How I use Turmeric for Skin Brightening

How Turmeric Can Improve your Skin Tone – Turmeric for Skin brightening

Few months back we got more than 2 Kilograms of Turmeric Harvest from our backyard. After washing , drying and grinding it to fine powder, we got enough quantity of turmeric power that can last for almost a year (for the use of cooking). I know I can never get this high quality turmeric to use for my skin and so started using this turmeric powder in my weekly skin care routines. It’s almost been more than two months and I cant get enough of this turmeric powder. Seriously, the way it improved my skin is just awe..! I love it. There are some of the ways I use Turmeric for skin brightening in my skin care. Hope you will like at least one of these face masks.

Do share the one you gonna try this day in the comments section at the end of this post. I love reading your comments. 🙂


How I use Turmeric for Skin Brightening

As we just talked about the wonderful benefits of Turmeric for skin, Now Let’s see how can we use Turmeric for skin brightening. These are some of the methods that I often use according to my skin needs and of course based on the ingredients that are available at my home at that particular time. 🙂

A pinch is all you need: As our Turmeric is purely grown Organically, it is grown free of any GMOs, pesticides and insecticides. Due to this reason, this turmeric can stain your face very easily and may last for a maximum of two days even after washing your face. *I will also show you how to easily remove turmeric stains from your face at the end of this post.*

It is never really required to slather your whole face with Just turmeric as a face pack. Even a pinch of turmeric ca do its magic to your skin, just like how a pinch of turmeric can add color to Indian curries. 🙂

So, that being said, Let me quickly dive deep into the wonderful benefits and properties of Turmeric for skin brightening.

How I use Turmeric for Skin Brightening


1. Grandma’s Recipe: Gram Flour and Turmeric

This is basically called the Indian Grandma’s recipe. Isn’t it? It is been flown down as a beaut secret from your grandma to your mom, and from your mom to you and will continue there after.

Our age old beauty regimes still exist for a reason. Besan can not only be used as a face pack but also, in bathing. Besan is really useful as a tan removal agent when applied to skin.

Do you know?

Ubtan, which is combination of Gram Flour and turmeric is used in bathing new born babies. Ubtan is made in a way that is believed to lighten a baby’s complexion and smoothen skin.

This face mask comprising turmeric powder and gram flour can get rid of oiliness on your face. The gram flour helps maintain the pH of your skin because it has natural alkalizing properties. This also helps control your sebaceous glands, which are responsible for the production of your skin’s natural oil.


2. Brightening with moisturizing effect: Oats and Turmeric

This is not new. If you are a frequent follower of my blog posts, then you might have known by know that how much I swear by this face pack.

One of the best skin lightening treatment in summers is with Oats and turmeric. Oats have natural saponin content (that greasy lubricant kind texture) which makes an excellent choice to wash your face with it . Skin lightening with oats has been tried and tested by many. This simple home remedy has not just one benefit, it can treat sun damage, tan, dark spots, blemishes acne and many such skin issues.

Oats have natural anti oxidant and moisturizing abilities that only help lighten your skin but also improves skin tone, removes tan and lightens skin.

So here’s goes my favorite face mask, Oats and Turmeric.

skin lightening with oats


>Take a clean bowl and add one full tablespoon of Oatmeal powder.

>Next, add a pinch of Organic (no artificial color or pesticides used) Turmeric powder to the Oats.

>Now by adding few drops of Rose water, mix the mixture well till it forms a nice paste as shown below.

Substitute: If you do not have rose water, You can use lemon water (for oily skin) and fresh Milk (for dry skin).

>Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry with a cotton towel.  Do not wipe off the water from your face completely with the towel. Let your face be half wet.

>Now, apply the paste all over your face and neck (front and back). “Don’t neglect your neck” 😛

>Let it air dry for 20 minutes. Next, Wet your face with cold water and slightly scrub your face in upward direction from your chin towards your forehead. This will remove the tan, if any.

Clean your face thoroughly with just cold water. Do not use soap or face wash.


skin lightening with oats

As the oats have natural moisturizing abilities, it doesn’t strip away the natural oils and instead improves your skin tone and removes tan.


3. Double Power: Almonds and Turmeric 

Turmeric and Almonds is a double super powder for your skin. Both of these ingredients have excellent ski lightening abilities. Turmeric and almonds fades away dark spots with regular use and lightens and brightens the completion there after.

You can use this mask twice a week for at least 3 months to see some visible change in the health of your skin.

All you need…

Finely milled Almond powder
Organic Turmeric powder
Lemon juice
Rose Hydrosol

How to use almonds for face


Take a Clean bowl and add one full tablespoon of finely milled Almond powder.

Add a pinch of Organic Turmeric powder and mix both of these dry ingredients well.

Now add one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice along with few drops of Rose Hydrosol  into it to form a nice paste.

Steam your face with some hot water for a minute to open up the pores.

How to Use Almond face mask

Now apply the face pack on your face and neck. Distribute it evenly. Use a clean face mask brush if u need to.

Allow the face pack to air dry for 20 minutes.

Wash off with Cold water to seal the pores.

Apply a natural gel based moisturizer like Aloe Vera gel.

Use this face pack on a well cleansed face.

Use this Almond face mask not more then twice a week.


4. Spot on treatment: Honey and Turmeric

For centuries people have been using Honey as a medical treatment to treat many skin problems, dandruff, burns and fungal infections. Honey contains proteins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes that can kill the bacteria which contributes to the inflated pores. Some of the benefits which honey gives to the skin are,

  • Honey creates an acidic environment where in which the bacteria cannot grow and thus less breakouts.
  • Honey contains many anti bacterial and anti microbial properties from a compound called Propolis that bees use to seal their hive.
  • A high concentration of sugar, which puts pressure on bacterial cells, making them less likely to multiply.

While using Honey it is very important to consider using only raw organic honey to avoid any synthetic colors or preservatives that may contain.


Honey masks for glowing skin


  1. Organic honey
  2. Organic Cinnamon powder


HONEY and TURMERIC for Acne – Mask

  • Take a tablespoon of organic Honey into a bowl.
  • Add half a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder to it and mix them well.
  • Add few drops of rose water if needed for a better texture of the mask.
  • Apply all over the face or as an spot treatment on dark spots or pimples and wash off after 10 minutes.


5. Skin Detox: Clay and Turmeric

Clay masks are great for detoxing skin once in a while, and what better can detox your skin than mineral clays that draws out the impurities and rejuvenates your skin for a healthy glow.

You can use any skin clay like Bentonite clay, Indian Healing clay, green clay or even Activated Charcoal.

I am gonna show you a simple skin detox recipe using Turmeric and French Green clay. I personally love french green clay. First, because it suits Oily skin very well and second it doesn’t dry out unlike other clay like Indian Healing clay or Bentonite clay.

Why I Like French Green Clay?

French green clay or the sea clay is a green colored clay as the name says, contains dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This unique combination of different minerals detoxifies your skin to remove the impurities and cleanses the pores from within and tightens them.

One of the amazing benefit of this green clay is high absorbency that has an ability to draw out the impurities twice its mass. The negative charge in this green clay attracts the impurities from our face that are mostly positively charged.

Ingredients for French Green Clay face mask to tighten pores

Alternatives to wash your face without soap

Prerequisite: Cleanse your face with a natural cleanser and steam your face for 2 minutes to open up the pores. This will the best method to do before applying any face mask as the penetrates the cleanses the pores more easily and exfoliates the skin too.

Take a non-metallic bowl and put one tablespoon of French green clay into it. Add a teaspoon of Turmeric powder in it and mix these dry ingredients well, first.

Now take rose water (I use my DIY rose water) and by slowly adding the water, mix the ingredients into a paste like consistency without any lumps formed.

Apply the mask to your face evenly, you can use a clean face mask applying brush to if you need so. I don’t use it because I am too lazy to clean them afterwards. 😛

After the mask is naturally dried, or may be after 20-30 minutes, you can wet you face or spray some rose water all over your face and gently massage your face to give a mild exfoliating effect. This removes all the dead skin cells, blackheads if any and rejuvenates the skin to look more fresh and radiant.


6. Acne Clear-up : Aloe Vera Gel and Turmeric

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years for beauty and medicinal benefits across cultures. Ayurveda reserves it, so do many other traditional healing therapies. Not every one are so lucky to find an Aloe Plant near by or at least have one in their home. In that case, you can still get your favorite ingredient packet in a jar to use daily for your skin and hair.

99% Pure and Affordable Aloe Vera Gel Available in India for Skin and Hair

Aloe vera face pack for acne


> Take one tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera juice into a clean bowl. Now, add a 3 drops of Tea tree essential oil and a pinch of organic turmeric into it. Mix them well and apply onto your well cleansed face. Wash off with Cold water after 20 minutes.

If you do not have Tea Tree essential oil you can also use either Neem oil or Neem powder. As these two ingredients have an excellent capability to kill acne germs quickly.

Aloe Vera extract is an effective natural substance for improving skin hydration. Aloe Vera gel is does not just act as a moisturizer but also has many benefits. It softens the skin without clogging pores and prevents acne or breakouts and heals blemishes

You can use this face mask once every week to reduce acne and control skin breakouts.


7. Age Slow : Curd and Turmeric

Curd is full of good bacteria that helps your skin glow by nourishing it from within. Full of proteincalcium and vitamin D, curd for skin improves your complexion. Its anti-inflammatory properties aids in reducing acne too.

Curd is considered as an mild exfoliate too. The Lactic acid in the curd mildly exfoliates your sin to remove the dead skin an reveal radiant and clear skin after use.

How I use Turmeric for Skin Brightening

  1. In a bowl, combine the curd and a teaspoon of turmeric powder until you get a smooth and consistent mixture.
  2. Wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry with a towel.
  3. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  4. Wash the mixture off with lukewarm water.


So, that ends my post on how I and you can also use the Indian Medicine, Turmeric for skin brightening. If you have any specific skin problem, please write to me at or simply leave a comment. I will try  to answer all you skin queries to the best of my knowledge. 🙂


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