To use Fresh Aloe Leaf, Extract the gel into a blender and add 5 tablespoons of Rose water into it. Blend it well to a fine juice like consistency (add more rose water if required) and pour it into the Ice cubes moulds and let them sit in the freezer for around 8 hours.

To use Ready to use Aloe Vera gel, Mix 10 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel and 5 tablespoon of Rose water into a bowl and mix them will till it forms a nice liquid- y consistency. Pour this water into the Ice cubes moulds and let them sit in the freezer for around 8 hours.

Once the mixture hardens, these Ice cubes are ready to be used for your skin.

3. Cucumber Ice Cubes

This is my favorite. These can also be used in any home made drinks. Cut one medium sized cucumber into small pieces and blend them. Extract the juice and pour it into ice cube moulds and freeze it for 8 hours minimum.

4. Mint  Ice cubes

Take a handful of fresh mint leaves and put them into a blender. Add one cup of Rose water and blend them. Pour this water into the Ice cubes moulds and let them sit in the freezer for around 8 hours.


How to Use Ice Cubes for Face

Take one Ice cube of your choice and wrap it in a clean wash cloth. Massage your face using this Wrapped Ice cube for a minutes in circular motions. Take a break till your skin reaches to normal temperature and repeat again. Do this for a maximum of not more than 3 times in one sitting.

Do not apply or wash your face again after massages your face with Ice cubes. Let your face air dry or else wipe it off with a wash cloth if you n time and to need get ready quickly.


You can Use Ice cubes for face whenever you have a sun burn or when acne is just popping up newly. Do not use daily, as too much of anything is bad for you skin.


Ever Tried Ice Cubes for face?

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