How to wash face with Oats

How to wash your face with Oats & Why ?

Finally I have started the Series of Washing your face without Soap or face washes, as I have promised so in My 7 alternatives to wash your face

In that post, I have mentioned Cleansing your face with natural grains as one of the alternative to wash your face with. And today, here we are. Although I still use My secret Facial Cleanser which contains more than just one type of grains, I still use other alternatives to wash my face once in a while to get the most benefits of other ingredients too.

Today, I am very happy to share one of my favorite ingredient to wash my face with, that is OATS.


Why Wash face with Oats ?

Ever since I started using Oats for my skin, My skin started to regain its moisture and felt less oily and dull as compared to my other days.

Oats have natural saponin content (that greasy lubricant kind texture) which makes an excellent choice to wash your face with it.

Oats are once such grain that can be used by all skin types. It doesn’t dry, strip away the natural oil or isn’t overpowering. So it makes a perfect ingredient for dry, oily and sensitive skin respectively.

If you have already used any of the soap free cleanser like Kama Ayurveda Mridul Face Cleasner, then this is no a new subject to you. You are already a Pro, congratulations. šŸ™‚

But for those you are new to the game of washing your face with herbal powders or natural grains, then this is the perfect guide for you.


How to wash your face with Oats

Oats are naturally heavy and a little big, so they cannot be directly used on your skin. To make it easy, Take one full cup of rolled oats and blend them into fine powder.

Store the powder in an air tight container. You can store this powder up to 6 months until there is no water contact to it.


Now, take a tablespoon of Powdered Oats into a bowl or into your hand.

Add Rose water or normal water to the Oats and mix them well to form a paste.

Apply this paste all over your face and gently massageĀ  as if you are washing your face.

Be gentle and smooth.

After two minutes, wash off with normal cold water and pat dry.


How to wash face with oats and why

How to wash face with Oats and why


Honestly speaking, there isn’t any need of applying moisturizer to your face if you are using oats. That moisturizing effect it has on skin. I feel so happy, in fact my skin feels so happy when ever I use Oats for my face.

Bring a pack of Gluten Free Oats from here.

Note: This is not for those who use makeup. Clean your makeup first and then use this method to wash your face with oats.

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