How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face

How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face | “Freshly Home made”

In my recent post I have showed you How to make your Orange Peel powder for face and body that are sun dried at home from fresh Oranges. Today we are gonna See How to use Orange Peel Powder for face and also body to get glowing skin and remove tan.

As Oranges are rich in Vitamin C just like lemon, it has excellent skin nourishing and lightening abilities. Orange peels are used to remove dark posts on face and bring back the glow by removing the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

It also treats acne and other skin problems and gives your clear skin with regular use.

How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face and body 

Just like different people have different skin problems, face masks should also be customized according to your skin type and skin problems to get the maximum benefits.

So, here I will show you How to use Orange Peel Powder for face and also to your body according to your skin type and skin problems. Be here, and decide the best one suited for your skin.

Tan Vanish Pack

Sun tan is a common skin issue to every girl out there. No matter how many sunscreens you change and apply the best ever sunscreen on your face and body, your skin will still end up tanning after being under the sun for a couple of hours.

The one thing that can rescue your skin and remove the tan instantly is Orange peel powder and oatmeal.

The perfect combination of the Orange peel powder and Oats will exfoiltes the top layer of the skin to remove the tan easily.

How to remove tan using Home made Orange Peel powder

You will need..

Orange Peel powder
Tomato Juice / Cucumber Juice


Take one Tablespoon of Home made Orange Peel powder and Half tablespoon of Oats powder.

Mix the dry ingredients well first and then add 2 tablespoons of Fresh tomato juice in it.

Mix all the ingredients until there are no lumps. Do not make the paste too runny or too thick. Just a paste like consistency which is easy enough to apply it on your face.

Apply the paste all over your face, neck and hands. Wash off with Cold water after 20 minutes.


How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face


This Tan vanish pack is suitable to all skin types and specially beneficial to oily skin because the tomato juice will clean the pores and controls the sebum production.

If you have combination skin or dry skin, use either fresh milk or cucumber juice in place of Tomato juice.


Glow and Lighten for Youthful skin

Orange peel powders is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which makes your skin glowy and dewy. It rejuvenates the skin cells and lightens it.

It Delays aging by preventing Oxidative stress in skin cells that promotes youthful and glowing skin.

How to use Orange peel powder for glowy skin

All you need..

Orange peel powder
Organic Turmeric
Almond oil
Aloe Vera Water/ Rose water


Mix one Tablespoon of Orange peel powder and one teaspoon of Organic Turmeric powder in it. Now add Few drops of Aloe vera water and mix all the ingredeints well.

Apply on your face and wash off after 20 minutes.

Apply any Aloe Vera gel based moisture after you pat dry the face.


How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face


This can also be used as an spot treatment on specific acne spots or blemishes. This face mask works best for oily, acne prone skin. It drys out the pimple fast and prevents the skin from forming dark spots and blemishes.



Acne and Blemishes Spot treatment 

Acne is more than just a skin issue now a days. It can be painful, irritating and uncomfortable to the person. Though tropical treatment may work for some, those doesn’t yield permanent results.

The moment you stop using those creams, face washes or gels, your acne is back again. Unlike these commercial chemical treatments, natural treatments are safe and yield permanent results without any harmful reactions.

The citric acid in Oranges will help dry out the pimple fast and also improves the overall health of the skin.

How to use Orange peel powder for acne, dark spots and blemishes

All you need..

Orange peel powder
Lemon water
Lavender essential oil (optional)


Mix one tablespoon of orange peel powder and one teaspoon of Organic Raw honey in it.

Now add diluted lemon juice and mix all the ingredients well.

Add 6 few drops of Lavender essential oil into the pack and mix it well. Though this step is optional, the essential oils will boost up the process 2 times faster to work more effectively.

See the best essential oils that can be used to treat acne and dark spots.

How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face



Combat Dry, itchy and flaky skin in winters

Winters are the root cause of many skin problems. The skin looses its natural moisture and upon using soaps and foaming cleansers your skin becomes more dry, flaky and itchy sometimes.

TIP: To avoid dryness in winters, skip your regular soap and face washes with some natural cleansing sources like grains, Apple cider vinegar and honey. As these nature gifted sources will not only cleanse your skin well and keep them soft and supple, but also retains the lost moisture in your skin.

These are 7 Alternatives to wash your wash with to regain moisture and balance Oil in your face.

How to use Orange Peel powder to combat dryness 

Orange peel powder and milk are a great combination to fight winter dryness and also to keep your skin shiny and fresh.

All your need..

Orange peel powder
Rose water


Mix  one tablespoon of orange peel powder with one tablespoon of fresh milk and one teaspoon of rose water in a bowl and mix all the ingredients well to form a nice paste. Make sure there are no lumps formed.

Apply this face mask all over your face, neck and other body parts where you feel more dry and itchy.

Let the mask dry and wash your face with normal water. No hot showers please…!


How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face



Close the Doors of your Pores

Open pores are the reason to many skin problems. It causes acne and oily skin. The two main reasons of Large open pores are having a poor diet containing high amounts of sugar and oil and the other is using Hot water to wash your face.

Some of the best ways to shrink pores on your face is by using some natural Clays like bentonite, Fuller’s earth or French green clay.

How to use Orange peel powder to shrink pores

Vitamin C is also an excellent inhibitor which helps to shrink the pores. In this pack we will three ingredients that will help to reduce the pore size instantly.

You will Need..

Orange Peel powder
French Green clay or any other Cosmetic Clay
Lemon juice and Rose water


Take One tablespoon of Orange peel powder and one teaspoon of French green clay.

Mix the dry ingredients first and now add half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of Rose water into the mixture and mix all the ingredients well.

Apply this paste evenly all over your face and neck.

After the face pack is completely dried, Wash your face with only Cold water without using any soap.


How to Use Orange Peel Powder for face


As Orange peel powder is an excellent source of Vitamin C, it will remove any excess oiliness on face and reveals glowy and soft skin.

The reason I am using French Green clay here is, it not only shrink the pores but also acts as a skin magnet to remove all the dirt accumulated on the skin. It draws out the dirt and impurities from the skin and makes it clear and soft.

See how to reduce pore size with this french green clay and charcoal mask

French green clay or the sea clay is a green colored clay as the name says, contains dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This unique combination of different minerals detoxifies your skin to remove the impurities and cleanses the pores from within and tightens them


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    1. Hey..That’s a good combination to treat uneven skin tones, dryness, and dark spots on face. You can use all these ingredients in sufficient proportions to form a face pack kinda consistency and apply to your face not more than 5 times a month. You cannot store this mixture for long, so its not a better idea to use this mixture as a cream.

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