how to clean face without soap

How to wash your face without Soap | The Best Effective Method

The act of washing your face more than once daily will also age you more quickly. The Carcinogenic Chemicals that are found in commercial cleansers actually will penetrate into your skin and causes more harm than good that you ever thought of.

These foaming cleansers or chemically laided creams will not strip natural oil from from your skin, but also kills the good bacteria which protects your skin from erupting acne.

Contrary to many commercial skin products, organic and natural home made products really help in clearing the acne from the root and gradual use may also help to eliminate it completely. Unlike those chemical creams, if you stop using these natural products after it clears away your acne, you are not affected by it again. That’s the power of nature.


Why wash your face without soap?

Washing your face without soap has many skin benefits. some of which are

how to wash your face without soap

> Cures Acne and reduces the chance of coming again as your skin neither becomes dry (for dry skin) nor too oily (for oily skin).

> Doesn’t dry out the skin in winters

> Avoids the risk of skin cancer and other skin related problems as you no longer be using any harmful carcinogenic chemicals that are in your soaps or face washes.

> Doesn’t age your skin early

> Moisturizes your face naturally without the use of a Moisturizer.

The more and more you clean your face and wash your face with some fancy cleansers, the more and more your are stripping away the natural oils from your skin, which in turn your skin produces more and more oil to balance moisture on your face. Now you got the reason behind your why there is “oiliness on your face all the day”.

How to wash your face without Soap

Washing your face is not rocket science. In fact in a age old technique followed by our grandmas.

Its just a fad to believe that you need foaming cleansers or soaps to was your face. Nah..! Not at all..!

But before that, Let me be clear that Unlike your commercial foaming facial cleansers, the natural cleansers DO NOT FOAM. This gives a gentle exfoliation to your skin, removes dead skin cells and at the same time brightens your skin with every use.

If you are used to those chemical foaming cleanser routines, it really takes time and patience to understand and adapt this new DIY facial cleanser routine.

Now if you are OK..! Let’s go to the second step. Choosing your cleanser alternative.

There are 7 alternative cleansers that you can try for washing your face instead of just soap. I have mentioned them here in a different post. Do check that out first and come back here.

Read this and come back7 Alternatives to Wash your face without Soap or Face Washes


how to wash your face without soap


Now that you have choose your Alternative ingredient of Soap, its time to know how to wash your face without soap.

Although I have already mentioned in the same post above, under each soap alternative on how to use the same for washing your face, you can follow these simple 2 step routine with which ever ingredient you choose.


Splash warm water on your face and gently start cleansing with just water for 2 minutes. This will complete most of your cleaning part.


Now, using your choosen ingredient of soap alternative, gently massage your face in upward direction. Please do not scrub your face harshly. Gentle cleansing is what is  all needed.

How to wash your face without soap


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Now clean your face with cold water. This is so ensure that your pores are now close and your face feels so fresh and energized.


See, isn’t that simple..!

Try this routine at least for one month to see any visible results on your face. Will you?

So are you gonna try? Comment your views and let me know if I have missed any point that could clear your doubts. I will be happy to clear them and help you to have a happy and clear skin 🙂

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