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Recently I have been to a Coffee Plantation here in Bangalore. And the first thing I did after I got there was to drink a hot cup of filter coffee. Trust me, I had never ever tasted such a fresh aromatic coffee in my entire life. That is when I thought, I am not going back from this place until I take m back of freshly roasted coffee beans. Though I am not a coffee person, I enjoy drinking a cup of coffee now and then or when ever the weather demands πŸ˜‰

Now you might be wondered, How I am even gonna link drinking coffee with making coffee oil for skin and hair. Though technically there is no link, I just want to let you know that coffee is just isn’t for drinking. It has numerous benefits when applied on skin and hair.

I have already explained enough about the benefits of using Coffee for different skin problems in this post. Do check this out to know how coffee can be used for Skin brightening, stretch marks, cellulite, Anti-Aging and many more.

Now Let’s enter straight into our topic of the day, how to make Coffee infused oil for skin and hair. Bore I start, Let me be clear. We are preparing Coffee Infused oil i.e., infusing Coffee in a carrier oil of choice so that all the goodness in the coffee is been released into the oil and we are left with a strong extract of Coffee.

So this is the reason, this is called as Coffee infused oil and not Coffee oil.

Preparing Coffee oil involves very different procedures, like heating Coffee with Hexane at separate temperatures. We are not dealing with any of these procedures here to make our Coffee infused oil.

As you know, to make infused oil.. choosing a carrier oil that suits the ingredient well is must. Many herbs are infused in different carrier oils to get the most potent infused oils. Here, I will be using Cold Pressed Virgin, and unrefined Coconut oil for preparing my Coffee infused oil. Alternatively, you can also consider using the below oils in place of Coconut oil, as per your choice.

Some of the oils which are suitable for Infusing Coffee are:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Sesame Oil
  3. Avocado Oil
  4. Jojoba Oil
  5. Grapeseed oil


Infusing can be carried out in two different ways. One is the Cold infusing method, where the Coffee is infused in oil without the direct contact of heat for 3-4 weeks. The second is Warm infusing Method, i.e., the coffee is infused in warm oil that is been warmed up using double boiler at very low flame. This process is more quick and less time taking.

Today, I will brief you both these methods and I am following warm infusion method to make my Coffee Infused oil.

Things Required:

1. Freshly Grounded Coffee beans

2. Double boiler

3. Manson Jar andΒ glass bottle (Amber/cobalt blue glass bottle)

4. Carrier oil of your choice.

5. Measuring Spoons/Cups


How to make Coffee Oil for skin and Hair :Β Cold Infusion Method

1. Take a Manson jar and fill 1/4Β  the jar with Freshly grounded coffee and fill the now pour the Carrier oil (Melt the oil and let it cool don to room temperature, if the oil is in solid form) of your choice so that the coffee in the jar is fully covered up and the oil is filled till half of the jar.

2. Shake/tilt the jar slightly so that coffee is completely drenched in the oil. Put his jar in your room at a place where there is enough sun exposure. Infuse this oil for 2-3 weeks. Shake the jar occasionally(Once/twice a day) during this infusion period.

3. Transfer the oil into a clean glass bottle (Amber/cobalt blue glass bottle)using a strainer or cheese cloth.

4. This oil is now ready to be used for your skin and hair.


How to make Coffee Oil for Skin and Hair: Warm Infusion Method

1. Take two tablespoons of Freshly grounded coffee into the upper part of the double boiler and now add 4 tablespoons of any carrier oil of your choice (from among the list mentioned above) and mix them well.

How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

2. Now pour a cup of water into the lower part of the double boiler and cover it with the upper bowl.

How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

3. Put this double boiler on a cook top on low flame and let this mixture warm up. Stir occasionally.

4. Infuse the oil in this way for 2-3 hours.

5. Now off the cook top and transfer the oil into a clean glass bottle(Amber/cobalt blue glass bottle) only once the oil is cooled down to room temperature.

How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

6.Your Coffee Infused Oil is now ready toΒ  used for skin and hair.

How to Make Coffee Infused Oil

Do try out this simple recipe at your home and let me know how well it went. Are there any other recipes that you want me to show you on this blog?

Comment them.. I read all of your comments..!



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  1. Hello Smartgirls!
    I prepared your warm infused coffee oil recipe and I’m so happy how it turned out! I massaged my face last night with it and I couldn’t believe how smooth my face felt(…and smelled!πŸ˜ƒ) This morning my skin looked and felt amazing!!! Thanks sooooo much for sharing your magic formula!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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