How to straighten Hair at home

How to STRAIGHTEN HAIR at home easily & Let it stay for a WEEK

We all know that our hair runs on its own terms. Sleek and straight look is ever frizzy and curly hair lady’s dream. But spending few hundered bucks in parlor for twice or thrice a month to achieve that look is not s reasonable. But want if you can master straightening your own hair at the comfort of your home? This is the exact guide for you to get started and learn how to straighten hair at home easily with simple tools. Follow the step by step guide to attain the glossy straight hair within no time.


Best results are obtained when hair is straightened on the same day you wash you hair than straightening it on 2 nd or 3rd day of your hair. But here is a simple trick you can follow – Use dry shampoo or baby powder to your roots where ever they are oily.

Pre step to follow before straightening your hair to get super silky mane.

It is always better to have enough time to straighten your hair rather than hurrying up. As in the later stage you end doing more damage to your hair in frenzy.

>> Wash and condition your hair while you are in shower. Apply any hair straightening serum after you come out of shower. Let your air dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use any hair dryer with low setting to speed up the process. Keep in mind that Only after your hair is 100 percent dry, you can proceed to straighten your hair.


Things you require

Get ready with your supplies

  1. Hair straightener
  2. Blow dryer with cold air setting
  3. A couple of Hair ties
  4. Heat protectant spray
  5. A wide and a fine tooth comb.

If you follow this step by step guide on How to STRAIGHTEN HAIR at home, you can maintain the sleek look up to a maximum of a week.


Gently entangle your hair with a wide tooth comb first and then followed by a thin tooth comb. Entangling your hair is the foremost important step in straightening your hair, as unruly and frizzy hair is a barrier to obtain an overall sleek look.

One trick to follow here is, entangle your hair following from your ends to the roots. This way there is less breakage and hair fall.



Working your hair in sections.

Part your hair in the crown section and tie it up with an hair tie. Make sure it is secure and doesn’t fall apart while your are working on your lower section of your hair.



Before starting with this step. Switch On your hair straightening and let it pre heat for 2 minutes.

Protecting your hair from heat damage. From a distance of at least 15 cm spray Heat protect-ant to the lower part of your hair that you have just separated it from the crown part in the step-1. Comb your hair so that the spray is distributed all over your hair strands.



Now take an one and a half inch section from your lower part of your hair. While combing your hair with a fine tooth comb, grab the hair straightener and  straighten your hair from the roots of your hair to the ends of your hair in one go. Repeat the same for 3 more small sections.

How to straighten Hair at home


Now take your blow dryer and put it on cold air setting. Blow the air to the straightened hair from the roots to the tips. Cold air helps the hair for a long time. When you hair is hot it the best time it can be manipulated. It can loose the the sleek look even with little twists and turns. So setting it with cold air helps to lock the look for a longer time.

Compete the test of the lower section of your hair by following Step-4 and step-5.



Tie your lower part of your straightened hair into a low pony tail. Do NOT tie it too tight. We just want to separate it with our crown section, as we are going to work this part of the hair now.

Now, untie the crown section and desperate the air into two halves. Follow the same as step-4 by taking small inch-size section and straighten your hair from the roots to the ends using a fine tooth comb and a straightener.

Then follow step-5 to set your hair with cold air.


After your complete straightening your entire hair, check if you have left any sections of your hair un-straightened. Straighten them too and follow by setting cold air to your entire hair with a dryer for the one last time.

How to straighten Hair at home

Let your roots cool up.


For a bouncy voluminous look, flip your hair upside down and you are good to rock your day with your sleek and straight look.

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