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How to make Herbal shampoo at home | DIY shampoo

Hey lovelies..!!  Today I have come up with a simple yet natural herbal shampoo recipe that you can try at your home this weekend. 😀

It’s has been more than one year since i have quit using all those nasty chemical stuff to my hair. I must say, it was the best decision that I had ever took to bring back the health and shine that it once had. I can still remember those days, when my mom use to prepare this shampoo recipe for me in my high school days. But I never knew, I would now embrace the same that I once hated the most. A lot had happened since i quit using my mamma’s shampoo recipe.

I have changed more than 50 shampoos and tried every nasty stuff on my hair. Colored it, bleached it and Straightened it two times ( permanent straightening)  in a row in just one year.  It was then my hair tragedy has begun. It was so life less, dry, frizzy and madden. It was completely burnt due to the straightening treatments. It refused to come back to it’s healthy state no matter what I did.

It was then I realized that my hair was totally fed up of me and it was it’s way of telling me to stop using those nasties on me.

I have threw all my chemically laid products which ever were left and promised my self to go natural and organic from now on. Though it wasn’t easy as i thought, I can now say that I am really really very happy with my decision. 🙂

If you wish to have a healthy and organic hair care routine as mine, I am here to help you take that step.

So let’s get started.

Our Star Ingredients

Do not worry. Our herbal shampoo isn’t that complicated as you think. It is a simple recipe that can be done with just two ingredients and I guess many Indians are well aware of them too. 😉


Reetha also known as Soapnut contains natural saponins which acts as a natural mild cleanser for your hair. It cleanses out all the dirt  and oil on your scalp without drying your hair. It’s sort of giving an detox treatment to your scalp as it clears away the chemical buildup on your hair. It makes your hair silky, shiny, bouncy and super clean. It’s a nature’s gift to us for cleansing our hair in a natural and safest way possible.


Shikakai is the staple of Ayurveda herbal hair care. This “fruit for hair” cleanses your hair while balancing the natural pH of your hair. It is known to treat hair loss, stimulates the scalp to promote healthy and thicker hair. It also nourishes the hair to make it look healthy and shiny. Like Reetha, Shikakai also has naturally occurring saponins in it, thus gives you an excellent cleansing effect.


Rosemary has an excellent aroma, It is known to promote hair growth and the oil present in the herb cleans the hair follicles by unclogging them. It is an excellent treatment for dandruff and hair loss. I prefer to use shed dried rosemary rather than sun dried as their nutrient content is not lost and so are more potent than sun dried.


Peppermint essential oil is now every where. It’s currently on the trend and is rapidly becoming the most useful essential oil for treating many scalp problems. It is known to stimulate the scalp to increase the blood flow and thus promotes rapid hair growth. If you haven’t yet have one, get this guy right now. 😀

I mainly use it to treat any scalp conditions such as dandruff and to add a natural aroma to my herbal shampoo.


  • 10 Soapnuts
  • 8 dried Shikakai pods
  • 3 tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves
  • 4-5 cups of Water
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Peppermint essential oil

Herbal Hair shampoo



  • A medium sized pot
  • Mesh strainer or a clean cheesecloth
  • A container to store your end product


Here is the detailed step-by-step procedure with pictures. Why? because life is easy with pictures, isn’t it? 😀 :p

Using a hammer or any stone Break the soapnuts( be careful, don’t hit your fingers) and remove the seed in it. Crush the fruit a bit and put them in a pot.

Herbal Hair shampoo

Now take the Shikakai pods and break them a little and put them into the same pot.

Herbal Hair shampoo

Now add 3-4 tablespoons of dried rosemary into it.

Herbal Hair shampoo

Add 4 cups of water into the pot and let all the ingredients simmer for a good 15 minutes. You will see that your water starts producing foam, but that’s OK. Its because of your natural saponins reetha and shikakai. Keep an eye on it, make sure you don’t over boil your ingredients. Simmer uncovered for 15 minutes and off the cook top/stove.

Let the mixture cool at room temperature. Now the fun part starts, Using your hand crush the ingredients. Crush all the ingredients until they no longer produce lather.

Now Line up your washcloth or chessecloth or a mesh strainer over your container. Strain the water into a container and your herbal shampoo is almost ready.

Now add 1/4 teaspoon of Peppermint essential oil into the herbal shampoo and still well. You can even add one more cup of water to the mixture if you think the shampoo is more strong. I like mine a bit strong as it dosen’t take more time to cleanse my oiled hair. :p

This is the best alternative to your sulphate/paraben shampoo.  Tough it may take some time and patience to adopt this no-poo method, but you’ll be very happy after noticing how healthy and shiny your hair is. And unlike the chemically loaded one’s, the results are not temporary. So yay..! 😀

How to Wash with this herbal hair shampoo?

The best method is, do not wet your hair first. Slowly pour the mixture onto your scalp and massage gently. You will see that the shampoo starts to foam after a couple of minutes. But remember, if your hair is too oily/dirty, it may take time to get the foam. Do not get frustrated, do not give up. That feeling is completely natural as we are used to chemical foaming shampoos that produces lather within seconds.

If it is difficult to wash out the oil in the first wash, you can repeat the cleansing process. You will notice that the foam now produced is much faster than the first time. This is because, the shampoo has already completely its 80% of its cleansing job.  Isn’t that really interesting to know? 🙂


  1. If you cannot find Soapnuts/Shikakai in their original form, its OK to get them in their powdered form too. But make sure that they are organic and free of any preservatives/chemicals.
  2. The quantity that i mentioned above can be varied for different lengths of hair. If you have short hair, you can use 5-6 Soapnuts and 4-5 Shikakai pods. Mine is mid length hair, few inches above the waist line.
  3. Do not use the shampoo when it is too hot, let it cool at room temperature.
  4. You can use a clarifying hair rinse like an “apple cider vinegar rinse” to condition your hair. This way you can limit the use of chemical conditioner at least for few times.

Thanks for your interest in healthy hair care routine and stopping by here..!!

More such recepies are yet to come.! Stay tuned 🙂

Lots of Love.. <3 <3


And hey..!! Do let me know, How did you feel after using this herbal shampoo? Did you like it? Is it a Love/hate relationship? 😀 Do you really want to change your hair care routine to a healthy and an organic one? Let me know in the comments. I would love you here from you.

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  1. Hi dear I had to make a Instagram account just to follow you. But I am happy to read it. My hairs are lifeless don’t know weather it will regain there but still trying.

    1. Hey Malka, Thanks for following me on Instagram. Unfortunately I have stopped posting pictures and content on Instagram account. Its sad..but you just reminded me to get back into form. Thanks for that. 🙂
      Regarding your hair concerns, I feel that your hair is too dry. For this, take these 3 immediate actions ASAP.
      1. Stop using SLES/ any sulphates based shampoos, infact stop using all chemicals based hair products likes hair serums, conditioner, hair sprays etc etc..if you haven’t already.
      If you are already doing it, good. Continue doing that. If you are not, this is my recommendation.- My experience on using BON Organics Shampoo after finishing 6 bottles.
      2. Use Fenugreek mask once every week before washing your hair. There are already recipes on this blog. You can search Fenugreek mask in the search bar to see all of them.
      3. Eat Protein and keratin rich foods.

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