How to grow nails fast

How to grow Nails Fast | Unknown Tricks and Home remedies to try now

Do you wish to have long nails to add beauty to your hands? Healthy nails are a true reflection of good health. It is really very annoying that whenever we try to grow our nails, either they stop growing after a while or break easily. This is because they are too brittle and weak. Here you see the easiest way on how to grow nails fast. Let’s get started.

Proper care and eating the right food will provide the right vitamins to your nails to grow fast and be healthy too. So, before we actually jump directly into finding the solution, we will understand why could be the possible reasons of unhealthy nails.


Why your nails are not growing?

From not taking the right diet to biting your nails for no reason, there are a lot that causes your beautiful nails to change color, become brittle and the worst part stop growing at a normal rate.

>>Are you in regular habit of biting and chewing your nails? It’s the high time to stop this ill habit as this results in bacterial infection which are responsible for the slow growth of nails.

>>Skipping the base coat. Whenever one applies the nail polish, they usually skip the base coat which acts as a protective layer in between top layer of the nail and nail polish. This may actually lead to weak nails.

>>Chipping off nail polish. Avoid this habit at any cost as it will peel off the top layer of nail which only makes the nails brittle and weak. In this process you are also hurting your cuticle which is the protective barrier for your nails to hinder the growth of bacteria.

>>Using gel as well as acrylics in excessive amount. Going to salon and getting acrylic nails and gels on it give the strength to nails for a mean time but for long time, they will surely have bad effects on growth process of nails.

>>Avoid cheap nail polishes. These nail polishes does no good to your nails. They have high amount of formaldehydes that kills your nails slowly if applied regularly.

>>Lack of proper nutrients. Your hair and nails are basically dependent on the amount of vitamins your body produces. Unhygienic diet will only hinder the growth of both your nails and hair.

>>Avoid excessive usage of Nail polish removers. As these contain high amounts of alcohols and acetone, these will remove the protective layers of your nails and make them brittle.

Tips and Tricks for Nail growth

As I already mentioned, Including the right diet in your daily routines will solve more than half of your problems with growing nails. These are some of the Vitamins you must consider taking in your diet if you are really facing problem in growing your nails.

There is no need to take any supplements, food is the biggest medicine to your body. So take the right food that contains essentials vitamins and nutrients.

How to grow nails fast

Vitamin H- Biotin

Biotin is very good for growing nails, skin and hair. Individuals can consume this vitamin either in their daily diet or supplements. It is usually found in salmon, avocado. You are required to take 3040 micrograms on daily basis for healthy nails.

Vitamin B9- Folic Acid

It is an essential vitamin for cell growth, therefore it is an important element for growing nails. It can be easily consumed via leafy greens, citrus fruits, beets and eggs. Around 400-500 mcg are required on daily basis.

Vitamin A

It is also popular as antioxidants which are required for strengthening the nails, teeth, bones and tissues. So, start eating grapefruits, apples, yams , carrots and spinach for inducing enough amounts of vitamin A in your body.

Vitamin C

Eating citrus foods is the good way to consume Vitamin C for the growth of nails. It is easily available in strawberries, leafy greens, tomatoes, citrus fruits and blueberries.


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Home remedies for growing your nails stronger and faster

Apart from taking the right foods, external factors do also matter for the growth of your nails. For a more shiny and healthy nails, follow the below home remedies at least twice a week t see noticeable results.

Vitamin E: This is one of the most important vitamin to grow your nails really fast. Vitamin e supplies the right amount of nutrients that are required for your nails.
>>Mix One part of Vitamin E oil and two parts of Almond oil mix them and store the mixture in a small container. Massage your nails and cuticle with this oil daily before going to bed.How to grow nails fast

Lemon Juice: The vitamin C present in lemon juice helps in growing nails. It lightens dark and ugly nails and keeps it good health. Try this remedy once a week.
>>Just mix the lemon juice with olive oil and heat this one for around 20 seconds and get your nails socked in it for about 10 minutes.

Coconut oil: Massaging your nails as well as fingers with coconut oil will help in circulation of blood which will result in growing nails. Coconut oil is super nourishing to dry and brittle nails.
>>Rub few drops of Virgin coconut oil on to your fingers and massage it.
How to grow nails fast

Petroleum jelly: Vaseline is an all rounder. If you have read my eyelash growth secrets already, you are well aware of it.
>> Massage a bit of Vaseline on your fingers and nails before going to bed and wear hand gloves. Wake up to feel baby soft fingers.

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: Oats are rich in copper as well as zinc which are essential minerals for the nails and bones.
>> Either you can include them in your breakfast or make a small pack using Oats powder and rose water and wash your hands every with this mixture.


I am actually trying a nail serum that I have made it by myself. It’s still in progress. If any one of you are interested, let me know. I will reveal the recipe for you guys. 🙂

Save the article so that you can directly go to the process. Bookmark it now so that you can really achieve stronger and beautiful nails that are shiny and healthy within no time. Until then, see you guys. 🙂

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